Quake-on-Amur: Khabarovsk, Russia — First Open Khabarovsk Quake II Championship, Custom Maps, and Poetry, 1999

“So, the retreat from the championship is over, we resume our livelihoods ;). First of all, I want to thank all those people without whom this whole disgrace could not have been organized ;).

Our sponsors: CONTACT Plus, DVM, Tsentr-tekhnika LLC and Computer World, which promptly supplemented the list of prizes with prizes for sportsmanship ([FAQ] Dr. Dick) and for the best Khabarovsk Quaker (Avenger [TxT]). And of course, those people from the Quaker community who provided great help and support in holding the championship, here they are, these heroes: [HR] Rulezz, [VT] SerZ, [VT] BiBiGon, [HR] KAREK, [VT] Jay, Bur.

Interestingly, all the people who are working and busy, [HR] Rulezz, even had to take a day off to set up the equipment. But on the part of the freest people at that time – the student-school party of the Quakers of the initiative – 0, no one even undertook to glue the posters printed by Bur. So you will live in a hole, guys, without champions, clubs, etc. if you don’t want to move. This applies to the same extent to the adult guys from STALKER and similar offices, which, not only to somehow help or participate in this aspect of the computer life of Khabarovsk, an absolutely non-profit enterprise, but even refused to hang up an announcement about what yourself – there, like, CONTACT with DVM is written – competitors (they are afraid of competitors, then;), so you write us and we will hang a poster, but somehow help – sorry, we are greedy, poor. I will not buy anything from them for my office (> 3000 people). Boycott. Thanks to such infidels, we have in Khabarovsk what we have – that is, practically nothing. Regional center, damn it! In Blagoveshchensk, only one of the clubs has more than 20 PII machines – Riva TNT – here you have a strong team from Blagoveshchensk.

Well, okay, now about the champion:

Everything went surprisingly well, it seems that they didn’t even sleep at all … they did, which is generally surprising. And in general, solid surprises, not a championship.

Firstly, much more people (> 64) registered online (> 64) than appeared for registration live, as I understand it, the rest were simply afraid to come, like, prizes still do not shine for us, we will be compared in our team as rock launchers. Well, oh well, the rest fought and talked well – let them envy now ;). A team of six fighters arrived from Blagoveshchensk, clan [BFG]. Vladivostok wrote that they were going, but at the last moment they apparently got scared ;).

Secondly, the last championship showed that the level of Khabarovsk Quakers from the past gatherings has unexpectedly increased, and now, in addition to [TxT], [VT], [HR] and Mr. White, other fighters have appeared, with whom it is already interesting to fight. A fact noted not only by me. True, this did not help against Blagoveshchensk.

Thirdly, I was unpleasantly struck by what kind of creatures there are among the Khabarovsk Quakers – this is Me about those joyful cries from the second room with the observation machine, when the only Khabarovsk Avenger [TxT] crashed on dm8 in the final, falling with a powershield and 1 percentage of health. What were you happy about? What did Khabarovsk suck? Well done, I have nothing to say (if I only use censorship)! They poured me like slop when our (the [TxT] clan) formally main enemy – [VT] Jay was eliminated in the semi-finals, I was rooting for him more than for myself when I played, because it was clear to everyone, in my opinion, what was going on At the moment there was a dispute not between clans, but between cities. Well done, in general, showed themselves guys, #@$@$$#!

Ok, now in order. 48 people registered for the championship, then others came, but ‘… a cormorant flying late usually flies by …’. When registering, configs and .paks were written off. It was then that the first cheaters with modified models and sounds came across;). .paks were mercilessly castrated to the pics folder. And dumped on all machines along with configs. At an urgently convened council from [BFG] HDD Killer-a, [VT] SerZ-a, [HR] Rulezz-a and [TxT] Othes-a brainstormed an elegant solution – to play the qualifying round with randomized triples, two games of 15s with a break of 5 minutes, which showed the worst result in two games – crashes. Thus, as in the Double Elimination system, the player is eliminated only in the event of two losses. Cards for each of the games were chosen sequentially (according to a pre-randomized list) by crossing out one card from the list q2dm1-q2dm8, except for q2dm7, by the players of each trio in a circle. On the remaining one map, the battle took place. The maps played are shown in the results table, and I was glad that the most gloomy predictions that the championship would be held only on q2dm1 did not come true, for example, I never played on it ;). And who played, but did not want to play ‘on this lamer card’ – blame only yourself, you could cross it out twice. On the first day, we spent the entire qualifying round and, thanks to the CONTACT employees, who seemed to be infected with the spirit of the championship themselves;), they were divided into ‘fathers’ and ‘losers’. The next day, a full-fledged Double Elimination went on, with a timelimit of 20. Of course, due to constant overlaps on TP, there was not enough time. One game had to be replayed, because doc (a fairly well-known and-no fighter) managed to do something with his config right in the middle of the game and played without being able to switch weapons. The guys from ‘Panorama’ arrived, looked, filmed, interrogated. Other representatives of the mass media included a correspondent for Priamurskiye Vedomosti and Dr. Dick gave him a local armageddon on q2dm1 on the first day, but he was not offended and wrote an article ;). The only girl who participated in the championship Olga from [VT], but for some reason not [VT] Olga, went through the qualifying round, showing very good results (1st place on q2dm1 in her top three), but then she got nervous and as a result she was eliminated from the ‘losers’ on the first lap. In the ‘fathers’ group, [TxT] Avenger and [BFG] Vagabond made it to the final. During the battle of this final four… 

Based on the results of three games, the winner was determined – who scored the least points. [BFG] Vagabond and [BFG] DVAlin – 5 points each, [TxT] Avenger – 7 (or 8?) [BFG] HDD Killer – … uh, I don’t remember – a lot, more than anyone, I’m tired of seeing after that disgrace , which I arranged for dm8 before – you need to have a conscience, and not tear everyone so hard;). That’s why they launched a duel server and [BFG] Vagabond and [BFG] DVAlin decided the matter with a duel (timelimit 10, overtime until the first unequal score). We played very carefully, both of them were aiming at Voodoo 2, and everyone thought that there would be overtime, but That’s why they launched a duel server and [BFG] Vagabond and [BFG] DVAlin decided the matter with a duel (timelimit 10, overtime until the first unequal score). We played very carefully, both of them were aiming at Voodoo 2, and everyone thought that there would be overtime, but That’s why they launched a duel server and [BFG] Vagabond and [BFG] DVAlin decided the matter with a duel (timelimit 10, overtime until the first unequal score). We played very carefully, both of them were aiming at Voodoo 2, and everyone thought that there would be overtime, but [BFG] Vagabond still taxied. Thus becoming…


Our congratulations, Blagoveshchensk!!! I hope you were greeted as heroes – this is well-deserved, because they did not fight at home, in difficult conditions. A strong team, to be sure, and at the same time showed that the frags do not smell! They showed off, gentlemen of Khabarovsk, with railguns, that we can’t fight the BFG, we can’t hide from it, we can’t graze, like weapons of lamers, and we, they say, are too cool dads – hehe, well, how is it, cool? ;))) Let someone now say on the Redcom server, ‘… lamer with BFG’ – and die from it, I promise ;).

I want to say a big thank you to all the players and spectators for not turning the championship into a drunken gathering and everything went without any incidents, and also to sincerely apologize to those who had to raise their voices, chase them away from computers, behind the fence and strain in every possible way ;))).

PS It was a look, so to speak, from the side of the organizer, from the side of the players Avenger will write off, since although we announce Quake-on-Amur as the site of Khabarovsk Quakers, but these tatis, Khabarovsk Quakers, are in no hurry to write articles, so we have to, then Avenger, then Othes…”


Quake II: Custom Maps

“Here are some of the most interesting (IMHO) maps for Quake II not included in the standard DM map list.”


TxT_ASS – Alien StarShip

Othes: My card. The last one released and most likely the first of my last 3 maps for Quake2. A very unusual and complex map, both in terms of architecture and gameplay. Not for lamers. But interesting. Even me ;). The first map that made you think so seriously about the layout of weapons and required so much time for testing. For meat and teamplay. Read the comments in a text file.”

TxT_DOS – Death be Only Solution

Avenger: Death is the only solution… Great level by Othes. Small and balanced. Designed for 2-4 people. Total carnage… To appreciate the rulezness of this map, you need to download it and try everything yourself. So don’t waste your time!

Othes: My card. The first of the completed maps by me. We’ve been playing it for over two years now. Creepy meat. It was made for three players, but it is playable from 2 to 8, I haven’t tried it again ;). Despite the small size of the map, there are a lot of tricks and snags. Quad does not live long, BFG and mega too … in general, then no one lives here for a long time ;). It is recommended for honing the reaction, waking up in the morning and completely emaciated. The only one of my cards that I myself like 100% ;).”

