The QuakeCon99 Photos and Adventures of Wilykit — by Benjamin Black

“Pre-QuakeCon QuakeCon.”
“Seated (LtoR): codemonke, dakiller, rec, tsuba, and tman; standing: that guy and that guy.”
“Yossman strikes a pose.”
“Clan Xeno, masters of facsimile chess.”
“Wino demonstrates how to stimulate the Grafenberg spot.”
“One-half of the convention room.”
“The other half.”
“Wendigo shows me what semen tastes like.”
“Avatar pretends he’s reverse bodyslamming Hollywood Hogan.”
“Where’s SpAzZ? Has anyone seen SpAzZ?”
“The tournament machines were totally p1mp.”
“Yossman headlocks SpAzZ as she gives me the finger.”
“Kingpin in a seductive pose.”
“Damn! I wanted a Space Orb!”
“When you’ve gotta scratch, you’ve gotta scratch.”
“Bad lighting in full effect!”
“Close-up of the box with my flash on.”

“I journeyed down to Texas this year to hang out, drink beer, party, and generally have a good time. As I expected, it was the highlight of my summer. I brought my digital camera with me, and let me just say, the camera rocks. Sony Digital Mavica MVC-FD8x series. This is the most pictures I’ve taken with it since the women’s world cup, and it didn’t crash or fuck up or fail me once. Anyway, as for the event itself, all I can say is that I will be there next year, even if it means I miss a test.”

-Excerpt and images courtesy of the Internet Archive,, by Benjamin Black, 1999


Women’s World Cup Photos, by Benjamin Black — July 4, 1999

New Year’s Eve: Times Square Photos, by Benjamin Black — December 31, 1999

Digital Photography, 2000

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