BairesLAN Argentina: Buscando Donde Jugar Quake?

Es un evento que se realiza para juntar a todas aquellas personas que tengan interés de pasarlo bien y ser parte de una comunidad de jugadores en red (Lanparty). Actualmente somos los únicos que contamos con la tecnología Switching 10/100/1000 destinada solamente para jugar. Se realiza en un local con una superficie de 112 metros cuadrados en planta baja. Ubicados en el barrio de Villa Urquiza, cerca de la Agronomía. Posee un baño, buena iluminación y ventilación. La dirección es Bucarelli 1267.

Kablooie! Rocket Arena 3 Interviews with Senn and G1zm0

We here at Kablooie! would like to thank crt and the rest of the RA3 Team for letting us be part of the beta test. It has been a real honor and tons of fun! I have to say that everyone involved is very impressed with RA3 and the maps that have been made for it. The main thing I can say about the maps is there is a tremendous variety; wide ranges of visual styles, sizes, and gameplay. I have never been a big fan of 1 on 1 maps, but there are some real gems in RA3. All of the pick-up maps are outstanding and each offers a different kind of gameplay. Rather than post screenshots and talk about each individual map, I've decided to focus on one set of maps and its mapper in these interviews of Senn and g1zm0.