TxT_BIG – Butchered In Gore

Othes: My card. Card for large companies of 8-10 people. It was made as an alternative to q2dm8 for a regular deathmatch in a club for a large company. There is almost EVERYTHING (weapons, rulezy, types of premises). The map is healthy and sophisticated, it took a long time to make, so less attention was paid to all sorts of design details. Again, solid meat came out ;).”

TxT_LAB – Laboratory

Othes: My card. Strange map. Made by order of Charlock’s clanmate. He really wanted to have an average level that could be shot from above and below. He got it ;). To my own surprise, the map turned out to be relatively popular, although I myself do not really like it. Made in violation of all the canons of the Ku2 engine. The map is simple – almost one big room, but there are also tricks and snags – try it until you redo it nafig ;).”


About Quake-on-Amur

“The site Quake-on-Amur was made by Khabarovsk Quakers and for Khabarovsk / Far Eastern Quakers in order to promote and develop the Quake movement in our city and in the Far East. We do NOT promote confrontation between the Klans and Quakers. We DO NOT divide into ‘fathers’ and ‘lamers’. Quake-on-Amur is NOT a [TxT] clan site, this is a Khabarovsk Quaker site and any Khabarovsk / Far East Quaker may post on the site, subject to the above. If you have something to say, write: Othes [TxT], Avenger [TxT].

Quake-on-Amur was first published on 02/27/99, courtesy of the largest ISP in the Far East, Redcom. With the opening of the site, the clan movement in Khabarovsk was developed, the city’s first public Quake II server was launched, numerous unofficial and official competitions were held, including the First Khabarovsk Open Quake II Championship, with the participation of teams from other cities of the Far East. The Khabarovsk Dueling League was opened. Everything that was done was done thanks to and on sheer enthusiasm, including the server (the personal computer of one of the Quakers) and the championship organized by the players themselves.

It was done on the basis that you can sit forever and complain about life, the situation in the country, that we live in the provinces, on the remote outskirts, that it’s good for them in Moscow and St. Petersburg, etc., but it’s possible that something to do to change this boring life, to stir up the swamp.

This is our city and life (even if only Quaker) will be in it the way WE make it, and if we do nothing, then there will be no life, there will be our backwoods. And even more could be done with sponsorship, suggestions are always welcome: Othes [TxT]. Web design by Avenger [TxT].”


CRBot’s poem: “Teamplay on Q2DM1 with CRBot,” by MAGZ

…and the muse with the railgun gently sings to us!

“There is no analogy in my Quake head
Life is worth nothing – it’s only a frag.
Killed by CRBot, stripped naked,
And all that is needed in this life was taken by my fate.
What do I live for, what do you live for?
Collect more frags and go to the kings.
But what I lost – I don’t need it anymore,
Better Blaster in my hands than Rail in dead paws.
As in a dream, you or me,
But I took aim – hit!
And the frag became a reality,
And mingled along the way with the present.
Get away, get away from this bot,
Take Slugs as soon as possible and go back,
But a shot from behind in the back throws you forward,
And now the bot takes the Rocket Launcher.
I looked back and thought, ‘Well,
now he looks like an alligator.’
Shot! More ! But I dodged,
Bot was surprised that he missed.
I scratched rather forward,
Where the beginning of Rail takes,
An inner voice told me:
‘You won, you won!’
Rail in the hands, the bot is around the corner,
A propeller shot – and the bot is a bummer.
In the right corner of the number 100
Hop! Rocket Jump – and full of lives!
‘Newborn’ bot appeared,
Shot in the head – and he evaporated.
Frag received – now we need a new one,
So a stern partner ran,
A crowd appeared around the corner,
This living target should not leave.
Massive, blood, and meat around,
Know CRBot is your best friend!”


“It took some time for my ‘opus’ to hang, and experienced people corrected me. Specifically: CooKie, clan [DDT]. The result is a slightly different text. For the technical side of things, this is only good, because the most shameful shortcomings have been corrected. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the help: Qwest[PK], Nico[13] and someone else, I accidentally lost the letter :((( Sorry, I’ll fix it.”

Deathmatch Quake 2

“In a corner of the Galaxy, forgotten by God (but under the vigilant supervision of Satan), a thousand parsecs from the Earth, in the darkness of the vacuum abyss of space, a white giant class star, designated in star atlases as E1M7, was burning furiously. The star stood in the zenith of the red sky of the second planet of this system, known to earthlings as Stroggos. Beams of light mercilessly burned the army parade ground at the training unit of the Death’s Head Air Assault Brigade, located in the suburbs of what had once been the capital of the planet, a city called Cerberon.

Smoothly and clearly, like a wound up mechanism, not noticing the heat and stuffiness, a platoon of soldiers marched along the parade ground. Their wide backs swayed at regular intervals, the soles of their boots were imprinted into the hot concrete with one powerful blow.

-Vvoz-od- STOP!

Grroom, grroom.

The platoon stopped in front of the squat barracks of the sabotage and reconnaissance battalion, in which everyone was to live during the course of training.

  • Go-woo!

Shhhh, grroom.

The door of the barracks with a roar swung open from a powerful kick from the inside, and two seasoned saboteurs stepped shoulder to shoulder onto the parade ground. The platoon froze, devouring the eyes of what was shorter. It was none other than the Goblin – the hero of the Galaxy and all the Inhabited Worlds, the legendary winner of the Universal Evil. The man who single-handedly dispersed the hordes of Quake’s evil spirits, who with an ax dissolved Shub-Niggurath itself into noodles, is the same Goblin who shot off Armagon’s head with a simple double-barreled shotgun and tore the Cave Dragon. The one that landed on Stroggos in a malfunctioning capsule, the only one who managed to survive from the many thousands of participants in the Alien Overlord operation marching in the first echelon, passed through two inhabited (in the past) craters with fire, an ax and wheels and in a personal duel on fists tore out the spine of an unexpected such a turnover to Macron. living legend, head of the secret clan ‘UR’. Next to him was Sidor the Fierce, an old friend and comrade-in-arms of the Goblin, an experienced military programmer. He looked exactly like on the famous advertising poster of the NIN puncher, fully consistent with the slogan ‘Nails should be made from these people …’ At present, he taught cadets the tactics of reconnaissance and sabotage activities.

Two of them approached the formation and, with a clanging of the horseshoes of their jump boots, stopped.

Platoon, line up! v snarled the Demon-Killer, the bestial platoon sergeant.

Set aside, – said the Goblin, and with a heavy, unkind look from deep eye sockets examined the rank. The guys were strong, like a selection, others were not sent to the Academy. The goblin eyed everyone tenaciously, out of habit instantly memorizing faces and operational aliases. Gloomy, Kruger, Sanyok, Pest, Fluffy, Kindersyurpriz, Hottabych … The last, hefty kid with funny protruding ears was especially colorful. On the patch, the nickname is Boar. The appearance of the nickname corresponded completely. The boar was just broiler.

The goblin scratched his broken nose with his fingernail and spoke:

‘Nu that, Salobons, arrived? In order to avoid accidents, they try not to send idiots to me lately. However, sometimes they do leak…’

The instructor fell silent, and then suddenly barked:

‘Tractor jerks, two steps forward!’

The line did not move. The goblin grinned.

‘So, while hiding. We’ll find out along the way, it’s even more interesting. And now let’s get down to business. The further the border of the Inhabited Worlds expands, the more often we come into combat contact with Aliens. Each of those arriving for retraining has experience fighting various alien monsters. Each of you knows that killing a stupid monster is not at all so difficult, but this is not a reason to relax. If you want to live in peace, prepare for war. The military doctrine propagated by the Confederacy: ‘Little (monster) blood on someone else’s (monster) land.’ It is for this that we are preparing special forces, which win wars not by defense, but by attack. You all know about the recent skirmishes with the Protoss and Zerg, which resulted in huge losses on our part, so starting with your course, accelerated training is introduced. Here, at the DeathMatch Academy, our forge of personnel, you will take a special course in combat operations man against man, and this thing is immeasurably more serious and dangerous, because within the explored space we have not met an enemy as formidable as ourselves. We will prepare you for a meeting with an enemy equal in malice, cunning and deceit to us, people.

‘The first stage of training you, as usual, will take place on virtual simulators. The academy is equipped with the most advanced street fighting simulator to date called Quake2, which replaced our beloved Quake. The simulator reproduces the environment, weapons and methods of their use as realistically as possible. You must always remember one thing: what you get a deuce on the simulator means death in real life. It is foolish to wait for a long life, death is part of our profession. However, risk is the father of intelligence, and caution is its mother. Each of you is a professional, and professionals tend to be cautious. So take all this seriously.

