Brian “EvilBastard” Collins’ House of Models

Hello, and Welcome to my model site. Here you will find the decisive collection of EvilBastard Models. Download to your heart’s content. Thank you, Brian “EvilBastard” Collins.


Ok, here is my first ever Quake model. I made it because I thought the original quake guy sucked, and that I could do much better… after finishing this model I have a new found respect for the original quake guy ;). This guy was an exercise in “Quake models are harder than they look.”


This is my second model, also for Quake 1. I hadn’t seen anyone try a female model (actually there weren’t many quake models at all at this point.), so I tried my hand at it. She came out fairly well, albeit a little mannish. Notice the “tomb raider craze” pony tail ;) what an innovator I am.

Winter’s Faerie

When Quake 2 came out it seems the quake modeling scene went nuts. Every one was making models and they were, for the most part, very high quality. But, again, no one was making any female models. Then I got an e-mail from Winter (thus the models name), suggesting I make a fairy. I liked the idea, and started in on it. She also had the idea for long hair, something that I probably never would have tried on my own. So I owe her a debt of gratitude for the inspiration behind this model. I should have spent more time animating her hair, but besides that, and a funky run cycle. I am very happy with her.


Keeping the the wing theme, I made this guy. It’s Angel from the X-men if you don’t recognize him. I haven’t got around to animating him yet, so he just kind stands there for now. If anyone is interested in animating him, your welcome to the model. Available upon request to those interested in animating him.

Powerball Guy

Here is the dude for the very cool Powerball mod. Any powerball fans out there might notice that I departed from the trademark “evil grin” that dates back to my original skins for the quake1 version of powerball. I had a grin on this guy at one point, but it turn out looking more silly than anything else.


Ok, he used to be a powerball guy, but now he is a free agent with a bad attitude. Yeah, so his skin mapping is shit and he has wings for no reason, that doesn’t make him a bad person. His ugly-ass grin does that all by itself.


In another vain attempt to out-do ID, I bring you Sydney. I started out using the Faerie model as a base, but ended up scraping it and starting from scratch. I hope to do other versions of her with different weapons, and also allow for Vwep support. I spent extra time working on the mapping coordinates, so they were just right for all you skinners out there. What a nice guy I am ;P

p.s. NO! she’s not supposed to be an evil Lara Croft!


After doing a few female models, I thought I would do a couple male models. Bauul is the first, and like the Cory model, will act as a base for my models yet to come. Actually, Bauul is based on the 2nd powerball guy, so I guess that makes him the base.


He’s a Kung-fu-shao-lin-anything-else-cool master, and he represents my first try at a normal proportioned guy. This was mostly an animation exercise for me, so the skin may be a little lacking.


Amber may look familiar, that’s because she is actually Sydney with a couple new skins, a new animation, and FULL vwep support! That’s right, she uses all the original id weapons. The BFG looks a little ridiculous, and some of the bigger weapons intersect her arm at points, but who can tell when you got a double barrel shotgun shoved in your face!

Devil Hunter Yohko!

The work i did on this model was mostly with her skirt, I tried (emphasis on the word ‘tried’) to get really life like movement on it. It’s a subtle bit of animation, and if done properly would have looked very nice. It’s going to be awhile before I try cloth again. have a look, and tell me what you think.

The Forgotten One

It took a while, but hopefully it was worth the wait for you. To answer everyone’s question right off the bat; Yes his wings stick outside the bounding box, but it’s not that bad.


Alita is ready for download. She has some pretty wild animations, so I hope you all like ’em. I especialy tried to make her ‘stand’ animation more interesting than the usual fare. I may have went to far though.


He’s ugly, he’s got a big mouth and he needs a little TLC. You up for it?


I have been promising Whiplash at clan DDZ this model longer than I can remember, now it’s finally done. There are some strange animations on this guy, I hope you enjoy it.


Finally done, not that anyone plays q2 anymore, but if you want a little trip down memory lane give him a spin!

ARM (half-life)

He is my first Halflife model… kinda boring, but then ya gotta start somewhere.

Punisher (half-life)

My Second Half-Life model. Just something I whipped up for fun. I’m a big punisher fan, so i thought it would be a cool model.

