Meeting QuakeCon People — by Jennifer Danakate Kahng

“For Christmas in 1998, I received a digital camera. Between then and now, I’ve probably taken a couple thousand pictures, more so in the beginning than now. As with all things, the novelty has worn off, but I still take pictures. Here are some of the more notable collections. I’m working on getting the rest of my pictures online but there are so many, who knows if or when that will happen.”

“A Ferrari.”
“Ferrari from across the street.”

stanford, california, 1999 — danakate’s summer internship photo journal

“in the summer of 1999, i was accepted as an intern for a program held at slac (stanford linear accerator center), sponsored by the department of energy, among other institutions. so, i packed up my things for the 8 week program, and headed out to california (my home is in virginia). needless to say, the digital camera came with me. :)”

week four, july 11 – july 17 — yossarian and paul visit

“yossman and mayo.”
“Koolaid and Raygun.”
“Movie ad.”
“Another movie ad.”

a jaunt to san francisco — wandering around land’s end

“Yossman and Koolaid.”

around san francisco – twin peaks

“Twin Peaks.”
“Koolaid and Yossman.”
“Yossman and Danakate.”
“Golden Gate Bridge.”

yossarian and paul go to hollywood — the posing yossarian

“Koolaid driving.”
“Koolaid resting.”


The Posing Yossarian

“Yossman and Jaws.”
“Yossman and Space-Pod.”
“Yossman and Delorean.”
“Yossman and a Hollywood sign billboard.”

17 mile drive around pebble beach

danakate @ dallas — dallas, tx in august 2001

“hi :) i was able to take a vacation during august of 2001. it just so happened that quakecon was going on during august 9 – 12 and that gave me the perfect opportunity to meet some people i’ve only known online and others i get to see yearly, if that often. the event itself is pretty much a big party and not really my thing, so i stayed with my friends riana and rich and hung out with them. we also stole my friend yoss away from quakecon for a day to hang out with us. here is my collection of pictures that i took. i hope to put some more up once riana and yoss send me the pictures they took.”

“charlie – rich and riana’s cat.”
“a blurry picture of quakecon – the third time they lost power.”

friday, august 10, 2001 — stealing yossarian

“look! dino-tracks!”
“i was really only trying to take a picture of the scenery but yoss got in the way ;)”
“riana and rich outside the dallas aquarium.”

meeting quakecon people — saturday, august 11, 2001

“rich, riana, and evlg at denny’s.”
“demoneatr looks on as riana gives docwilco a lift.”
“yoss and his wild hair.”

On Blogs, Crafting, and Quake, by Danakate — 4/20/2016 — 1998

-Excerpt and images courtesy of the Internet Archive,, by Jennifer Kahng, 1998, 1999, 2001, and 2016, by Koolaid

“This is a site owned and maintained by koolaid. He has done many graphics for me, especially smilies! If you need anything with smiles in it, he’s the guy for you. :) Backgrounds, icons, etc. :)”

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