“Challenger” Quake Festival: Crimea, Ukraine — July 25 – August 5, 1999

Dear Sirs!

Since Challenger tournament server appearance in Internet we have received lots of estimations and recommendations. In order to attend upon wishes of hundreds Quakers we make changes in our previous offer: will take place under the auspices of Kazantip festival in Crimea from July 25 to August 5, 1999.

“Quake festival will come about direct at the KaZantip festival area, well… if it says you something. This year the KaZantip festival happens in a new location in ‘Vertoliot’ (‘Helicopter’) rest house under the bumped-up name ‘Kazantip Republic’.

Q-festival participants will be accommodated direct at the ‘Vertoliot’ rest house. And if there are more participants than accommodations in the rest house you will be able to stay in a comfortable or not apartment in Shcholkino that is 2 kilometers away from the festival area. Besides there is ‘Lavanda’ (‘Lavender’) rest house which is 100 meters away from ‘Vertoliot’. And further there is a skinful of space to set tens on the beach. The sands extend for miles and miles here. Clear and amazingly warm Azov sea will amuse you. We are not going to describe all this eye appeal.

Come – you’ll see – you won’t regret.

Kazantip is famous not only for its nature. Post apocalyptic landscape of former Soviet Union towers above the natural landscape. This is a local showplace: the unfinished reactor of Crimean A-plant (don’t worry there has never been radioactive fuel) as well as a solar electric plant with several thousand mirrors directed to a huge tower. Nowadays they are remains. But they are amazingly interesting objects and backdrop at once. A part of the festival (namely the final day of Challenger tournament and the last party dedicated to the tournament champion ticker-tape parade) will come about in the A-plant reactor. At a backdrop that costs US$1billion. This is just amount that was spent on constructing of this unique landmark.

Check this web page updating, and we will do our best to tell and show you this unique place thoroughly.”

“This is where everything goes. Garbage and insects are simply immeasurable. BUT!!! After the work done, the hall shines, but it is impossible not to recognize it (photo below). But with mosquitoes it’s more difficult, there are so many of them, from the hall 4 scoops were already swept dead, full with a hill :-) but their fertility exceeds our capabilities.

Advertising on the windows is the only masterpiece that is visible everywhere and from afar :-) Advertising was pasted in Spartan conditions from 11:00 to 18:00. At the same time, Nadya Cheshikhina and Alex Gorokhov were sweating :-).

Here are the computers, not a lot, not a little – 25 pieces. There was this anecdote: Kazantip. Steppe. The jerboas are running. Crickets are sparkling. There is a hut in the steppe, you go in, and there is Pentyukhi2 with 64 megabytes of memory and 32 megabytes of video … All this wealth from the company ‘OPTIMA’ (Simferopol).

In the ‘construction’ of this hall were directly involved: Andrey Katkov, Sergey Petrov, Yury Pisanko, Alexey Gorokhov, Nadya Cheshikhina, Igor Kompaniets, Danila Vradiy (high-altitude fitter). It was not in vain that their labors were spent, for the hall came out to glory.

The coolness in the hall is provided by air conditioning, which spread its tentacles all over the ceiling.

Here are the first Challengers :-) As soon as they got out of the car, they sat down at the computers, you can tear them off only at night, when the eyes have already passed into the stage of eyes-balls bulging outward :-).

Cape Kazantip, romance. The sea is like a hot bath (temperature is about 28 degrees), although a little further cooler. Further – it’s about 200 meters, when the depth is just beginning. But the shore resembles Kuznetsov’s applicator, according to Sergey Petrov (the shell is a bit large, you know).

To the right is the tower of the solar station. The batteries in the camera ran out :-( Wait for more information. P.S. – The text was compiled at night. For more huge pics contact challenger@crimea.com.”


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