Drake (half-life)

This is the original skin for the punisher model. A little bland.

Michigan (half-life)

This is my experiment on how far you can push the proportions of the default HL skeleton.

Strike-Force Uganda (half-life)

Uganda is a Counter-Strike model to replaces your least favorite CT model ;). Just put it in the directory of the model you want to replace. delete the old .mdl file and rename this new one to the same name as the one you just deleted. A friend asked me the other day if there where any black models that i could recommend. I looked around, but all I came up with we a handful of pimp skins. I thought that was a little unfair, so I made one of my own.


7.10.00: Added Strike-Force Uganda to model page 3. Download now!

5.16.00: Help me! I have an interesting proposition for anyone working on a mod, in fact, anyone for that matter. I have been wanting to make a female model for half life for a long time now, but as some of you might know the default biped just isn’t built for female proportions. My problem is I don’t have the patience to go through all those anims to convert it to a new skeleton. (i.e. load the anim, save out a bip and apply the bip to the new skeleton. ) So here’s my offer; I will make a player model (or models, depending on the mod) for you if you would go through and update the anims. Yeah, I know this all sounds very conceited on my part, as if my models are God’s gift to half life, but I’m a desperate man, and I just cant bring myself to go through all those anims! Please only reply if you know what I’m talking about, and are serious about getting it done.

5.11.00: Whole new look! Green is in, right?

5.10.00: Wow, 2 updates in 2 days! and I posted some new models as well! You can now download Drake, Michigan and Hueteotl from model page 3.

5.9.00: Hey! New Stuff! Nothing to write home about, I just added some new art to the 2dArt section.

7.22.99: Punisher has been added to model page 3! Wow first new model in almost 6 months, I must be getting old.

7.7.99: I uploaded some new art to the ‘other work’ section, hope you like it. Btw, I am in fact still alive, and believe it or not, have some models in the works.

3.8.99: I finaly broke down and made a Half-life model. It is called Arm. You can download him on model page 3.

3.2.99: DDZ has been updated. He now has CTF skins (includeing yellow and green) and vwep, thanks to EZRIDE. DDZ also got a killer soundpak™ from Steve Irvine aka Massive Bitch. If you haven’t downloaded DDZ yet, do so now. If you have already got him, download him again… the new files are in the zip.

2.26.99: If you have already downloaded DDZ you have noticed that he is pretty bare bones… No CTF, No sounds, No VWEP. This is because I have been extremely busy lately and just wanted to get him out the door. If anyone out there would like to help me out with skins, sounds, or weps, it would be greatly appreciated.

2.26.99: DDZ is ready for download! Check him out on model page 3. I also added a pic of Hueteotl, I’m not sure what game he is going to be for(maybe halflife), but he will be animated in 3dStudioMAX. (woohoo)

1.26.99: Wow! Been a while, hasn’t it? Well, I’m not dead, I have been working on a couple things lately. Most Importantly, is my move to Planetquake (obviously). Very big thanks to Rogue13 for hooking me up! it is very appreciated. The site hasn’t changed much, I just updated a few of the graphics, and moved things around. The largest change is that I will no longer be offering others artists skins for download. I very much appreciate all the work others have done for my models, but I get a very large number of skins sent to me, and I think it would be unfair to post some but not all. I don’t have nearly enough time to keep the skins sections up to date, so I decided to not to try and end up doing a half-assed job of it. Instead, I refer you to the experts at Skindeep, who have a site dedicated to skins for non-id models. If your into skins this is the place to go. I added a preview of DDZ to Model page 3. I have a couple more models in the works. But most of all, I am gearing up to jump straight into Q3arena. It looks like it’s going to have a lot to offer for us modelers.

11.17.98: Small Update; I added a new painting to the Other Work section. I thought I would put my drawing tablet to the test, and see what I come up with…

11.02.98: Dolomite over at D-team not only invited me to be a member (which i agreed too) but did a kick-ass soundpak for alita. I included the sounds in the zip, plus they are available separately.

