The muffinmans Photo Bucket — Quake Projects, by Dan themuffinman Da Costa

“Featuring Quake 2 maps by themuffinman — Furious Heights, Campgrounds Q2, and Blood Run Q2. On the Edge, Alpha and Beta. Q2PSX. Q2X. Quake 2 XP. Quake II PSX Port. Spiral Staircase Tutorial. Team Arena in Quake Live. The Edge Q2DM1 remastered for Quake Live. TheMuffinMan player model. Xmas Silent Night in Team Arena.

All images are courtesy of Dan TheMuffinMan Da Costa:

Blood Run Q2, by themuffinman

Campgrounds Q2, by themuffinman

Furious Heights Q2, by themuffinman

GTK Patches 1

ioquake3 glitches



MSG Comp 3

Next QL Map Additions

On the Edge — Alpha VI

On the Edge — BETA v1

Q2PSX — Beta 1A

Q2PSX — Preview



Q4 — Q3 Map Conversions


QL Fails

QL HUD in Team Arena

QL Map Glitch

Quake 2 XP

Quake II PSX Port


Radiant — Staircase Construction

Spiral Staircase Tutorial

TA in QL

Team Arena gametypes in Quake Live

The Campgrounds Q2

The Edge — Beginning of Stage 3

The Edge — Stage 2

The Edge — Stage 3

TheMuffinMan Player Model

XMAS Silent Night in TA

All images are courtesy of Dan TheMuffinMan Da Costa:

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