Quake II Special Forces Clan — FreezeTag: Custom Maps, by QSF-Exorcism

"December 1, 2002 — Well, there are many updates that I need to bring to front. First of which I am proud to announce that Clan {QSF} is now 4 years old! This clan was founded on November 28th, 1998 by myself, {QSF}Exorcism. If you told me then that I would see this clan transform into something much more then a clan, and would still be around in four years, I would not have believed it. It has been four years, and we are as strong as ever, and we will continue to be around for many years to come."

Vectrox: Freeze Frag for Quake 2

Vectrox: Freeze Frag for Quake 2 Vectrox Freeze Frag Quake2 Server Side Modification Title : Vectrox Freeze Frag Filename : VectroxFreezeFrag-v1.34beta-linux.tar.gz Version : v1.34 BETA Date : December 27, 1998 Author : Hill Robertson Email : viper@vectrox.com Web Page : http://www.vectrox.com/freezefrag Welcome to Vectrox Freeze Frag! Each level goes through a day/night cycle (added in …

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