Il Terremoto Ritorna: Quake II reviewed by Giochi per il mio computer, Italy, January 1998

"Il terremoto ritorna." Courtesy of Review of Quake II, Giochi per il mio computer, January 1998


The Art of Quake 2, by Paul Steed

As in nearly all aspects of the company, the art department at id Software runs on pure synergy. That is, no real distinct lines of responsibility exist among the three artists because they work together so well as a team. The strength of the three-man art department at id comes from experience, hard work, and talent. Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud, and Paul Steed created the art for QUAKE 2 (and the upcoming mission pack), and this article reveals how it all came together.

Q2CTF Map: Deep Below by Douglas Lundholm

Q2CTF Map: Deep Below by Douglas Lundholm 1998-04-17 Title : Deep Below File Name : deep.bsp Author : Douglas Lundholm Email Address : Description : A Q2CTF level deep below the surface of Stroggos. There is a large cylinder in the middle of the map, that separates the higher red area from the lower blue area. …

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