The story of McKinley’s Vengeance – by r3tina

– This story accompanies the map ‘McKinley’s Vengeance‘ by Eraser. Parts of this story are based on the short story included with the Quake II ThreeWave CTF mod and on the facts presented in the series of stories by LeeMon based on the Generations Arena mod-


3 Questions for QuakeCon 2018 Attendees

Come and find me in the DondeQ2 teeshirt from Thursday to Sunday QuakeCon and let's make a video of you answering my 3 questions... 1) How long have you been playing Quake? 2) How does playing Quake make you feel? 3) What's the best thing that ever happened to you from playing Quake? I have DondeQ2 postcards (while supplies last!) to thank folks willing to brave the video experience!