Action Quake 2, ChaosDM, QPong, Star Wars Quake and More Q2 Mods — Quake II RTX Screenshots, by SGC-Puffy

"Screenshots of various Quake II mods, with RTX on, by SGC-Puffy, of Perth, Australia. 'Somewhere beyond the sea... Somewhere waiting for me... My Big Daddy stands on golden sands...'"

Quake II Magazine Archive: Off-Topic ⁠— Sin

"Robotron... is the closest classic arcade game to the first-person action game genre. That embodies the spirit of the shooter cos it's all constant action, non-stop action, and it's just damn fun. It's amazing that I remember playing that back when I was a kid and thinking how hard it was, as far as eye-to-hand co-ordination. And nowadays, it's funny, I guess because of the mouse-playing in Quake and Doom and stuff, that kind of configuration just seems totally natural."

Quake 2 Maps, Jump Pics and Games Scores — by DOA Death Jump

"The first thing you will notice is that your grenade bounces when you shoot it, LOL. I have never seen this in any map before, so I hope that I was the first one to do this. This strange twist makes the map more interesting because your grenade will travel further than normal and when dead bodies get blown up, the gibs will bounce around the level too! The way that this grenade and gib bouncing effect is accomplished is by using 2 trigger_gravity layers in the map. The lower layer is only 32 units thick and has the gravity set to 0. The upper layer extends all the way up to the sky brush and has the gravity set to 20 which means that it is 20 times normal gravity or (20 X 800) 16,000. The lower layer needs to have a gravity of 0 or the grenade would instantly go down and stick to the floor. Because the map might be ran with the WoD 8.0 mod and someone could use the Jetpack to float up above all of the grenades, I included a single shotgun in the middle of the map. The flare gun could be used to take someone out of mid-flight, but the shotgun would be more effective. There is only one shotgun for the center of the map so it will make it harder to get the shotgun as well. When you walk over the shotgun, you get to hear the DOA sound play." -Grenade Arena by _DOA_DEATH_JUMP

Legião Fênix: 1º Encontro Regional da Legião Fênix no Estado do Espírito Santo — November 24, 2000

"O 1º Encontro Regional da Legião Fênix no Estado do Espírito Santo foi realizado no dia 24/11/2000 no NPD da Escola às 22:00h., o nosso servidor já estava no ar às 22:30 mas algumas estações estavam desconfiguradas o que atrasou o início da 1º MARATONA CAPIXABA em umas 2 horas, mas neste meio tempo vários LEGIONÁRIOS CONVIDADOS entraram no servidor participaram de combates. A 1 hora da madrugada do dia 25/11/2000 teve início a MARATONA, mas como o horário já estava avançado só os Legionários de Vitória (CONDOR, ABUTRE, VULTURE e DARK CROW), e os Legionários CARDEAL e YAN-DRAGON jogaram."