Formosa Island Internet Cafe: Moscow, Russia — Quake II Open Championship, January 25 – 30, 1999

Championship in Formosa is over, by [BCQ]Douncan — Wednesday, February 3, 1999

“The final!!! In complete silence from above, one could even hear the crunching of keyboard buttons and the movement of mice. Periodically, these sounds were interspersed with a cry [censored] from below, then with the sounds of ‘Uuuuu!!!’ and ‘Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!!!’ fans from above.

On q2dm1 [NiP]-A-xa confidently made everyone. After a short warm-up, q2dm6 went into consumption – Cruz was the first with a small margin, A-ha was the second, Bug was the third. Due to the fact that everyone switched places, everything was decided by the third match on q2dm8. The farewell was again short-lived – and upstairs everyone froze in anticipation.

[NiP]-3D-BUG was very lucky – at the very beginning he was thrown out near the stash, where a sparkling PS was waiting for him – this in its own way predetermined his first twenty ;-) frags, after which someone knocked this very PS off him and he himself became a frag, which, however, did not prevent him from shooting [DDT]-Crusader and [NiP]-A-xa from the rails with one shot, and either both of them, or one of them was with PS.

Under the cries from above: ‘Waaaaaaaaaa!!!! Bug – FATHER!!!!!’ – the decisive battle continued.

And then the [DDT]-Crusader rushed forward: either he got a second wind, or that same ‘great dust’ began, but what Cruz did next is hard to describe. Well, how, tell me, can you describe throwing grenades into nowhere three times in a row with each one directly hitting someone in a tambourine?!

In general, watch the demos and learn – and we simply have no words :-) The third fight ended with a convincing victory for Cruz, with Bug in second place, A-ha – in third and fourth – Vogel. Prizes, cups and diplomas were distributed in this order:”

“In the salon ‘Island Formosa’ an Internet cafe began to work. It is open to all comers during the entire time of our salon. We want our customers to feel as comfortable as possible in our salon. Here you can view our price list in a cozy atmosphere, talk with managers about the new products of the salon, here you can relax and have fun: drink a cup of freshly brewed coffee, play Quake online, surf the Internet.

Eleven state-of-the-art computers running Windows 95 are at the cafe’s disposal. These are diskless workstations based on an Intel Pentium® 233 processor with MMX tm technology, an SVGA AGP 4MB Cirrus Logic 5465 video card and a 3Dfx SVGA PCI 6MB 3Dfx Canopus Pure 3D accelerator. Displays 15 “Daewoo CMC-1509B (Multimedia). For Internet lovers there is a browser, mail client, telnet, IRC.

Connection to the Internet is made through two channels:
512Kbps from Corbina Telecom
128Kbps from Comstar Telecommunications

There is an agreement with the Netscape company that our cafe will be the first in Russia to receive the Russian version of the world’s most popular browser Netscape Navigator 4.05. You can print your favorite pages, received mail messages on a color printer.

Quake players! A Quake server has been organized for you on a computer with a SUN UltraAX 168MHz processor of our assembly.

To gain access to the computer (30 minutes of work + a cup of coffee) you only need to have a card with an access name and password. Having made a purchase, you get it for free, in the product issuance window. Without purchasing anything in the store, you can buy a card in a cafe for 5 rubles. ATTENTION! Every Friday in our Internet cafe there is a lottery draw among visitors. All cards registered during the week participate in the draw. The winners receive valuable prizes.”

Formosa Cafe Directory of Quake Clans:

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