Soldiers of the Quake Empire — Klingon Skins for Quake II, by Kevin A. Geiselman aka Commander Kordite

“The Klingon Skins for Quake II were made using Paint Shop Pro, NST Model Viewer and, occasionally, a scanner. Warriors of the Empire are encouraged to use these skins in Deathmatches. Feel free to switch heads for your own personality but, as a courtesy, don’t change the bodies too much. And don’t forget to tell ’em where you got ’em. In the future (hopefully) look for skins for Klingon Honor Guard, Feddie skins (ie, targets) and Klingon Deathmatch levels for Quake II. Boarding parties to the transporter room!”

Classic Male Uniform [TOS]

The simple but distinctive uniform worn in the Original Series.

Classic Female Uniform [TOS]

The style worn by Mara in “Day of the Dove.”

Imperial Female Uniform [TNG]

The somewhat standard female uniform presenting inhuman amounts of cleavage as worn by Lursa in “Generations.” (Actually, there was a skirt, but the model doesn’t allow for that.)

Imperial Male Uniform [ST5]

A variation of the standard uniform with an open neckline and no sleeves as worn by Klaa in “The Final Frontier”. (Too bad I couldn’t do his wild hair.)

Female Exercise Clothing

Worn by K’Ehleyr in “Emissary,” the file also has versions in blue, green and gold.

Governor Kor

He even has the same smirk from “Errand of Mercy.”

Imperial Male Uniform [TNG]

The typical Imperial uniform from the movies and Next Generation.

Imperial Female Uniform [TNG]

Lursa’s sister, B’Etor wore a similar uniform with a necessary breastplate, otherwise she would truly live up to the Duras sister’s nickname of “The Fallout Twins.”

Imperial Female Uniform [ST5]

A variation of the standard uniform without sleeves and a slightly less epic cleavage as worn by Vixis in “The Final Frontier.”

General Chang

With the eye patch bolted to his face and the distinctive bald ridges from “The Undiscovered Country.”

Federation Officers

This pack of skins includes male and female uniforms in Deep Space Nine and Next Generation styles. Eight skins in all. Pass them out to your opponents so you can make those Feddies suffer.

Imperial Xena Legion Uniform

Klag created the Imperial Xeno Legion to include non-Klingons in the Klingon Assault Group. We thought he said the Imperial XENA Legion so we all got new uniforms. The zip file also has a Xena without the Klingon ridges.

The Red Skull

Sure, it’s not a Klingon, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give Captain America’s arch nemesis cool looking power armor.

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