QUAKE.CRIS.NET: The Opening of the First Quake Server in Crimea, by Andrey Nikolaev, Dmitry Oparin, Maxim Shvets, Sergey Starosek, and Alex Tkachev aka Douncan — August 18, 1998

“It’s done. Or how sarcastically :) one of us noted, ‘not even half a year has passed.’ A server of this kind would sooner or later appear in the Crimea anyway. Why not be the first?

The opening of the first Quake-server in Crimea is timed to coincide with one very significant date, which is most directly related to the CRIS.NET Internet provider. But, by the way, this is not so important.

In the near future we are planning to slightly expand the possibilities of this website and therefore we would like to listen to all your wishes in advance . We ask you not to worry about Quake2, TeamFortress and other things yet, their time will come.

And finally, a few words about the people whose efforts resulted in all this disgrace:

Andrey Nikolaev, aka Skirmisher… Actually, thanks to his enthusiasm, we are now maem those who are maem. Did most of the work on installing and configuring servers. Oddly enough, he practically does not play Quake.

Dmitrey Oparin… He did not let the enthusiasm of the first one dry up in time and drew a couple more people into the work process. I took the trouble to sculpt what you are now reading and watching.

Alex Tkachev aka Douncan… He performed the main work on testing the service and provided invaluable assistance in setting up servers.

Sergey Starosek… He helped solve a number of unexpected problems, and also gave a lot of valuable advice that we used. Separately, I would like to thank Maxim Shvets for the part of the day spent on the project, and the rest of the CRIS.NET staff for not being able to seriously interfere with our work ;).
-Dmitrey Oparin, August 18, 1998


Desperadoes: Quakeworld Clan, by Serge Starenko


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