Quake II Special Forces Clan — FreezeTag: Custom Maps, by QSF-Exorcism

"December 1, 2002 — Well, there are many updates that I need to bring to front. First of which I am proud to announce that Clan {QSF} is now 4 years old! This clan was founded on November 28th, 1998 by myself, {QSF}Exorcism. If you told me then that I would see this clan transform into something much more then a clan, and would still be around in four years, I would not have believed it. It has been four years, and we are as strong as ever, and we will continue to be around for many years to come."

OZQuake: Fraggin Australian Style…

The community is still strong in Australia. There are still some great servers around the country, including our own (, that have regular groups of players who hang out and have a frag or two.

Instagib seems to be the mod of the moment, a server side mod (no download needed, you just connect and play) with our own server, Alphalink (, Wireplay ( and EISA ( being the pick of the pack.

GX is still going strong, something about the skill and discipline of the game keeps people keen, and Alphalink ( is without doubt the bees knees for game-play.

Quake II LIVES!!

Vectrox: Freeze Frag for Quake 2

Vectrox: Freeze Frag for Quake 2 Vectrox Freeze Frag Quake2 Server Side Modification Title : Vectrox Freeze Frag Filename : VectroxFreezeFrag-v1.34beta-linux.tar.gz Version : v1.34 BETA Date : December 27, 1998 Author : Hill Robertson Email : viper@vectrox.com Web Page : http://www.vectrox.com/freezefrag Welcome to Vectrox Freeze Frag! Each level goes through a day/night cycle (added in …

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