Quake II Magazine Archive: December 1997

"Te reta a jugar a QUAKE II — Donde? Cuando? Si quieres experimentar la sensacion de jugar en red local al mejor juego de rol en primera persona, y ademas enfrentarte a la Redaccion de OK PC Gamer, pasate por Cybergame. Si eres uno de los 3 mejores jugadores y traes un ejemplar de OK PC Gamer, conseguiras un juego Quake II por gentileza de Proein. Donde? Sta. Feliciana 14, (junto a la Glorieta de Bilbao) en Madrid. Cuando? 30 de Diciembre de 1997, de 20:30 a 22:30 horas. Vale descuento de 200 pesetas para jugar una hora en Cybergame."

Quake II Magazine Archive: May 1997

"The other newcomer in this pack is the Gremlin, whilst bearing no resemblance to the creatures from the Steven Spielberg film, are an excellent addition... Midway through an intense conflict a message appears: 'Gremlin stole your rocket launcher'. Suddenly you are rudely disarmed to the shotgun, as you see the Gremlin in question hobbling away with a distinctive Quake soldier's gun in it's wiry little arms. Taking offense, you charge out of the fray, pinning the munchkin angrily with the feeble spray from your recreational bird shooter. The Gremlin whips about, and you gasp in horror as a hail of rockets blows you and the surrounding monsters into cyber-chunks."

Quake II Magazine Archive: February 1997

"QuakeWorld Giblets: Quake truly is one of the most important video games ever. Not only is a brilliant one-player game, a magnificent multi-player game, and completely customizable, but it's also the first to have such an impact on world-wide internet gaming. QuakeWorld is the new free upgrade which shows us the true future of video games. You can look however you want, you can call yourself whatever you want, you can travel the world from your bedroom, and you can conquer QuakeWorld with your clan of killers! In QuakeWorld, you get to be what you always wanted to be – in real life you may be a 10-year-old in a wheelchair, but in QuakeWorld you can be Baron Rocketdeath – one of the most feared warriors in the world, taking on anyone who dares challenge you, while looking like the hardest person anyone's ever met. Soon, all video games will be like this."