Quakecast – Thursday, October 2, 1997

Next up was a gentleman whom calls himself "hyPer" and he runs a web site called In The Pit Rocket Arena Strategy dedicated to...you guessed it...Rocket Arena. Mace Royer was live in the studio tonight. GIRLBOMB is still out sick and the "chatbitch" loonyboi sat in her stead.


ADVANCED BRUSHES 101: Article and pictures by Herbert Flower A.K.A. “BONEWOLF” of the Gunman Quake 2 TC

I spent several weeks discovering, by trial and error, the techniques needed to make practically anything out of brushes. What I know is just the result of alot of hard thinking, and staring at a computer screen. I havent talked to Carmak or anyone that is really educated on the subject of 3d engines, and I’m sure that if I did, I’d have more to say on this subject.