11.02.98: Ok boys and girls, the day you all (well some of you at least) have been waiting for is here. Ratamahatta is done and available for download on Model Page 3. Get him while he’s hot. :)

10.20.98: Added 2 things; first a tips and tricks section… So when I get asked a question in e-mail I will post the reply there for all to see. There probably won’t be any major tutorial stuff in there just yet, only a few small tips. Also, curtesy of none other than great one himself Npherno, author of the all-mighty NST, comes an awesome animation preview of Ratamahatta. Check it out on Model Page 3.

10.16.98: Wooohoo! Major update! First off I added some skins; A whole slew of high quality Yohko skins, and an excellent pak of Winger skins, and there is still more to post. I also posted the Alita model, yeah that’s right, she’s done and ready for fragging! You will find her on Models Page 2! Last but not least, I added a preview of Ratamahatta, he is being animated right now, and show be done in a week or so (emphasis on the ‘or so’ :P). You will find him on the newly created Models Page 3 Also stay tuned for yet another preview coming up next week (man, Do I have no life or what?!?!?).

10.9.98: Once again I am getting very delayed on my progress of my models, but trust me they are close to completion. On another note, I recently hear some music for a band called Avrigus, and was amazed by it’s quality. I can’t quite categorize what type of music it is, but I added a link on my links page so you can check it out for yourself.

10.1.98: a SoundPaks, I need a SoundPak. As most of you know, I am completely inept when it comes to sound, but I need an Official SoundPak for the Forgotten One model. So all you sound gurus out there, the call is out! I will post the best one (and most likely some of the runner ups as well), and you will receive all the fame and glory I have to offer. :P

p.s. stay tuned, I will be posting a bunch of skins this evening.

9.30.98: The Forgotten One is done and ready for download on model page 2. Alita is coming along nicely as well, expect her in a week or two. Also keep’em peeled for a new preview coming up… TankAbbot’s “Ratamahatta”.

9.20.98: Delays, delays, delays… Well, this time it’s my fault. I was really busy this weekend on other stuff, so all you people I told that my new models will be out on Monday, I’m sorry. Hopfully later this week. (*fingers crossed*)

9.13.98: Ok, Good news and bad news. Bad news is I am going to hold off releasing the Forgotten One for a week. The guy I made it for is out o’ town I want to make sure he gets it first. The Good news is that I started up another model in the mean time. Alita from the anime series Battle Angel has been added to model page 2.

9.10.98: Small update… a new preview pic and anim of the Forgotten One. Hopefully I will finish him this weekend. I also have some new sounds and skins to post, so stay tuned.

8.28.98: Hey, I have a few things for you today. Item #1 is a new, and very kickass, SoundPak for the faerie model. This the a definite must download, it fits the model perfectly. Item #2 is Winger. I took the powerball guy2 (who actually never made it into powerball) and renamed him. Now he is available for your fraggin pleasure. Item #3 is a new skin for the Yohko model, thanks to Jerry Atricks. It explores the darker side of our favorite pre-teen heroine from Japan.

8.23.98: If you haven’t see it already, see Blade. It is one of the best action movies I have ever seen. I am a huge Wesley Snipes fan, and this is he best role to date. In other news…. I added a preview pic of one of the models in progess, the Forgetten One. Check it out on model page 2. I’m not exactly sure what he is going to use as a weapon yet, but you can get an idea of what he will look like. I will also post a preview of another model in progress in the next couple days (just have to finish the skin).

8.17.98: Hey again! I had some free time tonight, I just moved and don’t have a TV anymore ;(, so I updated again. For all nosey people out there, I added my life story which was suprisingly short. I also added a page of links, so if any of you have me linked on your page let me know and i will return the favor. Last but not least, I added a page of old 2-D art I have done.

8.17.98: Whew! been out o’ touch for a while, but never fear, I’m back. I even have something for ya’all. Yohko now has a official soundpak, courtesy of MrBungle. He was kinda enough to compile some sounds right out of the video for us. Also, for your listening pleasure, there is an alternate version of the soundpak with English instead of Japanese, thanks to Will Burnett. Get them both on Model Page 2.

7.13.98: The Call is out! If anyone has a soundpak (or knows where to find one) of Yohko sounds, please let me know. I really want to post one, but still am unable to find good sounds! Also I am starting up a new model this week, another anime theme too. Stay tuned for preview shots later in the week.

