OZQuake: Fraggin Australian Style…

OZQuake: Fraggin Australian Style…

OZQuake: The Quake 2 Community

The community is still strong in Australia. There are still some great servers around the country, including our own (, that have regular groups of players who hang out and have a frag or two.

Instagib seems to be the mod of the moment, a server side mod (no download needed, you just connect and play) with our own server, Alphalink (, Wireplay ( and EISA ( being the pick of the pack.

GX is still going strong, something about the skill and discipline of the game keeps people keen, and Alphalink ( is without doubt the bees knees for game-play.

Lithium, Death Match, Action Quake and Capture the Flag are also still being played, but no where near their hey day.

Right now ozquake is hosting a 60 plus player instagib comp, and there are some huge gaming talents playing the game. Last July (2001) ozquake held an event that saw 160 players compete for glory and prizes in an Australia vs New Zealand instagib event sponsored by Cyber Shack and the good people at AMD.

Quake II LIVES!!



QGL LAN 8-9 December 2001

QGL was a low-key affair despite the largest numbers I think for some time. Plus I think I counted maybe 5 female gamers which also I think is a new record. There were no official competitions this time which I think helped contribute to the very lay-back feel to the whole day. There was, however, an on-the-spot rocket arena 3 comp. Nearly 50 ra3’ers filed outside to organized the random teams of 4 v 4. A few problems with people out for lunch or dropping out of the comp when their game was supposed to be on so after about 4 rounds of round robin, this comp then died after some really good matches and some interesting finals shaping up.

Q3 games included RA3, CTF, TEAM DM, FFA, INSTAGIB, plus a few others that only small groups of followers got into. AND YES there was a Q1 server up for a blink of and eye, I think I even heard that someone was playing Q2 but in my opinion I think they must have accidently clicked an OLD DISUSED link HIDING right next to the Q3 shortcut <hehe>

Some games had their introduction to the QGL scene but the main focus was on RTCWolfenstein which kept a lot of people very happy for most of the day. HL/CS/DoD seemed to be the most played game at the LAN but it was good to see plenty of q3ers keeping most servers very populated all day.

Overall it was a good days LAN with only minimal geek factor coming out despite the large amount on beer bottle glasses and pimple faced 14 yr olds. To my knowledge my son was the youngest LAN’er there at the age of 4. His specialties include MARIO BROS, MOTORCROSS MADDNESS, BUBBLE BOBBLE and FROGGER. Hope to see just as many quakers there again as I met some cool people as well as catching up with some I’ve only known online.



OZQuake: Head 2 Head Interviews with the Quake 2 Community

There are many personalities that play Quake2, those players who are greeted warmly when they arrive and whose skills and ability demand respect (and sometimes awe). They are characterised by good sportsmanship, good skills and a helpful nature. Through this section of my site, Head 2 Head, I hope to bring to you an insight into some of the people behind the names and help define what makes good players great ones.

If you think you know someone who should be here, contact me and we will see what we can do.


Head 2 Head with Electro

Head to Head is taking a new turn with this interview. The subject is not just a respected player, he is also a games developer and is currently working on a project to produce an Australian born PC game to challenge the big boys efforts OS. This is the type of guy who brought quake into being all those years ago, someone with the intellect and the nouse to write the code and weave the magic that results in a complex and challenging PC game, so lets get inside his head.


Head 2 Head with bambi

Damn it’s been a long time between drinks for head 2 head, but I do have a host of fraggers lined up for the new year. Before the year ends (just), I have asked bambi, aka fester, aka TIMMAY!! aka god only knows how many other aliases, to give us an insight into his gaming world.

Thanks to Bambi for agreeing to this interview. Bambi has been gaming for many years and is one of the most respected and feared players around. Still a Quake2 legend, Bambi has now taken his talents to Quake III Arena and is making his presence felt in a whole new ball game. Now known as Fester of the McNasty Clan, Bambi still epitomizes the skill and attitude of the quintessential Quaker.


Head 2 Head with Kurgan

Kurgan[DBC] is regarded by his peers as a true gentleman of Quake2. A deadly shot and tactician, Kurg is renowned for his fast fragging, and his uncanny ability to be in the right spot at the right time. With the persistency and frequency of this timing you can be sure that this is not luck, but a skill acquired as part of his broad arsenal of skills. I shot a few questions to this quiet achiever and here is what he had to say.


Head 2 Head with Psylent

Starting off the new year (2000) with an old favourite, Psylent. If ever you want to test your mettle go one on one with this guy on just about any map.. luckily it’s only a game so only your pride will be damaged.

I asked him a little about life, the universe and everything and here is what he had to say…


Head 2 Head with Sirius [DBC]

First cab off the rank is Sirius [DBC], undeniably a core component of the Logicworld server.  Who could forget that game? It is certainly a claim to fame!!  I asked him afew questions about his gameplay and his role in Q2 and here is what he had to say…


LogicWorld One Tonne Club: Furious Fraggers Only

The One Tonne club is surely an elite group. Logicworld server is no easy fare, and with a 15 minute map rotation and weapons stay off a score of 100 is a big effort. If you grab a tonne on Logicworld make sure to take a screenie (F12) and send it inHere are the players who have made their mark and have achieved the magic tonne.

Sirius [DBC]

(October 1999)

This legendary effort is the biggest FPH I have ever seen. When I asked Sirius about this effort his response was “and I stuffed it up in the last few minutes”. Damn!


