Steam Community — Quake II RTX, Photorealistic Screenshots by Rroff

"Those are all Quake 2 textures with a bit of messing about to fit the theme - since doing this I've figured out how Quake 2 RTX materials work and modded it to load higher resolution models in maps so could improve on this a lot. There are a few free photorealistic texture packs out there that include stuff like that but would need some adjustment (roughness/specular, normal and metal/chrome maps) to make them materials in Quake 2 RTX." -Rroff

Quake II Magazine Archive: December 1997

"Te reta a jugar a QUAKE II — Donde? Cuando? Si quieres experimentar la sensacion de jugar en red local al mejor juego de rol en primera persona, y ademas enfrentarte a la Redaccion de OK PC Gamer, pasate por Cybergame. Si eres uno de los 3 mejores jugadores y traes un ejemplar de OK PC Gamer, conseguiras un juego Quake II por gentileza de Proein. Donde? Sta. Feliciana 14, (junto a la Glorieta de Bilbao) en Madrid. Cuando? 30 de Diciembre de 1997, de 20:30 a 22:30 horas. Vale descuento de 200 pesetas para jugar una hora en Cybergame."

Quake II Magazine Archive: November 1997

"'We've built an entire world. It's not like Quake — four episodes of unrelated crap — we've built a planet and a race of aliens. We have areas in the game that people can identify with — bunkers, hangars, warehouses, power stations and stuff. And then we've established missions and goals for each area. We wanted people to believe they were in a real place.' This is Tim Willits talking. He's lead level designer on Quake II."

Quake II Magazine Archive: October 1997

"The release of Doom II in 1994 was one of the most unnoticed letdowns of the gaming world. The sprinkling of a few new enemies and one new weapon were enough to give Doom junkies their fix, but the game was a mere baby step forward in every way. Now, Quake 2 appears to have finally broken id's sophomore jinx, with so many improvements over the original that, for once, the two games look markedly different."