Quake II CTF Maps by MaDnuTT / Arbitra from Savage CTF clan UKSG

Central Conflict by MaDnuTT uksga1ver1.bsp

Central Conflict: My first map release to the public.
Gametype:  CTF
Supports: 6v6 players
Tools used: Quark ver 4.7 – 5.10
Build time: n/a Weapons: everything except rocket launcher – hyperblaster.
Items: 2 quads, 2 megahealths
Unique: yes
Built from: scratch
Year created: 1999.
Download: http://q2.dieslow.net/quake2/ctf/maps/uksga1ver1.bsp

Permanent Resistance by MaDnuTT (Smelter Remix) q2rctf3.bsp

Permanent Resistance: A q2ctf3 remake, both bases have the same layout (as blue) with a more spread out midfield.
Gametype: CTF
Supports: 8v8 players
Tools used: Quark ver 4.7 – 5.10
Build time: n/a
Weapons: everything except hyperblaster.
Items: 2 quads, 2 megahealths
Unique: no
Built from: scratch
Year created: 2000.
Info about the Author:
Just another Q2ctf addict.
Other Levels by Author: UKSGa1ver1, various unreleased maps.
Notes: This is part of a multi-pack of ctf maps named ‘Reminisce’ I am planning on doing so sit tight for more. :) Bfg moaners learn to use it.
Download: http://www.gamers.org/pub/mirrors/ftp.gamesdomain.co.uk/multiplayer/q2rctf3.zip

The Space Museum by Arbitra q2rctf5.bsp

The Space Museum: The map is intended for 6 versus 6 play or less. A few new textures.
Gametype: CTF
Supports: 6v6 players
Tools used: Qeradiant
Build time: 3 days
Weapons: no supershotgun, hyperblaster or bfg.
Items: 1 quad, 1 power-shield
Unique: yes
Built from: scratch
Year created: 2001.
Download: http://acmectf.com/downloads/maps/q2rctf5.zip



Eye Candy

Screenshot of the quad statue in my ctf map.


Savage League Clan UKSG


[UKSG]Arbitra (aka Steve.P and MaDnuTT): Leader and founder of UKSG, Male, Q2ctf, Age of empires 2, startrek and railguns, Bfg in the face, sore losers and steps, 56k modem

[UKSG]miss: Council member, Female, Cable modem

[UKSG]RaDDisH: Council member, Male Experimental sex, ADSL

[UKSG]Gamina: Female, Ra2, ISDN

[UKSG]Sk0j: Team captain, Male, ISDN

[UKSG]Pipe: Grapple whore, Male, interested in Haggis, Women, England and Man U footy teams, hehe, ISDN / 56k modem

[UKSG]Natas: Female

[UKSG]Skutter: Male, ISDN

[UKSG]Regan: Male, Cable modem

Inactive: Mr.rice, Cakey (half-here), Cheka, Pard


UKSG Clan Rules and Conditions

We have only laid out some rules so everyone will know what is expected of them. Mainly we ask that people play with fairness and common sense, and that we treat each other with respect. These rules aren’t meant to be complete do’s or dont’s, but to serve as guidelines. Except for bottage and spike usage, there will be warnings given if the rules have been overstepped. However, blatent cheating will get you kicked immediately from the clan.

Firstly, UKSG is about having fun and playing whichever FPS we’re involved in fairly and with good humour. Having said that we also like to win an occasional game. ;o)

UKSG has council members [currently Pard, RaDDish and miss from Q2 and Skutter and Deton8R from Q3] that make joint decisions about what the clan is to achieve and how it will be run. Any member is welcome to make comments or suggestions to the council, but the council has the final say.

If there are any problems with any member about how the clan is run or if there are any comments, or suggestions please contact any member of the council. We want this to remain an open and friendly clan. You will usually find a council member in irc #uksg (Q2) or #uksgq3 (Q3).

It is expected that any clan member wishing to take time out from playing will let the council know, so they can be marked inactive in the various leagues. An inactive member can remain so indefinitely, although other players may be recruited to keep numbers sufficient. An active member is expected to show up for play at least once in a month and practice at least once in a month. Members not abiding by this rule will be marked inactive and then dropped from the clan in order to recruit a replacement. However, depending on the reason and the council view, players can be accepted back into the clan.

Any member using a bot or spikes (of any variety) in the clan’s name on any server will be dismissed. However evidence is required to dismiss, from recordings of player’s activities. It is in a member’s interest to be aware of any bot/spike activity in the UKSG name.

In the interests of fairness ghosting or aliasing (i.e. using someone else’s name to get round a problem) is not allowed.

VSE is banned by savage and UKSG, anyone caught using it will be dropped. This also covers proxies/hacked .exe(s).

There will be no smack talking or taunting while representing the clan, or wearing the clan tag. Anyone found breaking this rule will be warned and then dropped if it happens again.

Trialists may not use the UKSG skin and name until they become a full member.

Members must only play for UKSG for any given league. You may not play 3tctf for 2 clans in Barrysworld for example. But you may play 3tctf for one clan in Barrysworld and UKSG in Clanwars as long as you are not playing Clanwars 3tctf for another clan. All players must be properly registered with CAPS before they will be allowed to play for UKSG. Anyone breaking this rule will be given a chance to fix it and then banned from the clan.

Schedules are provided on the site detailing days/times and games. It is each member’s job to keep up with the schedule. Notices and reminders will also be mailed out through e-groups. So that we may sort positions and plan teams, we need everyone to be in irc a minimum of 15 minutes prior to any game or match.

If any member is unable to make the scheduled time, please contact your game leader as soon as possible by email or on mIRC.

Finally, let’s have fun, give good sportsmanship, and have a good many seasons. Barrysworld and other leagues give “fair play” awards lets see if we can get one.

Council has no life outside the clan and one of them can normally be found on server irc.barrysworld.com in #UKSG or #UKSGQ3


MIRC Stats


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