Shaku’s WarZone: Q2CTF map by Jeremy Mikus aka Shaku


Title: Shaku’s Warzone
File Name: swarzn.bsp
Version: 1.00
Author: Jeremy Mikus (Shaku)
Description: Just a CTF map I did (my first level all together mind you), for the TerraFusion Cap-Pak contest.

Additional Credits to: Pirate– Loving the map so much, also pointing out the GL errors I couldn’t see cause of the lack of 3dfx, and for compiling. The Eraser Bot

Play Information

Single Player: Only for testing
Cooperative: Nope
Type: CTF (a DM version will be coming out)
Players: 4-24
Difficulty Settings: Nope
New Sounds: none
New Graphics: none
Demos Replaced: none


Base: My head
Editor Used: BSP
Known bugs: Find some (but if you can’t thats ok :)
Build time: o about a month
Build Machine: P120, 48MB RAM
Compile Machine: Cyrix 6×86 233 (400) mxmII, 64 mb
Compilation Time: 28 min, 56sec
QBSP3 Time: 56 secs
QVIS3 Time: 20 min
QRAD3 Time: 18 min

Copyright / Permissions

This level is (c) by Jeremy Mikus, 1998. You must have my permission to use it as a base. If you plan to put it on a server MAIL ME (I’d like to play my level). You MAY NOT put this level on a CD, or use it for commercial purposes, without my permission.


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