The QuakeCon99 Experience, in Association with — by Yossarian Yossman Holmberg

“hi there, yossman here. i’m still putting this page together, but i’ve opened up what i do have again. quakecon99 was one of the best events i’ve ever had the pleasure of both attending and helping out with. it was also a pleasure to take as many photos as i did, the more the merrier. ;) if you see yourself in any of the pictures available here, but don’t see your name mentioned in the title of the image, please let me know at — which image it is and where you are in relation to other people, and i’ll do my best to make sure it gets fixed. ;) oh, and if you see any other glaring mistakes in any of the filenames please let me know. i’m still moving stuff around, more days are being added (up to 09aug1999), so if you’re snarfing the contents of my site BE WARNED THINGS WILL CHANGE. work around it. ;) THaNk YOu F0r y0uR Co-0perATiON! talk to you soon.”

-Yossarian “yossman” Holmberg, January 2, 2000

-Excerpt and images courtesy of the Internet Archive,, by Yossman, 1999. For the full collection of Yossman’s amazing QuakeCon photos, please visit:

More of the amazing Yossman photos — QuakeCon 2k +

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