‘I, the Goblin, will teach you, and my comrade is Sidor the Fierce, who also needs no introduction. For now, we will talk about weapons and tactics in relation to the Quake2 simulator only. Listen carefully, memorize everything the first time. I don’t repeat anything twice. Does not reach through the head v will reach through the arms and legs. Violators of discipline I will personally kill and throw out in disgrace. I’ll squeeze the shit out of you like from tubes!’

Glancing at the fighters from under his brows, the Goblin turned and walked to a long table that stood on the parade ground to his right. Neatly laid out on the table were the Marine’s eight primary weapons, a couple of hand grenades, zinc rounds, tactical slings, and a few obscure items.

Turning to face the formation and thrusting his hands deep into the pockets of his spotted trousers, the Goblin continued:

‘All of you have completed training courses in divisions on Quake simulators. I won’t tell you practically anything new about Quake2, but what’s new is mainly about weapons and their use.

‘For control, we use the same combination: mouse and keyboard. No idiotic separate keyboards, joysticks and Space Orbs. Only a mouse! Moreover, not every mouse, but a strictly defined one … Here everything depends on the desire of the player. The lazy ones can safely choose MS Intelli Mouse – the mouse that made Thresh the world champion … It has a ball under the fingers, which allows you to quickly turn without making sweeping hand movements. At one time, most representatives of the St. Petersburg quaco elite used this particular mouse. Unfortunately, with a small sense, it slips and scrolls. Another option – cheap and cheerful – is the standard Mitsumi mouse. The mouse is almost perfect – the only drawback found by our experts – after a long game, the hand becomes numb. Good for a little sens, spins sharper to the left than to the right unlike most other mice… For a large sensor, the Genius Dear mouse seems to be the best, although a sensor of more than 20 is no longer acceptable. Personally, I think it’s better to set the sensitivity from 7 to 8, although it all depends again on the mouse model, pad and sensitivity set in Windows. For fans of refined, soft movement, the Logytech Pylot mouse is suitable, and for a hard and sharp game, the best mouse is undoubtedly the AK-77. This is a mouse played by representatives of PK, BoG, DDT, MTF, ReD, OCT, RiP, as well as other equally famous ones. Many ask questions, ask where to get it and even just what it looks like. In St. Petersburg, you can easily buy such a mouse, the main thing is to buy exactly the old model, because the ball is not so worth it in the new one. So far, only one place has been found in Moscow where they are – a small computer store near Solaris. For best results with AK-77, the ball can be replaced. [DDT]-CooKiE, for example, brought a new idea to Moscow – to play an AK with a Mitsumi ball. Such a ball is larger and heavier than the original. And you also need to push the buttons, because they are usually very tight. Mice love affection, cleanliness and lubrication. Constantly monitor the cleanliness of the mouse ball, regularly wiping it with alcohol, I will personally check it. Moreover, the ball cleaned with alcohol creaks very much on the table, which unnerves the enemy. Mice are not cleaned with a finger, opening the lid – only finished scumbags do this. If you really want to clean your mouse, you’ll need to stock up on a screwdriver. The mouse opens, all debris is removed and everything is wiped with a cloth or napkin. Particularly inquisitive minds can try to clean the mouse like [DF]EHOT, that is, take it by the tail and lower it into the washing machine at full speed, but the authors are not responsible for the consequences. Take good care of your mouse, and perhaps she will agree … Now, as for the rug: some people think that a filthy rug does not allow you to turn and aim properly, so you need to constantly clean and wash it, and not eat pizza from it – this complete nonsense. A dirty rug is an indicator of the owner’s prestige. So it’s a good idea to scribble your name on it first, then stick it under the nose of every Quaker celebrity and demand a signature for good luck – that’s a Quaker tradition started, I remember, by Technics [PK]. Don’t forget that the mouse and pad are your Quaker self, not just head-ripping tools. Well, it’s not about you salobons… Your rugs should be shiny, like a cat’s eggs. And whoever does not shine, he will not get off the point.

‘There is a new function – squatting. When running, the sound of footsteps has been added, which instantly reveals the location of both you and the enemy. Therefore, you can use the step mode, but do not forget that the sound of steps from the strafe remains. Improved jumps, now everything looks much more natural. If you have time to make out, of course, because everyone is running around like crazy, the eye does not keep up. Added vertical ladders that can be moved up and down. So-called ‘waves’ (waves) appeared: these are the movements made by the player, there are five of them in total. When playing one on one, they are only suitable for mocking an opponent, but in team fights, the thing is very useful, because they allow you to exchange information. More on them a little later.

‘A set of skins is well stocked with both fighters (15 pieces) and fighters (10 pieces). Be afraid of the latter, because lamers never play in female skins. Visually, the aunts are supposedly smaller and harder to hit. Of course, the bounding box is exactly the same for everyone, but we are all people, not machines, so it’s better to play female. Two more advantages of the female model – they are hard to see against the background of the walls, because the skins under them are not so colorful, well, the sound. It is much more pleasant to hear a woman’s moaning than a sickening man’s cries. In addition, there is a cyborg skin (3 pieces), apparently, to give greater realism. But it’s really pop. In general, look, try.

‘As for the configuration. Only maniacs and elites write their config, so it’s better to take someone else’s and edit it. The most sophisticated config in Russia, of course, has a man named MaroudeR, but look for the most useful one yourself. In general, first figure out what any veteran has to do, and then try it yourself, the best way. Just don’t start stupid arguments: this is right, but this is not. You can switch speeds in a car with your foot, I don’t argue, but you don’t have to say that this is right. Assimilate the main stream, and only then adapt everything specifically for yourself.

‘You all know that the Confederate Army has undergone a complete change of armament. The same is done in the simulator, the virtual weapon is identical to the real one. This radically changed the whole alignment: the competent use of almost any weapon inevitably leads to death. To be honest, I do not quite understand the discussions about the balance of weapons. Here, which bullet in the dead man’s head was better balanced: automatic or from a railgun? A riddle… There are no dangerous weapons, there are dangerous people, and the most terrible weapon is the head (especially those with a displaced center of gravity). In short, it is now necessary to more precisely coordinate the use of weapons in each specific situation. Something that doesn’t hit long distances can easily gut you up close, so work on your configuration.’

Pulling one hand out of his pocket, the paratrooper took a heavy pot-bellied pistol from the table and asked:

‘Fluffy, what is it?’

White-haired Fluffy started up:

‘Are you asking me?’

‘If you are Fluffy, then you. One more such idiotic question, and you are guaranteed a daily job at a chocolate factory, you will process all the toilets in the barracks. I repeat the question: what is it?’

‘Standard self-loading army blaster, paratrooper version, rate of fire – 2 shots per second, sir!’

‘Right. Previously, instead of this good, we had a battle ax of Damascus steel and razor sharpening, from which there were more benefits. This is complete rubbish. Suitable only for lighting dark corners, since the ammunition is not limited. Takes away from the enemy some lousy 16 points of health from one hit. The charges fly slowly, dodge them – do not do anything, and a trail of hot particles instantly betrays your position. I use it only for shooting at the buttons of caches. The best way to use a blaster is to immediately run for another weapon. Don’t even try to attack someone with it. Though-. For Carmack’s Ferrari, I would have killed a hare in the field with a sapper shovel, and not just someone with a blaster …’

The goblin placed his blaster on the table and picked up a single-barreled shotgun from the table.

‘Gloomy, are you familiar with this thing?’

‘Yes, sir! Army pump, amphibious version, rate of fire one shot per second, sir!’

‘Yeah. The striking element is buckshot, 12 pieces per cartridge. Each buckshot takes 4 health points, for a total of 48 from one hit. It hits the target instantly, with the right sight it is impossible to escape (like from a blaster charge). It has good accuracy at long distances, but in general it is rather weak. If the enemy has something more serious, run without looking back for a more serious tool. From a long distance, you can try to plant a couple of times, but how does the enemy only have 2 health points? In short, it’s still junk, with the same success you can run around the levels with a plunger.’

The paratrooper put the gun back in its place and took a hefty double-barreled shotgun from the table with both hands.

‘Krueger, come on, enlighten the personnel.’

‘Double-barreled army pump for special forces under a reinforced cartridge, sir!’

