Montreal LAN Party with Mr. Magoo and Warlife [August 12, 2000]

I pretty much play 1 game at a time, but when I do, I play it seriously, and play it hard! I am known worldwide as "Mr.Magoo" and can be found hanging out in channel #cLockwork with my clanmates and friends. I am currently one of the leaders of clan cLockwork. -Alex B.


Insane Weapons Mod: The most insane Quake II mod ever!

Insane Weapons Mod is a mod that brings new, creative and insane weapons into the Quake2 world. Keeping in mind that this is an early weapons test, there is not much new in terms of features and gamemodes, but many of them are awaiting implementing! There are many weapons, features and items that you will need to deal with, but it's not a problem since everything is kept simple and managable.