7.12.98: Just spent the last two hours trying to get Vwep to work on my amber model. I can’t tell if it’s Vwep bugs in 3.17 or problems with my model. Please, please, please if someone has any info or ideas, e-mail me.

7.12.98: Moved into my new site at! WOOHOO!!! now I should have plenty of server space. I’ll will be posting my old models that have been as of yet, un-downloadable. Thanks to Virus[D.A.] for the hospitality and all the help moving in!

7.11.98: The Day you all have been waiting for… Yohko has been added and is ready for download.

7.8.89: Added Amber. She is the Vwep version of Sydney

6.22.98: Added this page, no updates yet…

2D Art

Some people have asked me what else I can do besides Quake models… it was a depressingly short list. Here are some of my paintings to give you a taste of my 2d style.

A robot I made for an animation in Lightwave3d.

I have a thing for colored smoke… don’t ask.

Xotichil by Brian Collins.


This is the box cover image I rendered for Metal Fatigue. Lightwave and some heavy Photoshop.

Another Photoshop painting. I has just gotten a new tablet and had to break it in.

Here we have Torrera, a mix between a bull fighter and a crime fighter. She was modeled in Lightwave 3d with a little touch up in Photoshop.

Vaquero started out as a painting of the robot in Westworld, but then took on a life of his own. The one was done completely in Photoshop.

A little dude I threw together one day.

A screen I put together for the Meatal Fatigue menu system. A collage of renders when a lot of photoshopping.

Model Citizen by shaithis

PlanetQuake Takes a look at EvilBastard (not that kind of a look – get your minds out of the gutter!) 

When Quake II hit the scene in December of 1997 (yeesh, has it been that long?!?), it brought with it an innovation often talked about but not seen before in a multiplayer game: Custom “plugin player models”. This allowed users not only to choose the textures (skins) applied to the models the way Quakeworld allows, but to actually create models and animations of their own that they could then use in-game. Sites rapidly sprung up dedicated to two aspects of PPM’s (plugin player models): Review sites like the Q2PMP, and the websites of those who created the models. Our Spotlight this week focuses on one of the latter, a site owned by a particularly talented modeler who goes by the handle of “EvilBastard”.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Planetquake – You may be an evil bastard, but I’m an unoriginal bastard! With that and mind, let me drop the first question on ya: Name, Age, Rank, What you do, all that good stuff?

EvilB – Brian “EvilBastard” Collins. I’m 26. Rank? I was told not to discuss that without representation.. I’m a 2d/3d artist for Zono, INC.

Planetquake – Ah, an industry member. Cool deal. How long have you been modeling, and what’s your preferred modeling program?

EvilB – I Have been doing 3dmodeling for about 2 years now. I used Lightwave3d to model and animate, but lately I have switched over to 3dMAX for animation. Lightwave’s modeler is awesome, but as far as animation goes, I think MAX is much more powerful.

PlanetQuake – I’m a Lightwave fan myself, but I’m trying to make the switch over to max. It seems to be a gaming standard. I noticed you do a lot of your own (very cool) skins, as well. What programs do you use for skin generation?

EvilB – I use a number of different things for creating skins. Normally I start off in NST and get a basic layout for the skin, then I move over to photoshop (version 3, hehehe I’m pretty old fashion :P) and add in shading and detail. After I get it looking good, I use DeBabelizer and ProMotion to set it to the quake2 palette and give it a once over back in NST to touch it up.

Planetquake – Good programs (I’m a photoshop version four man, personally, but it’s all in what you know). You said you work full time at a game design company. What’s your position there, and what games have you worked on?

EvilB – Yes, I work at Zono Inc. as a texture monkey. Of course, now I’m lead texture monkey (wooohoo). Metal Fatigue is the game i am currently working on, you can see previews of it in most of the magazines these days. This is Zono’s first PC game. Before that we worked on games for the Sega Saturn, I worked on Mr. Bones. (don’t worry, no one else has heard of it either)

Planetquake – That’s one unfortunate aspect of the Saturn. A lot of talented development teams ended up being denied the public recognition they probably deserved.

Ideas and Inspiration

Planetquake – Any particular sources of inspiration, people who’s work you admire, good sources of tips and tricks, etc… that you want to mention?

