QuakeCon BYOC 2019: Quake II Duel Tournament

QuakeCon 2019: Quake II duel tournament final results, and featuring two matches that I filmed inside the QuakeCon 2019 BYOC: Flame versus Vea, and Dead Beat versus Rix, with highlights, and a blast from the past with the Brothers of Tru Fragging.

Nice guy is in a bloody business, by Colin Covert

"It's always the quiet ones. Tim Willits is a nice, bright, clean-cut 20-year-old. He lives in his parents' St. Paul home and cleans his room when Mom tells him to. He's a University of Minnesota senior, with a double major in business and computer science, and an officer in the ROTC. He has a part-time job at the University Relations News Office, where he's so well regarded that he has the honor of wearing the Goldy Gopher costume and serving as the school's representative at nonsports functions."