‘Great tool for face-to-face meetings, especially for those who can’t aim properly. 10 buckshots in each cartridge, each buckshot takes 6 health points, total – 120, reload time – one second. Excellent deadly qualities: a point-blank doublet will put even an attacking tyrannosaurus on the ass, and knocks a person down (if he simply doesn’t tear him in half), depriving him of orientation and allowing him to conscientiously finish off with a control shot for his left ear. A wonderful choice for a sudden shot to the back of the head or for an unexpected double from around the corner in the face, the enemy will be stunned like Laika in space. As they say in my historical homeland: ‘A delicious shot from a parabarrel into a mug.’ Amazement that instantly turns into death, since the strength of the physical and emotional impact is the same as that of a grenade launcher, but there is no explosion radius. At long distances, it is practically useless, the accuracy is too small, therefore it is mainly used for close encounters. If an enemy with a double-barreled shotgun rushes at you, but you don’t have it – running back, switch to something automatic and hit him with a good burst from the hip, but more authentically. Although, if the enemy is normal, then you will fly off as a carcass. And since he really wants to get closer, throw him an oncoming grenade. Although this is all a theory, because you still won’t have time to switch – this is not the first kwak. Please note that when recoiling and reloading, both guns rise and block part of the view. Some therefore change the location of the weapon on the screen, which is set via the console with gun_x, gun_y, and gun_z, but in no case do this, because this is still a server command, that is, it will work, only if you are a server, and this is rare, because you only need to play on dedicated (or dedicated) servers. Yes, even if you get the opportunity to flaunt on a server, you will be overlaid with such obscenities for this team that God forbid. And if they get caught … This command changes the location of weapons for everyone on the server. These commands do not affect the scope. Cartridges (shells) for both guns at levels in excess, in each zinc 10 pieces.’

Putting the double-barreled shotgun on the table, the Goblin picked up a submachine gun with a folding butt.

‘This is our old friend, the assault rifle. Rate of fire v 10 shots per second, each bullet takes away 8 health points. Full ammo – 200 charges v shoots in 20 seconds. Cartridges (bullets) – 50 pieces in zinc. Not a bad weapon for shooting in the back while chasing or for shooting the person on the other end of q2dm1… Very good with a quad. An attacking enemy with a machine gun can easily be calmed down with a double-barreled shotgun, but when a person with an armor and a machine gun and another with a bazooka meet at point-blank range, the first one wins – it’s verified.’

Having changed the machine gun, in the strong hands of the veteran was a menacing-looking six-barreled machine gun.

‘The older brother of the machine gun, manual machine gun. True, it shoots like a completely wild one. The device is powerful and useful, uses the same unitary cartridge. With a brief pull of the trigger, it fires a short burst of 9 shots. At the beginning of the acceleration of the rotation of the barrels, it releases 20 bullets per second, and when it accelerates, then all 40. The bullet takes away 6 health points, therefore, at the maximum rate of fire, the enemy has no chance. Paired with a quad – my respect, hurricane power, only shreds fly through the back streets to the heart-rending cries of the victims. Main advantage: instant defeat of the enemy. A machine gun is the best weapon for finishing off the wounded, especially if your scope is still weak. It is necessary to constantly remember about the time for spinning the trunks (about a second) and stopping them (about two seconds). If you know that the enemy is in the room and you want to test his skin for bulletproofness, press the trigger before entering or jumping out from around the corner so that when you meet the rate of fire is already maximum, and do not let go until you stuff him with lead to death. Best used in open spaces, with the ability to maneuver. A wonderful way to knock out the cattle dug in near the megahealth in a duel, a person starts to panic, and he even smears with a bazooka. In general, this is one of the best weapons. Highly recommend. A wonderful way to knock out the cattle dug in near the megahealth in a duel, a person starts to panic, and he even smears with a bazooka. In general, this is one of the best weapons. Highly recommend. A wonderful way to knock out the cattle dug in near the megahealth in a duel, a person starts to panic, and he even smears with a bazooka. In general, this is one of the best weapons. Highly recommend.’

The machine gun fell neatly into place, and a hand grenade appeared in a tanned hand.

‘Pest, explain.’

‘Hand frag offensive grenade, sir!’

‘Solid connoisseurs crept up, you see … Damage caused to health – 125 points, you can throw one grenade in two seconds. When thrown up, it falls behind the back. The fuse is initialized by turning the two hemispheres of the shell towards each other – which, in fact, is complete nonsense: all normal people pass the cord through the grenades rings so as not to waste extra time pulling them out. So, after cranking, the grenade emits three loud (and a few quiet ones that you should not pay attention to) clicks and immediately after the third it explodes. The longer you hold it in your hand, the farther it will fly. Don’t overdo it – when it explodes in your hand, it will take 59 health points from you. When thrown, it can bounce off walls. Once it hits a live target, it explodes instantly. Suitable for smoking the enemy out of secluded places, throwing around the corner, avoiding the chase and stopping the overbearing attackers. The main plus is that you can throw it with your bare hands and its radius of destruction is 125 units. In addition, you can hold a grenade in your hands and throw it away at the last moment – then it is almost impossible to dodge it (competently thrown). The main disadvantage is that fuse clicks instantly give away your position (which allows the enemy to shoot first) and spoil the whole effect of surprise. Be sure to make a binding to some key (by default – g), so as not to select through the inventory. that fuse clicks instantly give away your position (which allows the enemy to fire first) and spoil all the effect of surprise. Be sure to make a binding to some key (by default – g), so as not to select through the inventory. that fuse clicks instantly give away your position (which allows the enemy to fire first) and spoil all the effect of surprise. Be sure to make a binding to some key (by default – g), so as not to select through the inventory.’

‘What is a unit, sir?’ Kindersurprise asked.

‘Unit of measurement in Quake. The player’s height is approximately 64 units, so figure out the rest yourself. If two corpses are put with their heels to each other, then just the radius will turn out. Why they call it that – I don’t understand, in my opinion this is the diameter. Anyway.’

The grenade was replaced by a blunt automatic catapult.

‘That’s what the Grenade launcher needs. Spits out one grenade per second, each taking away 100 health points. The fuses are initialized automatically, when hitting some lucky person, the grenade explodes instantly, if it doesn’t hit, it explodes after two seconds. A great thing for targeted bombing from above, throw two or three things, a huge radius of destruction of manpower (160 units) compensates for the lack of accurate aiming at the target. I noticed a jamb of enemies below – be sure to throw a couple of them at them, let them not relax. On levels with reduced gravity – on the contrary, hit with a ricochet from the floor. When retreating, playfully throw grenades, do not be stingy – even if the pursuer does not kill, he will lose time on jumps and jumps, he will immediately become not up to you. The main thing – do not run on them yourself. What is characteristic: if you aim up, then the grenade will fly behind the back in an arc. Thus, when escaping a chase, especially in rooms with a low ceiling, escape routes are perfectly mined. It is problematic to bypass the grenades madly jumping on the floor. Most importantly, remember the phrase spoken by a man named CALL 911 – ‘Throw a grenade – throw another!”

A bazooka, a fearsome design with a clip of rockets on the right side, migrated from the table to the Goblin’s hands.

Rocket Launcher, death with free home delivery. From 100 (plus up to 20 points randomly assigned) to 120 points of health damage from a single missile. Main ammunition: high-explosive fragmentation rockets, 5 pieces per pack. Combat rate of fire: 5 missiles in 4 seconds. The speed of the projectile is low, it is possible to dodge. Explosion radius – 120 units, quite a bit. Constantly remember three important points: hit a moving target proactively, always aim at your feet (or at a low ceiling above your head), try to drive the victim into a corner with shots and finish it off calmly there. If they hit you, don’t jump around like a fool – you’ll get a missile at the landing site. Well, now our favorite…’

Carefully putting the bazooka aside, the paratrooper picked up the hyperblaster from the table, examined it carefully, and stroked the worn buttstock with his hand.

‘Kindersurprise, what is this?’

‘Amphibious hyperblaster, sir! Rate of fire – 10 rounds per second, energy consumption – one energy cell per discharge, maximum charge capacity – 300 cells, sir!’

‘You look! Excellent student in combat and politics! How do we apply?’

‘Most effective in close combat. It must be remembered that after the end of shooting, the time for stopping the rotation of the barrel is half a second and it is possible to open fire again only after a complete stop …

‘…And a well-trained soldier will always take advantage of this when launching a counterattack. And therefore, if you started shooting, in order to avoid misunderstandings, try to bring the case to a fatal outcome in one long burst.

‘The best use is for retreat cover. Many run away throwing rockets – forget about it, it’s pop, and everyone is waiting for it. It’s better to release a stream of charges from a hyperblaster, the damage from one charge is 20, and few idiots will stick into the stream … In addition, in a second with a 100% hit, the unfortunate one takes 200 hits of damage, so think for yourself.’

The hyperblaster was replaced by a strange-looking object with a silver cable on the left side.

‘What is it, Kaban?’