EvilB – Well, of course Paul Steed, but my biggest inspiration comes from all the other modelers working on PPMs. The amount of talent in the Quake modeling community is really incredible, and everyone is very helpful. 3d modeling is a very tricky art form, and requires lots of technical knowledge to be really good at it, so with out the help of all the other artist in the community I probably would have never finished as many models as I have. As far as a good source for tips and tricks goes, that would have to be the Q2pmp, anyone interested in making models should spend a lot of time there. The message board is very good, and has a “how to” section for newbies. Rogue13 (who runs the site) is one of the main reasons that there is still a continued interest in quake modeling. Every model author owes him a debt of gratitude.

Planetquake – Speaking of the Q2PMP, they that one of your main strategies is saving and reusing parts of your models. This is a strategy advocated by many modelers, including major industry members like Paul Steed. What’s the benefit of doing this?

EvilB – If you look closely at the geometry for my models you will notice that the are all basically the same basic mesh. When I go to create a new model, I load up the last one I did, move it around into the right shape for my new model, spend a few hours improving the mesh, then add in all the details that are specific to the model. Some people (OK a lot) say this is “cheating” (even though they don’t realize that’s how my models are made until I, or someone else, tells them), but I have never gotten an email complaining that all my models look the same, so I don’t see a problem. There is no point to modeling the same shape over and over again, just so you can say you started from scratch. It’s a waste of a great deal of time and effort for little or no increase in the visual quality of the model. When you make models for a living, you quickly learn that it’s much more effective to keep a library of parts that you have spent a long time perfecting then trying to re-invent the wheel for each model. This is the largest source of hate-mail that I get. I guess because some joker loads up 2 of my models in a mesh editor, and thinks he has discovered some dirty secret that I have been keeping from everyone. There is no secret, I’m just being efficient.

Planetquake – Hmmm. Never something I’ve had a real problem with, personally. Efficiency is highly valued in the industry, and no one can say your models all look the same.

The Methods

Planetquake – Judging by the artwork on your site, and the excellent skins you provide with your models, you’ve clearly got a gift for 2D art. Have you found your understanding of this medium to be a help in your 3D work? How do the two relate?

EvilB – Thanks :) The two are very related. A bad skin can make the best model look horrible, but a good skin can hide a lot of the flaws in a so-so model. One of the more important decisions to make when starting your model is what detail are you going to build into the model, and what will be painted into the skin. I normally go light on the model, and heavy on the skin in terms of detail, but that isn’t always the best way to go. Since I make the skins for my models myself, it’s easier to judge where to put what.

Planetquake – Makes sense. I know as a 2D artist myself that it can be difficult skinning model’s who’s mesh layout you’re not familiar with. How long, on average, does it take you to complete a player model (from concept to final model / animations / skin)?

EvilB – If I were to sit down and make one start to finish, it would probably take two 8-hour days. Of course, I usually end up spending 4-5 hours a week working on them otherwise my fiance starts throwing things at me.

Planetquake – Definitely best to keep your head safe, and the knickknacks intact and out of flight. ;) One of your most recent models was built for a member of clan DDZ. Do you often do specifically requested projects, and if so, do you charge for them?

EvilB – I don’t take requests, it wouldn’t be fair since i get so many of them. I also don’t charge for models because people would be sorely disappointed by the amount I would have to charge for just a q2 model. Whiplash is a friend, and I’m making him the model as a favor, also he’s been waiting for that model for so long, I’m surprised he’s not thinking about hiding in the bushes outside my apartment with a sniper rifle. I do keep a list of ideas that people have suggested and look at it when deciding my next model , but I have a new policy regarding that list… Here are the models I will never make (so don’t bother asking):

Duke Nukem
Daffy Duck (or any Warner Bros. character)
Porn models or two models having sex
Dragonball Z characters
A KKK member or a drunk mexican (yes, I have been asked to make these)
and last but not least. I will not now, or ever, make any characters from Final Fantasy 7. I hate that game, and everything it stands for… (ok, breathe deeply… where did my prozac go)

Planetquake – A drunk Mexican?!? I don’t think I even want to know. :)

Thanks to EvilB for taking the time to answer the questions and provide us with material for this week’s spotlight! Go check out his booty-kickin models at EvilB’s House of Models!

