QuakeCast #20: Donde – Quake 2 Archivist

Listen to the full episode: QuakeCast #20: Donde – Quake 2 Archivist

Apr 4th, 2019: This week ArrrCee and dumptruck escape to another universe! The Quake 2 universe that is. Donde takes us on a decades-long journey through the worldwide Quake 2 multiplayer scene. He documents the historical, sometimes hysterical and always human stories starring gamers from around the world. It’s late 90’s gaming history, one Quake 2 story at a time. Dondeq2.com is his ongoing project to document these fascinating stories through articles and in-depth documentary videos. Another weird, wonderful and sometimes deeply poignant edition of the QuakeCast.

Chongo’s website: http://chongonation.com

Zigzagging Through a Strange Universe, by Anthony Bailey: http://quake.speeddemosarchive.com/quake/qdq/articles/ZigZag/ 

Quake II Physics: Q2 was coded by aliens, by n00k1e: https://people.freebsd.org/~danfe/Quake%2520II%2520Physics.pdf

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