(June 2000)

 Sudden Death is a popular map for big scores and Monkeu was happy to take a tonne.


(July 2000)

cLaY14-[RUS] is always a big scorer, but this one took the cake for Mine Entrance, beating a long standing record of 100 by a single frag.

Loki <[GoM]>

(February 2000)

Maybe this club isn’t so elite after all : )


Q2 Logic Gib-A-Thon 2002

Logicworld is where Loki calls home. It is a friendly Lithium II server with a good crowd of decent players. The administrator, Sirius [DBC], is a vigilant protector of fair gameplay, and active admins patrol the server to help prevent cheating and abusive behaviour. You can check out the stats to discover who the big guns are, or visit the official site. There is also a new and special area for the biggest scores, the Logicworld One Tonne Club.

Logicworld Instagib is a fast and furious venue, instagib means what it says, instant gibs.. it’s a rail only affair with a quick hook and a top field of players who frequent the server and spank the uninitiated regularly.

Fragdate – Saturday 11:00am 17 February 2001 – Loki<[GoM]>

Fragdate – Sunday 6:00pm 28 January 2001 – Loki<[GoM]>

Fragdate – Tuesday 10:00pm 2 January 2001 – Loki<[GoM]>


Fragdate – Friday 7:00am 13 October 2000

Fragdate – Tuesday 9:00pm 19 September 2000

Fragdate – Sunday 3:00pm 3 September 2000

Fragdate – Tuesday 6:00pm 29 August 2000

Fragdate – Thursday 7:30am 13 August 2000

Fragdate – Sunday 11:00pm 13 August 2000

Fragdate – Sunday 11:45pm 14 July 2000


OZQuake: Loki’s Rant

A rant and a rave from the Big Bauul himself.

AAPT Stalker Chat. Tuesday, June 5, 2001 by Loki

On the kindness of strangers… Tuesday, January 30, 2001 by Loki

The rise and fall of the WN Board. Monday, December 11, 2000 by Loki

Restoration of faith. Sunday, November 26, 2000 by Loki

Special delivery. Monday, November 13, 2000 by Loki

He said, she said, who cares? Wednesday, November 8, 2000 by Loki


OZQuake: Siriusly Speaking

The news and opinions of the Logicworld server admin. any feedback, suggestions or comments are welcome, just drop me an email :)

Server updates at Logicworld. Tuesday, January 2, 2001 by Sirius

Bits and Pieces…. Friday, December 29, 2000 by Sirius

Change for Logicworld Instagib. Sunday, November 26, 2000 by Sirius

ISDN – Telstra Onramp Home Highway – part 2. Friday, November 24, 2000 by Sirius

ISDN. Tuesday, November 14, 2000 by Sirius


OZQuake: SFI Clan


OZQuake: Big Pond


OZQuake: The Kiwi Connection

From across the waters comes news and opinions of a kiwi quaker, Logical.

Fare thee well quake2  Sunday, May 27, 2001 by Logical

I have decided to stop playing quake2 for alot of different reasons. One of them is because of all the llama’s playing now-days eg crus russ, tank angel>wlf etc. Another is because I really suck at it :) it seems my railing skills have gone completely down the drain. In new zealands all the servers suck, paradise net insta is lamer haven, no ones ever at paradise ra2, ihug ra2 is too laggy… and xtra dm, well xtra just sucks. Cya guys, i’ll prolly still hang around at icq so if your interested in contacting me my # is 76327474 cheers, peace out.

Q2dm1, the worst instagib map ever. Monday, April 30, 2001 by Logical

So whats the story, why does everyone love it? They say its good because it requires skillfull aiming? Pff, the 1 room custom map I made needs more aiming than that piece of sh*t. Q2dm1 is fluke city, it bores the hell out of me and makes me groan when I see it being put up for vote. You don’t even need to move your mouse in it. Just run/hook from ya spawn to the main battle area and start strafing from side to side, soon as someone pops into ya crosshair – ZAP, dead meat. I am sure it is a great map for GX, DM and lithium but in instagib it does NOT cut the mustard. Why not play a great hallway map like q2dm6? Maybe even the hooky staircase; q2dm7? Maybe even go so far and get spastic on dm2 tokay’s towers? All those maps require much more strategy and skill than that… disgusting excuse for a map. Why am I against this map? Boredom! I have played dm1 uncountable times, and frankly the next time I have to play it, I will probably puke all over my key-board. Anything has to be better than dm1! Go download some REAL maps.

Who am I? Sunday, April 29, 2001 by Logical

Hey there fellow quakers, this is my first post on ozquake and might I add it is such an honour to get the chance. When loki told me I could do a rant I almost soiled my self with excitement. So, most of you wondering who I am; I am logical, a q2 player from NZ. In quake2 I wear the tag aVT.SpastiX. So most of you are thinking; Who’s this sheep shagger and what does he have to say. In response to that; I have never made love to a sheep (or any other farm animal) and I never intend to. Second answer; I will try and say as much as I can say as much as I can. Thanks for reading. I will be posting my first official rant tommorow 30th of april 2001, See ya then.


OZQuake: The Gallery


OZQuake: Monty’s Dump


OZQuake: Quake 2 Mods


OZQuake: Quake 2 The Servers


OZQuake: Who Gives a FAQ Section


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