Hellraisers: The Dnepropetrovsk Clan of Multiplayer Games — Photos from Tournaments with Our Faces… 2001, 2002

04.06.2k: Interview with cooKKie by Blade

Blade: Hey! Tell us a little about yourself: who are you in real life, what is your name, how old are you, where do you study/work.
cooKKie: My name is Alex Kurikh, I study journalism at IMPE, I work in the nip.Formoza team.

Blade: How long have you been playing quake?
cooKKie: Ever since deathmatch test.

Blade: How many champs did you manage to win?
cooKKie: Ten first places, it’s lazy to count second and third.

Blade: OK. In the nip.Formoza team, do you only perform the duties of a coordinator or are you still playing?
cooKKie: Coordinator only. I’ve been tired of playing for a long time. :)

Blade: I think many people are wondering what happened to DDT. Where did Infidel and Crusader go?
cooKKie: DDT is alive and well, Crusader is not in trouble either. By the way, ddt.formoza.ru – plz visit us :)

Blade: How much longer do you plan to play quake?
cooKKie: As long as they pay, I have a professional approach.

Blade: What computer configuration do you play on?
cooKKie: Yes, on any, I don’t have a computer at home (there were 4 pieces, we drank them the summer before last), so I play on those in clubs. the main thing is that fps should be more than 90.

Blade: And how often do you practice quake?
cooKKie: Very rarely, never. Work, study, wife… and the soul asks for a drink, smoke :)

Blade: What do you think about promode?
cooKKie: ProMode is just re-no-no. the q3 standard infuriates me wildly, but I respect ProMode. It is very dynamic, you cannot squeeze so much drive and adrenaline out of the standard.

Blade: What do you like the most: duel, team, ffa?
cooKKie: team only.

Blade: Who do you think is the best duelist in Moscow?
cooKKie: ps, of course. As, however, and Russia.

Blade: What is your opinion about the FCSU team and about the creation of the Computer Sports Federation of Ukraine in general.
cooKKie: Hmm, as I understand it, the kwak movement is not so widespread in Ukraine at all … that is. everything is in an even more embryonic state than ours … in principle, the idea is of course a good one. the main thing is not to be thrown halfway.

Blade: Do you think there is any chance for the FCSU-1 team to ever achieve real success at papal championships like PACC?
cooKKie: Hardly, their sponsors don’t have the right approach. A man plays as well as he is well paid.

Blade: Did you have a desire to go to the QuadAren?
cooKKie: No, not really. I had no time so I would have gone to see it.

Blade: The best Ukrainian/Russian site about quake.
cooKKie: goblin.dtf.ru . And in Ukraine, perhaps,www.siedemon.com .

Blade: OK. That’s all! Thanks for the interview. Bye.
cooKKie: by chance

1.08.01-31.08.01: 30 days in the life of [HR]-Blade

24.11.01: Back 2 the Future: TP 2×2 in three nominations (q1, q2, q3)

11.18.2k-20.11.2k: CyberWorld CS 4on4 for the Dnepropetrovsk PACC cup


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