It’s a railgun, sir. The damaging element is super-heavy depleted uranium projectiles accelerated to exorbitant speeds by an alternating magnetic field. The fired projectile pierces any armor of any thickness, it gets stuck only in the rock. Reload time – one and a half seconds, wearable ammunition – 100 units. Weapons prohibited by the Convention for use within the Inhabited Worlds…

‘Yeah, we won’t use it there, but our wards guys don’t live there. As an ancient Russian poet said: ‘I scored a charge in the carcass of a friend’ … In our business, it is an excellent choice for a sniper, he kills before the enemy has time to figure something out. The main disadvantage is a spiral of hot gases that remains behind the projectile and instantly betrays your location. This is, of course, if the enemy does not disable the particles. Many people turn off traces from all weapons with the cl_particles 0 command. However, it is advisable to shoot immediately so that there is no need to repeat it a second time, although the victim will not be up to you from the first hit. Always collect small armor and Helsinki yourself – you will stay alive. Railgun is especially effective where neither is available – say q2dm2. When shooting, take a position that gives freedom of maneuver. However, this should always be done. But it is best to hit the attacker in the forehead or the fleeing in the back of the head. Never use the tactic – ‘squat shooting’ from behind the boxes – you will hit the rocket, since it is unrealistic to run away while sitting. In general, you can squat only when there is nowhere to run. If the opponent strafes, it is very difficult to hit. When engaging in a duel, try to shoot at different intervals, and do not press the trigger all the time. It’s easy to deal with such a ‘shooter’. Change the direction of the strafe, so you can run behind your back and hit from behind. The railgun is very good in narrow corridors, you can’t jump there. In close combat, it’s better to immediately switch to a double-barreled shotgun, it hits harder and reloads faster. If you fight with two opponents, then try, as in hand-to-hand combat, to line them all up in one line so that they interfere with each other, then shoot – a uranium bullet will pierce them all through, like a needle of insects for a herbarium. Or a beetle? Kaban, what do you think?’

‘I think you need to build more enemies and more often, sir!’

‘You think right. By the way, each projectile will take down 100 health points, even if you build a regiment in the back of the head, it will fly through shit like a crowbar. The weapon is very demanding on the skills of the shooter, and for some reason the simulator does not have the promised optical sight. The developers promised to fix this shortcoming. As long as you can give a FOV 30 (field of view) binding, this is also not bad.’

bind +zoom
alias +zoom “hand 2;fov 30;crosshair 1”
alias -zoom “hand 0;fov 90;crosshair 1”

‘The sight will act when the key is pressed, release it – everything will return to its place. Interestingly, at the same time, you can hear better what is happening in the place where you look. Some people change the FOV by typing FOV 140 through the console instead of the default FOV 90. This is as you like, you can make bindings to different keys. It is done like this:’

bind +wideangle
alias +wideangle “fov 140”
alias -wideangle “fov 90”

‘Try everything, look for what is convenient for you personally. Although this may not work if the server has fixed fov, so better get used to playing with FOV 90 and shooting without zoom. Oh, and now we have something else that is not even mentioned in the Convention– and a clumsy, metal pig-like object with a large handle on top has moved into the hands of the Goblin from the table. – Well, who knows what it is?’

The soldiers watched silently. Smiling, the Pest asked:

Big Fucking Gun, sir? To be honest, we thought it was from soldiers’ tales…’

‘Your bikes are child’s play compared to what the BFG10K really is. If you start using it in the Inhabited Worlds, they will quickly move into the category of uninhabited. A weapon of mass destruction, very difficult to use, but the result of the impact exceeds the wildest expectations. After using enemies, you can scrape off the walls – this is if you still find something to scrape off. One shot consumes 50 targets, the same amount is contained in each battery of ammunition. The weapon shoots out like this… – The goblin spread his arms wide, demonstrating a gigantic size, – a plasma Green Ball, which gives different effects of defeat depending on the situation.

‘First, a direct hit: after it, the enemy is definitely not a tenant, weaning 400 health points. At the same time, there is a familiar explosion radius for all of us, that is, it is necessary to keep a distance, because you yourself will receive a double dose of damage. In this case, an overdose is a vain death.

‘Secondly, during the flight, the Ball can emit from itself up to five Rays of Death, or in professional language – primary rays, on five targets at the same time, each of which takes away 50 points of health per second from the victim. Targets are hit at a distance of up to 256 units from the Ball, that is, by eye – up to 10 meters.

‘Well, and most importantly – the effect of detonation or splash damage. To obtain it, it is necessary that there are no walls between the victim and the shooter. Even if the enemy is behind you, and you shoot at the wall in front of you, he will be hurt, you don’t even have to look. While the Ball is flying, it will burn through the enemy’s head with a laser, and when it detonates, it will burn it entirely, because it can take away up to 1000 health points. If you are killed right after you fire the BFG10K and the enemy remains in sight of your corpse, the detonation will still work. But if you respawn nearby, your Ball will kill you on a common basis, so take your time with this matter. There is such a thing as joust, that is, a frontal attack. So, with such an attack, it makes sense to avoid the explosion radius and immediately shoot at the floor in front of you, the victim will be burned before she has time to figure something out. Keep this in mind when chasing, shoot at the floor, not at the back of the head. Oh, and one more thing – don’t shoot a BFG if there’s no one around, and you’ll exhaust your ammunition load and have a hard time yourself, no one has yet canceled the secondary rays (splash).

‘It is very good to shoot into a little room where a couple or three enemies are hiding or fighting, this will cheer them up. Just press the trigger before entering the room or leaving the corner to shoot exactly when you need to. And further. BFG thing is so cool and self-sufficient that even quad damage doesn’t affect it.

‘If they shoot at you from the BFG, the demobilization is in danger! Try to hide from the Ball behind natural shelters, since it does not shoot right away and you can navigate by the sound. Hide so as not to be in the field of view of the enemy or the place of detonation of the Ball, it is best to fall down several flights, it is good to crouch (this reduces damage, although no one knows why), or hide under water, in general, dump.

‘If you run out of ammo, the weapon will automatically switch in the following order:’


‘Thus, if you fired a double-barreled gun and you ran out of ammo, you will automatically switch to the Railgun (if you have ammo for it). Both grenade launchers are not automatically selected. You cannot turn on the weapon for which there is no ammunition. That is, if there are 4 zinc cartridges for a machine gun around the corner, you will not be able to switch to it, grab the cartridges and open fire, for some reason this is complicated. It is necessary to set g_select_empty through the console and indicate the number of the weapon, although this will help.’

The goblin placed the BFG on the table and tossed the silencer into his palm.

‘Together with any weapon (except hand grenades) you can use a multi-chamber silencer (Silencer). The silencer allows you to make 60 silent shots from a machine gun, 15 from a BFG, from everything else – 30 each. Only the clang of bolts and traces of shells in the air will give you away. But this is of little interest to us, because there is simply no silencer at deathmatch levels.

‘So, okay, that’s all for now with weapons. I advise you to create bindings to the nearest keys at hand on the keyboard.

‘Now as for the sight and the position of the weapon. The weapon can be held to the right (hand 0) and left (hand 1), it can also be held in the middle (hand 2), but then it will not be visible. When positioned on the right, the charges go slightly to the right of the sight, when left – to the left, when the weapon is in the middle – right on target. This affects shooting quite a lot, but with the model turned on, you don’t need to count the reload time in your head.

‘Now let’s move on to something that protects us at least a little: armor. We have four types of armor at our disposal: Jacket Armor, Combat Armor, Body Armor and Shards. Shards are metal plates that are additionally inserted into any armor, adding 2 points for each plate of armor of the same type that is currently equipped. The maximum values ​​of armor of each type, if you do not take shards:’

Jacket Armor – 50
Combat Armor – 100
Body Armor – 200

‘Each time you pick up an armor, you are given half of the maximum value. In this case, you can take Body Armor and immediately after it Jacket Armor, the number of points for Body Armor will still increase. Different types of armor take a hit differently, which can be easily calculated through the appropriate coefficients:’

Jacket Armor – 0.29
Combat Armor – 0.61
Body Armor – 0.82

‘Let’s say, here you are, Fluffy, in the head without any fuss planted from the railgun, which takes exactly 100 points of your health, and on you – Combat Armor. We multiply 100 by 0.6, we get 61 – this is how much armor will take on and you will have the same amount less of it, and the remaining 39 points will be subtracted from health. Cool, yeah? I myself was stunned when I realized how subtle everything is here. This is not a play-and-play game for you, but a military simulator. At the same time, it is obvious (not for everyone, of course) that worse armor lasts longer.

