TastySpleen Forum: Quake 2 Remastered Screenshots — Q2 for Quake Live, by themuffinman aka Dr_C0RN, April 18, 2010

“Howdi folks! Haven’t been here for a while. Previously known as Dr_CORN, the name kind of started getting old after about 10 years and started looking for a weirder name to use! I’ve been creating a Q2 conversion planned to grab ID’s attention for Quake Live. It’s still far from being complete, and probably won’t be completed until late this year if not next year. Since you guys are all about Q2 it would be interesting to see the responses/ideas that I might be able to get from you. Here’s some screenshots of how things look at present.” -themuffinman

Custom Textures Imported Back into Quake 2

“I convert the Q2 textures to TGA, bump up the resolution to 400% and use them to plan the replacement textures. When I’m satisfied with the result, I usually blur out sections of the original to make the brightness and color a bit more similar to the original. The end result are textures that are faithful remakes of the originals, 4 times the size, 16 million colors (as opposed to 256 colors), sharper, more realistic and can take advantage of Q3’s shader engine. Here’s some before and after pics.” -themuffinman

Lighting Standard / Lighting Flat

“Thanks for the tip but if I got this correct, this works to your benefit as well as detriment. It does get rid of the really crappy orange ambience that I hate with a passion BUT it flattens out the lighting with an ambient white light instead. Looks somewhat reminiscent of software mode! It’s not quite a solution to the problem, remastering the maps with a good lighting modal would be the ultimate way to go and is what I plan to do eventually Anyway, here’s 2 screenshots of the 2 different settings that shows what I mean about flattened lighting. Note the light variance and shady areas in my settings…” -themuffinman

“Here’s the kind of graphics I plan to achieve in the long run (before and after pics). Note that the models are not mine, they’re from Generations Arena and are just an indication of how things might look eventually. If there’s a damn good programmer around who knows his stuff about id Tech 2 and 3 then I’d be interested in teaming together to make one hell of an improved Q2 experience with bump mapping, advanced UI, light blooms, bots, support for MD3, Q3 BSP’s etc., combined with the hi-res textures and remastered maps all integrated into one massive mod.” -themuffinman

“Reflex, your settings are decent for q2dm1 though. Here’s some shots.” -themuffinman

Link to the original TastySpleen Forum post by themuffinman: http://forum.tastyspleen.net/quake/index.php?topic=13093.0

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