Hall of Skins and Words 4 All of You Quakers, by EvIsCerAToR aka Shamblerz — 1999


My words for all of you Quakers, by Eviscerator

There are too many of over-zealous and quick-tempered quakers.. maybe you. Strapping yourselves on computer.. armed with grenade rocket. A eerie music and evil presence sents chills up your spine, making you a trigger-itching bastard. Wasting your valuable ammo at anything that twitches. The sound of a player’s painful cry scared you. Immediality you turn around to see who’s behind you, thinking someone’s after you or some specator following your ass. “Ah, damn.. you’re being paranoid” reliefed, you turned back and resumed your course, eventhough you don’t know what to do next.. Few seconds later you heard heavy breathing around the corner.. You run down the corridor and turned left, shooting grenades everywhere, nothing seemed to move.. nothing.. The last grenade thumps on the floor several times and explodes, throwing some lights on the wall. You quickly see someone hiding behind the corner wearing bright red suit, being a chickenshit.

Sound of grenade popping echoes the empty corridors as other players nearby hears it scaring the hiding enemy and caused him try to evade your attacks. Quickly you switched to rocket launcher and hoping to stick it up his ass. While Mr. Soon-to-be-gibbed making run for it, the low-level light inferened your visual level, making it difficult for you to see anyone in this pit-black maze. Pulling the trigger once, watching the artillery aheads to the enemy, the cast of rocket’s lights reflects the corridors of darkness. Giving you a clearer visual.. Next thing you hear is the player’s moan and rocket exploding inside enemy’s body, sending flesh and guts splattering all over the kill site. Blasted a no-namer’s ass. The smell of burn flesh and cloth. A brand new backpack just lays there.. It seems to be slightly empty, as you scaper quickly through it and you expecting to get rocket launcher, grenade ammo, leaving you figuring out that no-namer just respawned and you gibbed that poor ass for a frag and few box of shotgun ammo.

Shame on you! Giving him no chance to pick up a trusty double barred shotgun or stronger. Your mind wanders off while raiding backpack, the sound of rocket launcher booming by you and hitting the bricked wall, as you start to breath heavily and your vital system works harder… Quickly you turn 180* and a barrel of rocket launcher in your face. A giblet splattered ragged guy with stench of sweat and onion smell coming out of his armpit.. front of you grinning.. As the suit color of your death dealer from hell catches your eyes.. Making you realize that you just have shot his teammate.. And he’s going to avenge his team-mate’s violent death. Good luck… while I’m saying “Good luck”, the next thing you see is your face on dirt, watching a winner grabbing your backpack and running over you like you’re nothing but bunch of giblets.

You utter out “Goddamned motherfucker! I’m going to get that fucking asshole!” in anger.. picking up a monitor and smashing it on your wife/mom, etc’s precious carpet/tile.. leaving a dent on it. Making you remember the lucky bastard who last fragged your bruised ass. It left you realizing that you have destroyed a monitor.. you couldn’t play Quake/Quake2 anymore and wont get a chance to punch that guy’s face. Like I said, relax! It’s only a game! Don’t take the game too seriously. Use your sense of humor. That game is made for fun, not for seriousness. Quake community present.. sucks. Myself I love classic Quake, now it’s llama and losers infested. Bunch of idiots using bots, filling up chat space as so-called AOL hackers do. Calling everyone campers, and saying “you suck!”.. If you said that, you are quite the opposite.. you suck and I would love to beat your ass for being an ass. Now, when you’re done reading this, don’t be an fuckin’ asshole.. go out play FOR FUN, got questions, don’t be afraid to ask me or any other experienced quakers out there…

I remember one time when I just entered the game and met a guy named ECKNewbie and had no idea what to do during the game, I guided Newbie around the map. ECKNewbie and I repeatly getting gibbed from other guys in heavy battle, explaining the purpose of weapons, armor, runes, and etc. The guys playing knew that the ECKNewbie’s new at the game, although when I was showing around the place, etc, I unexpectly got disconnected, and spend 2 minutes trying to get connected. Then I made it into and saw the chat area of a guy named something like the format- “[Q-NuKie]” calling Newbie “Bitch-Ass Camper”. ECKNewbie didn’t camp, he was “running” around real slowly (he didnt put “RUN” mode on all time, he didn’t know about it). I slammed at the guy by gibbing him and asked him to define camper and bad mouthed him. How can the hell you call someone “camper” if the guy were “walking”. Few hours later, the ECKNewbie started to get real good and kicked the asshole’s ass. I noticed that everyone at the game ended up hating “[Q-NuKie]“. So be careful what you say to the people, they probably can bruise your sorry ass. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Good luck!



—– HaLL oF SkInZ —–

Welcome to the skin gallery. I always wanted to make my own skins but I haven’t got time because I’m goin’ to college, working and shit like that. (Going college’s good, you can learn alot from ’em)These skins are NOT made by me. Give credits to someone who made them. More skins coming soon (searching for good ones).


Post-up Page

Got a picture(s) you wanna share, sent me them and I’ll be glad to put them up right here. NO “DUKE NUKEM RULES” pictures accepted, face it. He’s a fucking loser!


Out for Lunch


New Images

This page’s new. I’m going to put new images here. Then the old ones will be replaced by putting them in other designated pages. This pictures is taken from Brain Dead’s Art Gallery at Quakeworld. Please let the images load, due to heavy graphics on this page!


