Wireplay Invades Brisbane: the Genesis of Multiplayer Online Gaming in Australia

To celebrate the opening of Wireplay in Brisbane, we are holding the 'Wireplay Invades Brisbane' Quake and Quake 2 Free For All competition. Do you have what it takes to frag your way through grueling heats and the final to be Australia's Quake champion?


Joystik Mag 1983: Donkey Kong Jr. and Joust

This blog post is dedicated to Christina and Eliot, big fans of the retro games. I remember getting to the 10th "eggwave" (beyond level 50) in 2 player Joust with Eliot. Its totally possible we got way farther than that but as one of my proudest gaming achievements I do not want to overstate it. Thank you for supporting my Quake 2 gaming history videos on Patreon!

Roger Ebert’s Critical Eye on Machinima: Will the use of video game technology to make movies result in art or kitsch?

Somewhere right now, in a basement or bedroom, a kid is making an animated movie that will play in a theater near you. It's been possible for years to create animation on home computers, but a new movement named Machinima plans to make those movies more sophisticated -- of commercial quality. Machinimists don't use high-priced software programs but the "rendering engines" used by games like Quake and Unreal.