QuakeCon99 Photos and Wrap-up — by Sean Redwood Martin

“I already mentioned some of my comments on the main page. Here are my final comments. In my opinion, this was not only the best Quakecon ever, but the best LAN party ever. As smoothly as everything ran, you’d think everybody running it were robots that planned for years in advance. Some people this took away from the soul of past Quakecons but I’ll take this over soul anyday. I think the soul of Quakecon is getting together with friends you may see all the time and ones that you don’t get to see often or just met for the first time and having fun. Whether it be outside talking the night away, going to dinner, or fragging them over and over. I certainly can’t wait for next year’s event and I hope other LAN party organizers pay attention to what happened in Mesquite this hot Texas summer.

On Sunday, I finally got to check out the Activision area a bit. I got to play Soldier of Fortune for a little bit in death match. The single player looked as great as ever. I was told that this was the first playable deathmatch build. That being the case, I did run into some problems like not being able to bind the alt key to anything (part of my config) among a few other issues. I did not have as much fun as people led me to believe I’d have while playing but part of it was due to the problems playing and the boring old deathmatch map style. It can’t really be judged based on that though so I’m taking a wait and see attitude. Vampire: The Masquerade looked great as always even though I couldn’t get in for a personal demo.

Sunday evening some of us headed over to Ritual Entertainment, including DieharD-r3v, Zith, Zoid, sCary, and a few others. We got a bit of a demo of what’s going on in F.A.K.K. 2. The environments still look great. The animations are going to be great too since Ritual has moved to a skeletal based system. Their swampy levels are amazing. Of course it could be the giant-redwood like trees that make me like them but I don’t think that’s it. :) It’s amazing what kind of stuff you can do with the Q3 engine.

To all my friends that I saw while at Qcon, I miss you already and hope you come back next year or for the Frag 3. Also, I was lucky enough to meet Anand from AnandTech and he’s very cool, intelligent, level-headed bloke. As Blue would say, he’s good people.”

“I couldn’t persuade Aurora to stand up next to me :)”
“Blue, myself, and Loonyboi thinking “‘When can we go back to the air conditioning?'”
“Carmack draws every computer student’s favorite thing, diagrams!”
“John Carmack answers the question ‘Will my 386-25 be fast enough for Q3 final?'”
“DieharD-r3v and Kornelia stand at attention after the Q3 bus ceremonies.”
“DieharD-r3v stands proud after mopping the Qcon tourney floor with blood.”
“Disruptor and Tim Willits turn on cg_shadows 3.”
“Anna Kang speaks to the female workshop attendees.”
“The women on the female workshop panel listen to Kornelia introduce herself ‘Hi, my name is Kornelia and I’m a Quake addict.'”
“Kornelia is in awe of Anna Kang’s singing ability ;)”
“The female workshop panel tries out for the next Apple ad.”
“Sandy, Sarah, PMS-Aurora, and PMS-Bobbi laughing during the female workshop.”
“Aurora holds on tightly to her coffee while Bobbi gives and ‘I can’t believe you just said that look.'”
“Sandy Isaacs and Sarah Walker are intensely listening to Anna Kang.”
“A view of the tourney.”
“Spectator computers during the final tourney match.”
“Main Qcon room with all the BYOC computers.”
“Todd Hollenshead melting in the Texas sun as he introduces the Q3 bus.”
“Todd Hollenshead attempts to cut what is apparently kevlar ribbon on the bus.”
“Redwood and Dark Requiem clanmate Zith. Dem thar are big boys!”
“Disruptor’s sister and Paul Steed.”
“Paul Steed talks to the crowd on stage with his booth babes.”
“Tony ‘Montana’ Verriano handles the mic and gets the crowd going.”
“Redwood with Christina ‘SpAzZ’ Antkow sans cowboy hat.”
“Mac Ibook with its groovy design and wireless networking.”
“Rix-r3v holding up the receipt and cash for our huge group lunch at Olive Garden.”
“G3 Mac that runs Q3 even while the cool beans case is open!”
“sCary’s Metro GT stunt double has seen better times.”
“Northerners PMS-Aurora and PMS-Bobbie in cowboy hats…get a rope! ;)
“Cowboys play cards in front of charging bulls. Big cajones guys. Big ones!”
“Who knew that a free beanie baby would cause a stampede at the rodeo?”
“Paul Steed discusses modeling with his mynx Q3 model.”
“Yours truly with the Paul Steed both babes :)”
“Steed both babes :) John ‘I’m not a bot but I make them for games’ Cash shows his human side with the booth babes.”
“Paul Jaquays tutors the masses on Quake 3 level making.”

Redwood in Quake 3 Arena

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