Bosses Page

Viewing this may SPOIL the surprise, so take your risk. I have recently added CHTLON screenshots! Hope this may be helpful to some of you guys who can’t figure out how to kick their asses.


Quake News


Northern Command

Northern Command Unit was first set up in order to invade and reclaim King Petersen’s terrorites which used to be ours and belonged to United States of America. After WWIII, everything was destroyed, Governments and Policitians, even President were assissimilated by local rebels and terrorists who’s running against them. George Petersen who’s former Governor of Georgia state, who has been impeached for accepting bribery and many other charges, decided to take control of America using old monarchy system and named himself “King Petersen” had his own army emerged from Atlanta, Georgia. Thirsting for power and money, therefore he got what he wanted, and have ruled 63% area of our country for 28 years. 3 years ago, Northern Command started out real small as Houston, Texas resident named Mike Malina raged for few days after one of the King’s army shot down his 16 years old daughter for a loaf of bread and pail of bacteria containted water, decided to deciade his freedom and life by capturing the King and have him suffer for the consequences he have done to fellow Americans. Mike Malina got himself a clan of 56 rebels and grew to 217,090 people after 1 1/2 years nationwide and decided to start a Army and named it “Northern Command” (No Branch, later named as Branch 1) after his daughter’s favorite book title. Northern Command is still growing rapidly and much stronger. Rebels and normal civilians starting to fight back as we put the faith in them, eventhough they’re not part of Northern Command. Fighting against King’s armies after they kicked down the civilans’ door without warning, searching for money and food for King himself and shot them in the heads, for apparently NO reason. We Northern Command Army Units and Northern Command Branch 7 will fight to protect our country, Reformed United States of America and from King’s tyranny and greedness. Last week, Branch 2 of Northern Command Army which is “called” ‘Fierocous Angels’ fought and destroy King Petersen’s Army. Reclaiming Wisconsin State, and decided to have Fort McCoy as Branch 7 base which is resting near over-populated areas. Giving us a oppournity to get Anti-monarchist civilians who still have hope in their freedom to apply and fight with us. That’s when we (this clan) first started, come join us and fight the King’s tyrannical powers and keep our freedom alive and strong!


id Software’s Hall of Craze!!

The pictures were taken at Final Showdown Arena with Strogg in Quake2 by me. This is quite interesting. More likely a reward for kicking Strogg’s ass.


Ironing the Hair!?

In an attempt to revolt against the complexity of such styles as the bouffant hairdo, Northeastern girls began ironing their hair in an attempt to make it as straight and natural as possible. In order to get this look, young girls would simply lie their head on an ironing board while a strusted friend would iron the hair in one inch sections, the process taking up to an hour. The girls had to be careful, however, not to iron the hair for too long of a peroid of time as that could leave burn marks in the hair or could make the hair too dry or brittle. Yup, that’s true story.

A lesbian Barbie from Mattel. No shit.. I ain’t shitting on you. They sold this product for awhile, then they pulled the plug cuz the term “lesbian” is too explict and inapproperate during some 70s to 80s..

A pucker up Barbie. Mattel could make anything, from anorexic Barbie to too overweight Barbie.

Legend has it that the tradition of Panty Raid began on night of March 21, 1952 at University of Michigan, when about 600 male students stormed into women’s dormitory confiscating their lingerie. Soon male college students across the country began to participate in this custom. After achieving their goal, the raiders would parade around the entrance of the dorm boastfully holding up the “stolen goods”. Some students went to extremes to accomplish their mission. One group, from the University of Miami, actually tore down a large wire fence to access the women dormitory. It was not uncommon for women to exact their revenge. Five-hundred women from the University of Michigan snuck into the men’s dormitory and stole the boxers and “tighty whities” of their enemy. Soon after, the men of Georgetown University were invaded by a hoard of young women in search of underwear. Although the panty raids were seemingly harmless, some more serious students felt it disrupted their studies. Other felt that their privacy had been invaded, and the police were called in on several accounts. Despite complaints, panty raids continued on throughout the 1950s. The practice finally seemed to die out within 1960s. It has been speculated that panty raids lost their thrill with the onset of the sexual revolution.

In the spring of 1974, on the sunny college campuses of Florida and Southern California, the fad of streaking began. Some did it to cure boredom, while others claimed it was an expression of personal liberation. Whatever the reasoning, streaking became a part of everyday campus life and eventually spread to other public arenas. Some did it as a political protest. One young man darted through the state legislative chamber of Hawaii proclaiming him himself, “the Streaker of the House.” Another exhibitionist streaked for the impeachment of President Nixon in Washington D.C. Those who did it purely for fun tried more creative methods of streaking. Streakers biked across campus at the University of South Carolina, and at the University of Georgia, streakers parachuted out of airplanes. Although attempts to shock others by running naked in public area continued after that spring, it had become so common that most took no notice. Soon, streaking, like most college spring fads, came to end at the close of the school year. Sounds fun??!!

Sing a along with me, childrens of Satan,

I hate you son of bitches,

You hate me,

Why won’t you sign a along with me?,

We’re not a happy family,

With a great big slap on face and belt whipping from me to you,

Won’t you say I’m sorry?

Too late, few more slaps and whips from me to you,

Slap, Smack, (sobbing)

We’re done, aren’t we?


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