Formosa Island Internet Cafe: Moscow, Russia — Championship Chronicle… 1998, 1999, 2000

November 30 to December 4, 1998 — Formosa Quake II Closed Championship.

From 25 to 30 January 1999 — Quake II Open Championship.

From 16 to 18 April 1999 Quake II Team Championship held.

24 and 25 April 1999 Quake II championship held in Pyatigorsk.

“So, having collected things and lined up near astalaVISta, Formoza Quake2 Mission moved to the Paveletsky railway station. The farewell was short, and the Moscow delegation immediately got down to business, somehow buying beer for the journey, plastic soups in American plastic glasses, and all sorts of reading matter. Moreover, in addition to XXL, ‘Bear’, etc., the super-duper magazine ‘Filya’ was purchased. Publishing House ‘Funny Pictures’ ;-) It seems like [NiP]-A-xa gave it to Fillet.

Plunging into the train, Noise somehow warily looked at the curtain with the text ‘Caucasus’ and thoughtfully said: ‘Yes, how not to get into the penis.’ If anyone does not know, it came from a reservation on the radio, either ‘Europe-plus’, or ‘Maximum’ on the first of April, but one way or another, this phrase became just some kind of motto for the trip. Meanwhile, the prudent [NiP]-3D-BUG pulled out a plastic bag full of black bread crackers and offered to help themselves. For beer, I guess. ‘Bug! Are you going to the pepenets or to the championship?’ Noise’s questioning voice. ‘Crackers never hurt,’ Bug answered, and the car was filled with a loud crunch, accompanied by periodic sipping of beer. The whole delegation slowly went to sleep.

“– And yet it spins!
— It also bounces!”

I will omit the details of the second day of the trip, because nothing relevant happened. Is that a terrible amount of controversy on the topic of what is spinning in the second Quake and what is standing still. That’s how it happens, and prize places seem to be winning not for the first time, but what and where should rotate – no one really remembers. In general, the disputants made quite a lot of bets for a certain amount, and with this they were waiting for their arrival in Pyatigorsk, with the aim of getting to the nearest computer with the second Kwaka, in order to be documented. So to speak.

“I will give you an oak, I will give you an oak, I will give you an oak. I will give you an oak, I will give you an oak, I will give you an oak …”

Five am. Mineral water. Big train stop. It was here that a vague suspicion crept into the souls of the Quakers that the resort of Pyatigorsk could meet just as unkindly … And so it happened. Under a nasty drizzling rain and a cold wind, everyone fell out of the train and began to look through the eyes of TEXHO’vtsev. Soon Lar[TEXHO] appeared, Crusader[TEXHO] immediately arrived, and we went to the sanatorium to be accommodated.

As soon as they left their belongings in the rooms (in local slang they are called ‘chambers’ for some reason), the fathers moved to the club. Warm up, train and look at the results of the dispute. With training and visits to the local pizzeria, Friday passed unnoticed. By the way, about the pizzeria. Lyrical digression. I don’t know how anyone else, but she personally reminded me of Moscow in the late eighties, when the plush cafe Lira was converted into an institution called McDonalds and proudly called it a ‘restaurant’. So this pizzeria, in its soul being the most eatery in the world, in Pyatigorsk enjoys the reputation of a ‘restaurant’ where people go to ‘sit’. But I digress.

Championship. The first day.

After a roll call and finding out that there were as many as 36 participants, the technologists, under the strict guidance of K7-InfiDel, conducted a random draw in Excel, and the North Caucasian Quake2 tournament began. M-yes. We strongly hope that Crusader[TEXHO] knew in advance what he was getting into by inviting the Moscow fathers to Pyatigorsk: five of the participants in the tournament could compete with them at most. Naturally, the Moscow fathers easily passed both the qualifying round and the first two rounds of double elimination. No problem.

Second day.

Right in the morning, Lar and Kruzader came for us and took us to Mount Mashuk. Either because it was quite cold, or because Filya and Noise had already climbed on her on foot (almost a kilometer), but a significant part of the fathers left to indulge in gluttony, and a smaller part went upstairs, having previously bought mocking cable car tickets. Why mocking? Yes, because there was a rather low cloudiness, piercing cold, the cable cars dived right into the clouds, and the proud inscription flaunted on the ticket: OAO Teplo. Brrr. [NiP]-A-xa took the AKA leather jacket from K10-Tiger, [NiP]-3D-BUG shot the jacket and even the hat from Crusader[TEXHO], after which he and A-ha climbed on Lenin’s grandfather, posted minerals on the slope. Chat your feet.

The time was drawing near for the third round. Having descended from the mountain, the Muscovites continued to beat everyone into losers and out of losers in a row, and after a short but heated (in words) duel between K3-CooKiE and [NiP]-NoiSe-, the finalists were determined:

[ NiP]-A-xa

The final.

I won’t describe the process of the final game, but due to rather uneven results, I had to play two duels. The duels are chic – both Filya and Bug won thanks to their pressure, despite the fact that they were losing at first. Either Noise, with whom both duels were played, always starts for health, and always ends with a requiem ;-).”

September 4 and 5, 1999 The Lavina Club hosted the Unreal Championship.

September 11 and 12, 1999 Team Fortress Open Championship.

From 11 to 14 December 1999 Our NiP-Formoza team took first place in the PACC Cup tournament in St. Petersburg.

January 29, 30, 2000 Our NiP-Formoza team took first place in the PACC Cup tournament in St. Petersburg.

February 26, 27, 2000 The NiP-Formoza team took first and fourth places in the second stage (teamplay) of the PACC championship in St. Petersburg.

March 18, 19, 2000 The NiP-Formoza team took second and third places in the third stage (duel) of the PACC championship in St. Petersburg.

April 1, 2, 2000 The NiP-Formoza team took second and third places in the team tournament at the Matrix club.

April 8, 9, 2000 Polosatiy and Power took first and third places in the duel championship at the Astalavista club.

April 29, 30, 2000 — The NiP-Formoza team took first place in the fourth round of the PACC Championship for the Formosa Cup.

May 6, 7, 2000 The NiP-Formoza team took first place in the team stage of the URAL 2000 championship in Yekaterinburg, while Polosat1y and 3D*BUG took first and third places in the duel stage of the same championship, respectively.

May 25-28, 2000 The NiP-Formoza team took the first place in the team stage of the PACC championship in St. Petersburg, and Polosat1y took the first place in the duel part of the same championship.


Internet Cafe “Formosa Island”.
Internet Cafe website:
Address: Moscow, m. Kitay-gorod, B. Trekhsvyatitelsky per., 2
Phone: 728-4004

Computer club “AstalaViSta”.
Club website:
Club address: Moscow, Lavrushinsky lane 17/5 building 2, two minutes walk from the Tretyakovskaya metro station.
Club phone: 953-0111.
Club Fax: 953-0111.
Club ICQ: 953-0111.

Computer club “iN-Station”.
Club website:
Address: Moscow, Novosushevsky pereulok 6. In a building entertainment complex “DEPO 2000”, 4th floor From Novoslobodskaya metro station, tram number 9 or from the metro station Belorusskaya tram number 19.
telephones – 973-36-56, 973-49-97
ICQ UIN – 67571136

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