Vectrox: Freeze Frag for Quake 2

Vectrox: Freeze Frag for Quake 2

Vectrox Freeze Frag Quake2 Server Side Modification

Title : Vectrox Freeze Frag

Filename : VectroxFreezeFrag-v1.34beta-linux.tar.gz

Version : v1.34 BETA

Date : December 27, 1998

Author : Hill Robertson

Email :

Web Page :

Welcome to Vectrox Freeze Frag!

Each level goes through a day/night cycle (added in version 1.15). The level starts off at normal lighting and gradually fades to night and back to day again. During the night, thunderstorms may roll in.

When it gets a bit dark to see, you can toggle FLARES on and off by binding a key to FLARE. Fire the grenade launcher or throw regular grenades to use the flares. Each one lasts a while before it explodes.

You now have the option of throwing BFG GRENADES. These grenades are heavier than normal grenades so they don’t travel as far when thrown. They act like a normal grenade until they explode. Once they explode, they ignite a slow moving BFG sphere. The large sphere slowly rises and fires lasers at all who pass near it until exploding on a surface above. These grenades cost 4 regular grenades. To use these grenades, bind a key to BFG_GRENADE to toggle them on and off. BFG grenades can only be hand-thrown.

Freeze rockets are used to freeze opponents at a distance. The freeze rockets are launched with the rocket launcher and use up 5 regular rockets. They travel a bit faster than regular rockets. When they explode, they do not do health damage, but they do freeze anyone within the freeze radius damage area. Players hit with a freeze rocket are frozen for one second less than the freeze gun. To use the freeze rockets, bind a key to FREEZE_ROCKET to toggle them on and off.

I converted the regular shotgun into a FREEZE GUN. When you shoot someone with it, they are frozen for a few seconds. It uses up 5 shells per shot. The shotgun only fires a single projectile and is not very accurate at long range. It’s a blast to freeze someone and then walk right in front of them (’cause they can see you but can’t do anything about it) and fire a rocket in their face to get a FREEZE FRAG.

Bind a key to LASERPOD to be able to mount a laser pod on a hard surface. You must be right up against the surface you are going to place the laser pod. The laser pods use up cells and may be destroyed with some weapons.

Most weapons have rapid fire enabled.

Each time you enter the game, you start off with full floating energy. Bind a key to FLOAT and just hit the key to toggle floating on and off (bind f FLOAT). You get full energy when you respawn or if you kill someone.

If you kill someone while they are frozen, you get a FREEZE FRAG. If you get a set number of freeze frags before you are killed, HUNT MODE is activated. During this mode you become “the hunted”. You will have a white shell around you to identify yourself as “the hunted” to the other players. Your heart will also begin to pound in fear. Be careful trying to hide, everyone can locate you by the sound of your heart pumping. You will not be able to use any weapons and all other players (hunters) are in FREE AMMO MODE in their attempt to destroy you! If you survive the HUNT MODE, all players are destroyed (including yourself), you get a frag for each player that was terminated (you can rack up a lot of frags quickly), and you earn a hunt point. If you reach the HUNT LIMIT with hunt points, you win the round and the level advances. If you are killed during the HUNT MODE, normal mode is resumed and all lives are spared. The FF on the scoreboard is how many consecutive freeze frags you have without dying.

The player (or players) with the highest score will be identified by a trail of sparks.

At random times during the game, the FREE AMMO mode will enable. During this time (usually last only a few seconds) you will not use up your current ammo no matter how much (or little) ammo you have.

A few changes have been made to the scoring to make the game a little more balanced. When you are killed, you lose a frag if your attacker has LESS frags than you do. If you are killed while using the QUAD DAMAGE, you lose 2 frags. If you kill someone that is using the QUAD DAMAGE, you get 4 frags.

If you kill someone while using the QUAD DAMAGE, you get 5 extra seconds of QUAD DAMAGE TIME.

Enjoy the fragging!!!

– Hill (ViPeR) Robertson

Freeze Frag News

Vectrox Freeze Frag v1.34 BETA is released for Linux and Windows.

The Quake2 Freeze Frag server is running fantastic now. I included the new q2 V3.20 code into the mod and the networking code is awesome now. The server has been up for a couple of day now without crashing. I’ve just got a few basic little additions I am going to make and then release the mod to the internet community (Linux and Windows) in a couple of weeks (unless I run into challenges along the way).

OK, I’m still working on several bugs with the Quake2 server mod. Go here for instructions and other info. I added a day/night lighting cycle which adds a very unique twist to the game. I also added flares to help see in the dark. I am adding lightening effects in the next version which will be put online tonight or tomorrow if all goes well.

Our Quake2 mod is getting extremely popular. I converted the regular shotgun into a FREEZE GUN. It takes extra shells, but freezes your enemy instantly for a few seconds giving you time to switch weapons and blow them away! I’m working on a few more goals of the game (freeze frags) and more. I’m going to change the hyperblaster in some way. Right now, it can cause an overflow (especially in the free ammo mode) due to the number of seperate entities it creates. I hope to be running a new server version by this weekend. If enough of the bugs are worked out, I will release the mod officially. Check out for more info.

Also, we’ve been working on a Quake 2 mod and have it running also (still in the test phase). Just go to it from GameSpy or put in your Quake2 server address list. We’re working on a page to explain the instructions, but for now all you need to know is that most weapons are rapid fire and you can bind a key to FLOAT to be able to fly around! Try it out! (You don’t need to download anything to play)

Now that the new Painkeep mods are starting to settle down, we are working on our Quake 2 server. We are playing with the code a bit and will be putting a new server online soon. Please don’t send e-mail asking us when it is done. When it is ready, we will put it online.

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