‘Next, we have such a useful thing as Power Armor Shield – a power shield that further enhances armor. It turns on automatically as soon as you pick it up. Turned on it with a coefficient of 0.66 holds frontal blows 0.33 rear blows. To work, he needs energy cells, which he spends in quantities proportional to the strength of the attack. Taken once, it will be with you until your death, just feed it. If the energy runs out, it will turn off, but will not disappear. Pick up batteries and turn it on again, so don’t forget to bind the button to the use power shield. Be careful with the hyperblaster and BFG10K, take care of the batteries. If there is a Power Armor Shield on the level – all the forces to capture it, you simply have to immediately take it, this is the most important armor booster. When you have Body Armor and Power Armor Shield on, it’s hard to kill you, but you yourself will swoop down on the enemy like a tank on a rotten picket fence. The shield has a small side effect: when the owner is hit, he is instantly surrounded by a green field. The same thing happens when jumping from a great height, so it’s easy to notice.

‘Absolutely necessary thing – unloading tactical belt (Bandoleer). Increases the amount of ammo carried as follows:’

Bullets 250
Shells 150
Cells 250
Slugs 75

‘And most importantly: the invader’s dream, the ‘Monster-1′ paratrooper’s backpack (backpack), which allows you to carry the maximum amount of ammunition:’

Bullets 300
Shells 200
Cells 300
Slugs 100

‘It is especially valuable because it allows you to carry as many as 300 energy cells, which are vital for fueling the Power Armor Shield.

‘The health undermined by the enemy helps us to restore first-aid kits, avaricious hand of the creators in some places scattered across the levels. Actually first-aid kits are of two types: First Aid, which adds 10 points, and Medikit, which adds 25. In addition to them, there is also Stimpack, which adds 2 points over 100. Adrenaline adds from any amount up to 100, do not pass by! Well, the father of all first-aid kits is Megahealth, which adds a whole hundred points, which after 5 seconds begin to decrease one per second, and so on to the usual hundred. It must be taken wisely: if you have 3 health points and you take Megahealth, then exactly after 8 seconds it will end, and after another 20 it will reappear, so we keep this under control and run nearby.

‘For protection from aggressive environments and for scuba diving, there is an OZK (Enviromental Suit), which protects us from all sorts of rubbish for 30 seconds. Diving mask (Rebreather) allows you to stay under water for 30 seconds without harm to health. Both require forced activation.

‘Finally, the most important thing: Quad Damage, in common quad. The appearance has changed slightly, but the essence remains the same: quadruple power for any weapon except the BFG. The person who has taken the Ozverin is surrounded by a thin luminous bluish field. It no longer shines through the walls (as in the first Q), which makes the owner even more dangerous. As soon as you take the beast, most of the opponents run away from sin, and the most capable and quick-witted ones start to kill you with quadruple fury, because the one who took the beast is a direct threat to the number of frags present, and this must be stopped immediately. Added such a useful thing as a countdown, that is, you can always see how much time is left before the end of the artifact. I would like to draw your attention to a few points.

‘Taking a quad, do not think that you are invulnerable. Switch from grenade launchers to something simpler, take care of yourself. Be especially careful when running around corners: if you shoot near the wall with GL or RL, you will definitely get torn. The radius of the explosion will also increase by four times, so be bolder on any planes (walls, ceilings, boxes) near the enemy. The railgun is a pretty powerful weapon without the wraith, but the double-barreled shotgun is a quad’s best friend, be sure to try it. I repeat: it does not work on BFG.

‘If a brutal enemy is chasing you – tear your claws from the open space and, mining the retreat, run away along the corridors, where there are more corners – there he won’t turn around with all his might … Although he will still kill, so forget it and just try not to give up your life for nothing – the best tactic is to cock a grenade and with it in your hands fly into the quader.

‘When I pick up the quad, the wonderful Quaiku immediately comes to mind, that is, the haiku about Quake:’

My Quadrocket Flies
Up Your Ass Into Your Brain
Blood Falls All Around

‘Powerful verse…

‘Outwardly the artifact of invulnerability (Invulnerability) has changed a lot. Now this skull is either with ears or with wings. The taker is surrounded by a thin red field. The action is identical to the previous version. Yes, if you see a guy surrounded by a purple field, try to hide, because running away is still unrealistic: he has both a quad and invulnerability in his arms.

‘It is vital to clearly know and remember the time of appearance of all items after they have been picked up. To do this, we have a special table, which you need to know as ‘Our Father’, by heart,’ – the instructor said and pointed with his thumb behind his back.

There was a stand nearby on the parade ground, and a table hanging on it brought the following to everyone’s attention:

Notes: Item / Spawn Time
weapon 30 sec
ammo 30 sec
all types of armor 20 sec
armor power shield 60 sec
armor shards 20 sec
rebreather 60 sec
environmental suit 60 sec
first aid kits 30 sec
stimpack 30 sec
megahealth 20 sec (after the effect ends)
adrenaline 60 sec
bandoleer 60 sec
ozverin 60 sec
invincibility 5 min
silencer 60 sec
heavy pack 60 sec

‘Try to pick up nearby artifacts at intervals: that is, when the first one appears, it becomes clear that it’s time to run after the second one. Thus, we expose the guard to the quad, skull and Power armor. We keep track of time.’

Wrinkling his nose and narrowing his eyes, the Goblin looked at the sun. The heat was terrible, I wanted to climb into the shade and have something to drink.

‘Okay, it’s good to grimace here. Sergeant, get the men under the shed. Dear, let’s go.’

Both instructors headed towards the shed.

‘Become! Equal! Attention! Boar, pick up the belly! At ease! Disperse, all march to the smoking room. RUN!!!’

The formation broke up and the soldiers trotted into the smoking room, under the saving shade of the canopy. Everyone quickly sat down on the benches, some even lit a cigarette.

‘Well, let’s continue our games,’ said the Goblin. ‘Let’s talk a little about sound. The sound is brought to almost perfect condition. The sound of a rocket flying by is something. You can hear absolutely everything, especially footsteps. The options ‘felt slippers’ and ‘boots’ have not yet been introduced, so don’t forget about your horse stomp. With normal walking (walk) and squatting, steps are not so audible, but speed is lost, so when firing it is better not to walk or crouch. It’s a good idea to make a ‘walk’ bind and use it for sneaking. When walking, do not use a strafe, otherwise the steps immediately become audible. You can also run into the room, sit down and walk between the boxes, it will be very difficult to find you by the sound. We listen to the course of the battle only through headphones, and to exacerbate my hearing, I wash my ears with laundry soap with cold water from morning to waist.

‘In order to correctly recognize sounds, it is necessary to thoroughly study the materiel, i.e. tactical and technical characteristics of weapons and the location of items on the levels.

‘This is especially true for armor shards, which are not so much scattered, but they always hang in a row. Clicking from their selection is audible even at neighboring levels. If you know everything properly, then with a high degree of probability, even by sound, you can determine where the enemy is, what he is currently doing and what he is going to do next.

‘Try to create false noises yourself: jump, turn on the elevators, open the doors, confuse him. If you want to sneak up unnoticed, try not to make any noise at all, and even more so not to pick up anything on the go, especially first-aid kits, since there are few of them, you will immediately give yourself away. At the same time, if you know where the enemy is, it can be useful to grab something that will instantly give him your location, like a beast. And when the enemy rushes to extinguish you, go to his rear in advance. Fake switching to a blaster helps a lot, especially when shooting through a door. Launched a couple of rockets, switched to a blaster, fired several times from it. The enemy thinks that you have nothing left, runs for a decisive blow, but instead – both! our ace up the sleeve! – gets a good turn, and you get such a fat frag. Never go through the door yourself. Come, open, bounce, they usually shoot immediately at the sound. Here after this shot and act accordingly.

‘We now have as many as eight levels, and they are called like this:’

Q2dm1 The Edge
Q2dm2 Tokay’s Towers
Q2dm3 The Frag Pipe
Q2dm4 Lost Hallways
Q2dm5 The Pits
Q2dm6 Lava Tomb
Q2dm7 Slimy Place
Q2dm8 WareHouse

‘The levels are good, especially number one. All of them are large, well-planned. In general, shoot, run, roam, remember. Otherwise, it will be like in that joke – our scout accidentally landed on Stroggos. The pilot jumps to the ground, and monsters are already running up to him in a crowd. Surrounded, looking angrily. A berserker comes up to him, points with an iron hand at the device in the cockpit and asks: ‘What is this?’ The scout is silent. Gladiator in his face – fuck! The scout gets up, and the monster is already pointing to another device: ‘What’s this?!’ Silent again. Again in the face – khryas! In general, they beat him, beat him, tortured him, tortured him, so he didn’t tell them anything. And when he was exchanged for prisoners and brought to the Base, everyone ran to meet him. He crawls out, his face is broken like a pillow, he is all blue. All to him: ‘Well, how!?’ And he sullenly told them: ‘Guys…’

The soldiers neighed in unison, and the instructor continued:

‘So, you need to clearly know what to run for at each level in the first place and what should not be given to the enemy. Where are the doors, elevators, buttons, secrets, artifacts, respawn spots – everything you need to know inside and out. He opened the door – of course, turned on the elevator – yeah, we meet, we kill, we listen carefully where he appeared and kill again. DM levels are now quite large, there are a lot of weapons scattered on them, but first-aid kits are not enough, they are the main traitors. Watch what appears and in what order, it immediately becomes clear where this adversary has gone.

