The muffinmans Photo Bucket — Quake Projects, by Dan themuffinman Da Costa

"Featuring Quake 2 maps by themuffinman — Furious Heights, Campgrounds Q2, and Blood Run Q2. On the Edge, Alpha and Beta. Q2PSX. Q2X. Quake 2 XP. Quake II PSX Port. Spiral Staircase Tutorial. Team Arena in Quake Live. The Edge Q2DM1 remastered for Quake Live. TheMuffinMan player model. Xmas Silent Night in Team Arena.

Quake Scene Japan — . – ] Quake Clan 1999 [ – . Skins for Q2 and Q3A

"Very simple, but here is the Policy from [1999] . Of course, we're not just enjoying it, but also aiming to be a team whose name [1999] is widely known as one of the powerful clan. [1999] also emphasizes mutual understanding among team members. Each person has their own way of thinking and playing style, but I think that being a gentleman is the absolute requirement for members. The enlistment will be decided with the support of all the members including myself ( Die4U ). Even if you want to join the troops, for a while you will see what kind of person you are. Of course, I think it's better for you as a teammate to get along and play for a long time if you understand what kind of personality each member has. As mentioned above, [1999] does not necessarily welcome all applicants to join the group immediately. Even after joining the army, you may be asked to leave at my discretion in some cases, so please fully understand this point. IRC Members (constant regular meeting) is every Friday 22:30 in the ' # clan_1999' We are from time. We also open irregularly except Friday, so please come and visit us. Of course, other clan members and free visitors are also welcome."

Digital Fusion: Internet Cyber Cafe, Toronto — The Canadian Cyber Championships 2000

"We are well under way to making Canadian History. In just a few weeks we will field the first ever Canadian National Desktop PC Gaming Team. We were too late for Sidney, but who knows what's in store for 2004? Anyhow, I am Daniel Awadalla aka [xeno]Ronin and together with Doug Sohn (owner of Digital Fusion) , we are pleased to present the First Annual Candian Cyber Championship, in cooperation with Battletop and World Cyber Games."