Legião Fênix: 1º Encontro Regional da Legião Fênix no Estado do Espírito Santo — November 24, 2000

"O 1º Encontro Regional da Legião Fênix no Estado do Espírito Santo foi realizado no dia 24/11/2000 no NPD da Escola às 22:00h., o nosso servidor já estava no ar às 22:30 mas algumas estações estavam desconfiguradas o que atrasou o início da 1º MARATONA CAPIXABA em umas 2 horas, mas neste meio tempo vários LEGIONÁRIOS CONVIDADOS entraram no servidor participaram de combates. A 1 hora da madrugada do dia 25/11/2000 teve início a MARATONA, mas como o horário já estava avançado só os Legionários de Vitória (CONDOR, ABUTRE, VULTURE e DARK CROW), e os Legionários CARDEAL e YAN-DRAGON jogaram."

Soldiers of the Quake Empire — Klingon Skins for Quake II, by Kevin A. Geiselman aka Commander Kordite

"The Klingon Skins for Quake II were made using Paint Shop Pro, NST Model Viewer and, occasionally, a scanner. Warriors of the Empire are encouraged to use these skins in Deathmatches. Feel free to switch heads for your own personality but, as a courtesy, don't change the bodies too much. And don't forget to tell 'em where you got 'em. In the future (hopefully) look for skins for Klingon Honor Guard, Feddie skins (ie, targets) and Klingon Deathmatch levels for Quake II. Boarding parties to the transporter room!"

Hall of Skins and Words 4 All of You Quakers, by EvIsCerAToR aka Shamblerz — 1999

"Good news! Recently I found a motherlode of great pictures. Nearly all of them is customized by others. Just 'upgraded' this computer, added 64mb, Voodoo2 video card. It makes little good difference, although. Modem seemed to be more faster than before. Also, help me to improve my page, suggestions, comments, dislikes, etc. Contact me! New homemade shamblers pixs by Casper, Northern Command Quake clan page is now available. Currently looking for new members, Newbies and Experienced accepted." -EvIsCerAToR.

Quake 2 Models — AET Quake Server Players Page, by Phil

"I'm not going to explain exactly what QUAKE is, suffice to say that it's a game where you have a character - with a gun - who goes around different levels shooting everything that moves! A bit like DOOM but with better graphics and a lot more. With AET's QUAKE server, you don't play against the computer. You play against other people! Much more fun! A good friend of ours at AET, who are a computer repair service based in Gillingham, Kent, runs a QUAKE II server which runs 24/7. So — if you are feeling a little bit bored why not try it out! The best times with the most people playing Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but people are playing most nights of the week. (The name I play under is 'Tory B'stard' so if you see me (I'll be the one with the lowest score) — say Hi!) So, for those of you who already have QUAKE II and know how to set it up to play in Death Matches with downloads enabled (you will need the downloads enabled as we do NOT normally play the standard levels or with standard characters). The server address is aetnet.co.uk." -Phil

Quake Scene Japan — Clan [NGO] Quake 2 Skins

"American Denpa Skinner Rikki 's work is a high school girl skin you to recommend that want to be a high school girl! Also Rikki's sailor suit skin Sailor Jupiter. This clan is proud, the work of Denpa Skinner Pri-San, the theme is HOT and 'funky!' Back is Masu Ikashite. This is also a work by pri-san, Sara of the virtual fighter. I feel the energy of pri-san 's fineness in the depiction of the buttocks (laugh)."