Brian’s Page

Hello! and Welcome to my Webpage. I was told that no self-respecting designer should be without a webpage, so here it is. I’m sure your life wasn’t complete until you gazed upon my picture, so view to your heart’s content. You can also view some of the pictures I have been drawing as of late, in my gallery, plus some of my quake stuff is in there as well. I’m still trying to figure out a way to get my paintings in there. oh, and don’t ask about the wacky domain name, sorry it’s so long. Maybe I’ll change it later. Well, at the moment I’m am sitting here staring at the keyboard without anything to say, so I will cease my rambling until I can add something a little more interesting.

The Story So Far

Well, let’s see… I would have to say it all started back in ’72. That was the year I was born. Grew up in sunny San Diego, and ended up spending the first 23 years of my life there. I could describe them, but I would bore you to tears, so we’ll just leave it at that. I attended San Diego State University, and worked as graphic designer extraordinaire for Woodstock’s pizza, where I continually drew little dragons (the mascot of Woodstock’s), until I accidentally graduated from school.

After graduating, with a degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Latin American Studies (don’t ask, let’s just say I had a lot of free time), I moved to Orange County. There I started work at Zono Inc. and fulfilled my life long dream of making video games. I am quite fortunate to have a job that I would probably do even if I wasn’t getting paid, just don’t tell my boss that. In my free time I enjoy traveling. England, Switzerland, Italy, France, Japan, and many parts of Mexico (not just Tijuana) are some of the places my travels have brought me, and this summer I hope to trek to Guatemala. My goal is to some day see Mt. Everest, but to do it right would require a month or so, so maybe when I’m rich and famous.

Sadly, that is about it. No heroic feats of courage, no tear-jerking acts of compassion, just a few kind-hearted gestures here and there. Someday, I will have a point of note to bring up. Fortunately, time is on my side.


Here are a couple of Japanese women we met, they didn’t speak much english, but we gathered that they were trying to talk us into singing kareoke with them. We settled for buying them numerous drinks, which made them even more giddy then they already were.

Some building in Tokyo.

This is me standing 80 km, supposedly, from the soviet union. I didn’t feel up to the swim though.

This is a Castle in Hirosake. I forget the name, but… whatever.

Big waterfall in Aomore.

Big coke sign in Ginza.

Your average view in Tokyo, lots of buildings, cars and people.

I don’t think they researched what the meaning of their name was over at the ‘Creamy Prison’ clothing store.

You’ll also notice they sell ‘Label Whore’ brand clothes.

Josh’s room he shares with 4-5 people.

here is Josh’s kitchen, I think.

Something historical, I imagine.

Your average Japanese train station.

Your average Japanese temple.

Not quite sure where this was, perhaps the Imperial palace in Tokyo.

This is the “2nd most beautiful night view in all of Japan” (the sign said so), and with us is a Brazilian woman we met while looking lost in Hakodate. She showed us around for the rest of the day. Between the 4 different languages we all spoke a little of, we communicated ok.

I gave these nice old ladies a wave and a smile as we walked by, and they insisted that we eat lunch with them. They didn’t speak a word of english, but were very friendly.

This is us after eating approximately $100 worth of their fruit, (cantaloupes go for about $80 there.) It’s was such a sight, that all the other hikers were stopping to take pictures of the ‘giajin’ eating lunch with the old ladies.

Here is a guy painting a river.

Water fall and green stuff.

Water fall again. (You can see me standing at the top of it. We had to wait in line to get up there.)

Bonus: Art of Josue Castro

Josue Castro was born in Mexico City in 1956. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at La Esmeralda in Mexico City. He also holds a degree in Set Design from the University of Mexico. His fascination with the ancient petroglyphs from the prehispanic civilizations of Mexico has led him to his current expression of texture, color and imagery. His works reflect not only the magic and philosophy of the long lost Zapoteca culture but also the physical beauty of Oaxaca, the Mexican state in which they existed The combination of all these factors, the physical, the cultural and the natural bring to his art a sense of three dimensional color and design which fits well into our modern world.

Michael J Wolf Fine Arts is located in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter in the historical Brunswick Building. It is open Tuesday through Saturday or by appointment. It shows a large variety of original works of art from emerging national and international artists.

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