‘Apply the old tactics, i.e. preventing the enemy from taking some powerful weapon like RL by constantly taking it out from under their noses became almost impossible. And given the increased lethal power of any weapon, consider that the time of the slogan ‘Rocket Launcher Rules the World!’ gone irrevocably. All this significantly influenced tactics. Here, for example, camping has become much more difficult, because stupidly standing over a bazooka no longer brings so many frags…’

‘Sir, what is a camper, sir? – asked the cadet Gloomy.’

‘So-ak- It began- If you, Gloomy, open the Biggest British Encyclopedia on the word ‘ass’, then you will immediately see his photograph. Most ignorant people despise campers, and smart people are afraid. Camping is cruel, but what can you do. Frags don’t smell. Therefore, you can choose to be either honest or smart. So, Gloomy, to act, of course, is not good … But it is tactically correct. So I do not advise you to run around the level with the slogan ‘Kempera Mazda!’ on your forehead and a target on your ass: you will lose, and you will earn a reputation as a cheap arcade player. Fierce, accept this boy … Gloomy … After the theory, be sure to drive him. Until he throws up. And when you throw up – still drive.’

Fierce nodded imperturbably and slowly smiled. The way a snake would smile if it knew how to smile.

‘Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves,’ the Goblin continued. ‘Let’s go in order. Let’s start with movement.’

‘Maneuver number one – strafe, that is, stepping aside from the line of attack, this is elementary. Maneuver number two – strafe in a circle, the so-called ‘dance of death’. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly change the distance, then run up, then rebound, so it is much more difficult to get under your feet from the RL. Find a room with a box (or tractor driver) in the middle and practice. The double-barreled shotgun is especially good in this matter, even if you can’t aim properly, the effect is still excellent. Try to run varied, avoid patterns. And not just as soon as they collided, so immediately to the right and darted. A normal person, counting on the reaction of an ordinary cretin, immediately goes there (to his left) with a lead to the floor and hits. Rush chaotically, dance briskly, show spontaneity like an old Zen master who himself never knows when and where he will run. If a one-on-one fight is vital, otherwise a smart enemy will adapt to your style and bring you down over and over again. Avoid using the railgun in such situations, it is very difficult to get out of it in such a mess. If your opponent uses it, since everyone wants to shoot at maximum speed, get into the rhythm of his shooting and change the direction of the strafe before he shoots, and while reloading, attack and attack. From his shot you think to yourself ‘one, and-and-and …’ – and you bounce just before his shot. get into the rhythm of his shooting and change the direction of the strafe before he shoots, and while reloading, attack and attack. From his shot you think to yourself ‘one, and-and-and …’ – and you bounce just before his shot. get into the rhythm of his shooting and change the direction of the strafe before he shoots, and while reloading, attack and attack. From his shot you think to yourself ‘one, and-and-and …’ – and you bounce just before his shot.

‘Always combine running with strafing, so you run faster and jump further. Strafe along the wall – it won’t work anymore, they canceled it. Knowing the location of the premises, run backwards shooting back. Those who do not know how to do this are constantly killed by shots in the back of the head. Constantly look around when turning, if someone is attached behind, but look, do not thunder into the lava. This maneuver is good before diving into the corridor, luring the pursuer to fire a couple of blaster shots. And in the corridor, instantly switch and meet the guy with a good doublet.’

Cadet Kaban took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and handed it to the instructor:

‘Light up, sir!’

‘A wild boar, as one rather smart person said, a cigarette is a fickford cord: on the one hand – a light, on the other – a fool. You know that one drop of nicotine kills a horse, and a hamster is generally torn to pieces! So smoke for now yourself, and if you kill the elder one more time, you will go with Fluffy to the above address. Available?’

‘Yes, sir…’

‘Let’s continue. As for jumping. Unfortunately, many stupid arcade players jump better than the old quakers. And you have to jump right. Especially in oncoming fights, when they hit under the feet from RL. Either you take less damage from the blast radius, or it will knock you out of the way, knocking off the attacker’s aim and allowing you to attack him from above and from the side. Again, during the ‘dance of death’ it is necessary to keep a ragged rhythm (for which it is not bad to squat after the jump), otherwise you will fall on the grenade all the time. If the enemy is aiming at the belly with a double-barreled shotgun, at an average distance you can jump away from the shot. In moments of calm, do not make jumps unless absolutely necessary, they are very far away and well audible. Of course, no, no, yes, and there will be some cretin who will shout: ‘Why are you jumping all the time?! Stay calm, like a man!’

‘You can still use rocket and grenade jump, there are almost no differences. The physics in Quake 2 has been improved, now you can’t really steer in different directions in the air, so you need to jump more accurately. And since there are not enough rockets and first-aid kits, you won’t jump much. But there was an opportunity BFG-jump’a. With it, you jump almost twice as high, but you also get about twice as much damage. Where to jump with it – see for yourself, I personally use it only with large crowds of people, so that it would be interesting for others to see, and the detonation effect did not disappear in vain. Otherwise, it’s a waste of cells, armor and health. All types of rocket jump are directly affected by which hand you have a weapon in: if in the right hand, it will slightly blow to the left and vice versa. Please note that rocket jump does not work very well on the slopes. In addition, there are exploding barrels on the levels, with the help of undermining which you can jump higher, but this is for fans. As long as you push it, while you put it, you climb in – they will kill you a hundred times. Questions?’

‘Sir, how to squat correctly?’ asked Sanek.

‘Squatting is a duker thing (read – idiotic) and not prestigious. Yes, and useless. Often in Moscow you will hear the cries of [DDT]-InfiDel’ya ‘Hello, tree!’. The head blows off, but the legs remain sitting. Although you can run through the door to sit down right around the corner … and die with a clear conscience, sitting and not jerking. A crouched person can easily jump on his head and calmly shoot him, it will be difficult to shake you off. If you are crouched, then the enemy can do the same for the fidelity of the sight. Now is the time to jump up, run, jump over him and hit him from behind. It’s good to run up close to the stupid ones, crouch down and shoot from the double-barreled shotgun from below. Nice job, it won’t seem like much. By the way, the most elementary tricks work with them. For example, I heard his approaching steps – sit down. An inexperienced fighter simply does not recognize you, and you will shoot first.’

‘How do you use the vertical ladders, sir? asked the Wrecker.

‘In no case do not crawl up the stairs with the + moveup button – only face up and + forward. You can’t turn more than 90 degrees on the stairs, you fall right away, so you won’t see anyone around, giving them the opportunity to accurately aim and shoot you. If you climb up and they start shooting at you, turn around, jump down, grab on again, it’s harder to hit. If someone as smart climbs from below behind you, you can back up, fly down and catch on to him again, after which you should hit him in the ass. It’s not bad to ambush at the top exit from the stairs, the probability of getting a fat frag is almost one hundred percent. Be careful with ordinary stairs: either go down them slowly or strafe, so there is less noise.’

‘How do you jump from a height?’

‘Best in the water, but not in a deep place. Because it takes a long time to swim out of the deep, and the damage to health remains the same at any depth. Before hitting the water, do not forget to press the jump, mask the sounds. No water – aim for a gentle slope, the smaller the slope – the more painful.’

‘What’s new underwater?’

‘What’s new underwater is that now the water is clear and you can be clearly seen from the shore. Therefore, it is better to avoid swimming. In addition, the movement there is slow and therefore difficult to maneuver. Accordingly, you need to choose a tool. Refuse the bazooka immediately, it is ineffective under water. And if you shoot, then adjust the lead. Our choice: machine gun. Since the maneuver is difficult, the defeat occurs instantly and the distance does not play a role, there is nothing better than a machine gun under water. Number two is the railgun. If the scope is good, then underwater it is very good. At a short distance, the hyperblaster is quite good. And, of course, double-barrelled. This one is good everywhere you go. And for completeness of sensations, you can enter cl_blend 0, this will make the water more transparent. So, do you have any more questions? No questions. Fierce, let’s talk about the group – Quake.’

The veteran stretched, carefully examined the hushed fighters and spoke:

‘As a rule, all worthy fighters unite into Clans and fight against other Clans, however, one can often observe fights of the ‘all against all’ type. Few people think about this, but even here there are tricks, strategies and tactics.’

‘Learn the level. Don’t go where you don’t know anything, they will beat you constantly and generally eat you alive. You have no pleasure, but joy and honor to the enemies.

