Quake II Magazine Archive: Off-Topic — Klingon: Honour Guard

"Set your phasers to 'Oh shit!', here comes Klingon Honour Guard. Some people have said that PC Zone writer Steve Hill looks a bit like a Klingon. As a result, he hates Star Trek; but he can't get enough of MicroProse's new first-person shooter."

Soldiers of the Quake Empire — Klingon Skins for Quake II, by Kevin A. Geiselman aka Commander Kordite

"The Klingon Skins for Quake II were made using Paint Shop Pro, NST Model Viewer and, occasionally, a scanner. Warriors of the Empire are encouraged to use these skins in Deathmatches. Feel free to switch heads for your own personality but, as a courtesy, don't change the bodies too much. And don't forget to tell 'em where you got 'em. In the future (hopefully) look for skins for Klingon Honor Guard, Feddie skins (ie, targets) and Klingon Deathmatch levels for Quake II. Boarding parties to the transporter room!"