‘You should immediately understand that the battle is based on the number of frags, and build your tactics based on this. Do not confuse warm with soft: in no case should you duel and chase a certain opponent. On the contrary, we immediately identify weaklings and concentrate only on them. Any attempt at personal showdowns leads to defeat, so it’s better to have a tit in the hands than a duck under the bed. Then you will sort it out one on one, and now it’s time for mass overkill.

‘We start the battle with a complete set of weapons and armor. No need to try to shoot everyone with a pump, you will only draw attention to yourself and ruin the score. Remember that you can constantly collect any armor, even the younger one after the older one. Match the route with the time of its appearance, we select all. It is impossible to keep track of weapons, you just have to try to take what is more powerful. But for ammunition, since there are few of them, it is necessary to look after.

‘Each of you remembers the Combat Charter, which states that the one who occupies the dominant height has the advantage in battle. Climb higher, make a nest in a trump spot and sniper. At the same time, sitting on the top, do not forget to keep all-round defense, because since you climbed there, then someone else can (and wants) to climb. So, when he gets in there, he sees you standing at the edge and looking down. He comes up, puts two barrels to the back of your skull and calmly lets you go. So do not lose vigilance, look around. The same is true below, when you notice a sniper and start to smoke him out with grenade and rocket fire. Constantly look around, there are even more people running downstairs, and while you are staring up, you will constantly be thrown down between times by those running past on their own business. Better think

‘Listen carefully for nearby fights and run there. Even if one nailed the other, then he himself is weakened, so it’s time to bring the matter to its logical conclusion. As you remember, in this case, you must initially concentrate on a strong fighter, we finish the weak one with the second.

‘We move only by running; in this type of battle, sound masking can be ignored. Hone the technique of running backwards, someone will constantly chase after you, you must be able to deal with it.

‘And the closest attention is to the quad. We clearly follow the time and arrive at the place of its deployment 10 seconds before the appearance, in order to have the opportunity and time to shoot the rivals waiting for it and calmly take it ourselves. The same goes for armor. And when we take it, we immediately head to the places of maximum concentration of fighters, to where the bulk of them run, accompanying the run with total annihilation. We lay the route along the places of selection of armor, weapons and ammunition, but each time we introduce variety without becoming predictable. And we run back again 10 seconds before the appearance of the quad. Given the size of current deathmatch levels, this is not difficult to achieve.

‘Do not forget about Megahealth, we try to take constantly. I am generally silent about the armor shield, you should always have it. Watch your batteries.

‘So, about ‘all against all’ that’s all for now. Let’s talk about teams.

‘Having united in Clans with the same Clans, they fight, practicing interaction and team spirit. The case is good, and also has its own subtleties. I think it’s better to fight with teams in Capture the Flag or Team Fortress, it makes much more sense there, but for those who like it just like that, I’ll still explain something.

‘In the days of the first Quake, the fights were usually four on four, there was not enough room for more. Now the levels have become much larger, so you can fight ten by ten without any problems, if you are willing.

‘The goblin has already talked about the available three models of fighters: a man, a woman and a cyborg. They are perfect for team competitions, here you can’t confuse someone else with your own. Among the skins there are both light and dark ones (such as Sniper & Viper), allowing fans to keep quiet in the corners. All of them can be easily recolored to your taste in any graphics editor. I would recommend introducing coloring within the team for a clearer distribution of roles and identification. For example, the reds are guarding the beasts, and the greens are guarding the grenade launcher. If you meet a red at the other end of the level without a beast, then something is wrong in his position, help is needed. Color can be tied to your state. Let’s say if you were killed and you just appeared, this binding will help:’

bind “say_team New & without weapon!; skin sniper”

‘That way, everyone will figure out that you just hatched and warm up with a weapon. Packed up, change color and start shooting enemies.

‘About sharing. Everything is like Capture the Flag, with the only difference that now you can accumulate several pieces of different types of weapons and you will turn into a walking arsenal. So by giving a couple – three hyperblasters to your comrades, you won’t lose anything. This is especially helpful in cases where part of the team has died and it is necessary to quickly arm everyone for a retaliatory raid on the rear. It is done like this:’

bind “invdrop”

‘We select a weapon in the inventory and throw it away by pressing a button, after which all that remains is to strengthen the armor and you can safely proceed to genocide. By the way, if stayweapon is installed, then standing on a weapon, you can immediately drop a whole bunch of it and stock up on ammunition.

‘To communicate with comrades, we use the good old messagemode 2, making a binding:’

bind “messagemode 2”

‘By clicking on it, we get the opportunity to communicate only within the team, but it’s better to sit in the same room and talk calmly.

‘The previously mentioned ‘waves’ also help in this matter. Look, each of them can be taken as corresponding to some message. And indicating the direction (point) speaks for itself.

‘Team tactics implies control over the places where artifacts and weapons appear, where a meeting of the enemy is organized according to all the laws of Quake – hospitality. By the way, if you are offered to play without BFG, laugh loudly in the face of the llama – if the glass is poured, you need to drink it – if the gun is laid down, you need to gasp out of it. Yes, so that with shouts of ‘BFG Lamerz Gun!’ cheap scumbags ran to cry to mommy. But the main emphasis is on the quad, armor and power shield, we don’t release it from tenacious paws at all. Don’t forget about respawn spots, destroying the enemy already at the start. Fighters with strong armor must constantly replace the weakened at the forefront for their retreat to the rear and fortification. It is best to keep in battle in twos, covering each other. And in no case turn the fight into an ordinary ‘all against all’, rolling on the floor in a shaggy squealing ball,

‘Here, I have, in fact, everything. When we start training, I will show everything with live examples.’

‘Well,’ said the Goblin, ‘there was a one-on-one battle tactic. My explanations assume a thorough knowledge of the Deathmatch Quake course, which you can find in the second issue of the ‘Navigator’ for this year or in a more complete presentation right there, on quake.spb.ru. Therefore, I will not explain the well-known provisions.

‘So duel. Only a one-on-one fight allows you to find out who is good for what and what he is. The question is, of course, debatable. In my opinion, running around the levels in a pack is also of interest, but this is not quite right and does not give an accurate idea of ​​the qualifications of a fighter.

‘The basis for the successful implementation of combat operations is movement. Just run!

‘Rule #1, known to everyone from early childhood: be the first to reach the table and grab the spoon. So first things first, we pack decent weapons and armor, trying to de-armour the enemy. Particular attention – power shield and batteries. If you have it (shield) turned on, then the total strength of the armor increases to about 400 (four hundred, yes, yes!) units, which is why I rest on it. Being so tightly equipped, it is not difficult to destroy the enemy, he will constantly feel like a sheep in a meat processing plant. It is now difficult to deprive him of the opportunity to take a good weapon, so only wait for him with something powerful like a railgun or a hyperblaster, and when he comes running – urine. In short: run around the level like a locust and drag everything that is not nailed to the floor.

‘From the defeated enemy, now only the weapon that was in his hands falls out, and not the backpack, but you take it too. It’s a pity you can’t take off the boots from the carcass, you come across good ones …

‘If you agreed to take a quad, don’t let it fall into enemy clutches, control the time and place of appearance. The same goes for other artifacts. If you take a skull, then match its grip with the quads: four quads – one skull.

‘And, of course, listen carefully. As you know, scouts are of two types: attentive and dead. In a duel, sound is everything. Listen to yourself, mislead him. Keep a close eye on where and how much ammo he got.

‘Train on bots, while focusing on reaction and accuracy. Work on shooting, it is useless to cheat with them, they are not made for that.

‘And most importantly – think! The winner is always the one who has more convolutions, who has them denser and cut deeper. The one who has only one gyrus, rapidly passing into the rectum, is always the loser. Don’t try to compensate for stupidity with dexterity, it won’t work anyway. Think!

‘Well, that’s all I have for now. Let’s continue on simulators in a specific setting.

And the last… Meet Thresh – don’t touch him… HE IS MINE!!! Sergeant, lead the platoon to the training building.’

‘Become! Equal! Smir-rna-a! From the spot, with the song! Right shoulder forward! Step by step – MARSH!!’

There was a sharp blow of thirty boots on concrete and the platoon together, like one person, turned around and went towards the educational building. The platoon walked along the parade ground, and the soldiers yelled so that the veins on their asses swelled. A brutal cry, it is not clear why in all armies it is called a song, flew over the crater:

Quake me tender, Quake me sweet.
You’ll soon look like fresh cuts of meat.
Quake me nasty, Quake me hard.
I’ll have twice the frags of yours, the tard.
Quake me viscious, Quake me slut.
I’ll shove this quad rocket straight up your butt.

© Senior Oper Goblin.”


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