Quake 2 Mod — The Armageddon Device, by Gareth Nogbad Evans-McClave

The Armageddon Device Screen Shots

“Shots showing the ‘Polar Comms Center’ and ‘Outer Industrial Area’ maps.”

“These shots are from level 3. ‘Polar Command Center.’

“The shots below are from the initial level ‘Polar Insertion.‘”

Weapons of Retaliation

“It has been two years since the Makron was defeated. Stroggos is now an Earth outpost and the clean up operation to eliminate the last of the Strogg bases on other planets is nearing completion.

You are assigned to the seventh fleet operating in the nebula on the edge of the Strogg system. It has been a long mission. As recon pilot you fly most days, over barren rocky asteroids and planetoids using your plane’s sensors to try and pick up EM radiation to indicate another hidden Strogg base.

Two days ago you found one. It didnt look like a major base, but command seem worried. They have called for one of the troop transports used in the Stroggos assault to be made ready. You are to fly one last recon mission before the ground forces are sent in.

You make your first pass low over the northern hemisphere, there is nothing. Then the sky around you lights up with green laser fire. Your wingman is destroyed with one shot and debris from the explosion cuts through your plane. Losing height and control you brace yourself for impact…”

Weapons of Retaliation Screen Shots

The Armageddon Device

“You play an elite marine tasked with obtaining the deactivation code for a Strogg weapon. A heavily shielded asteroid codenamed ‘The Armageddon Device.'”

Heading for Earth is an asteroid half the size of the moon. When it hits, all life on Earth will be destroyed.This is no ordinary chunk of planetary debris. This rock has a primitive fusion drive and the most powerful shield we have ever seen.

It is a weapon.

It is the Stroggs last hope of victory.

It is ‘The Armageddon Device’!

A warship from Earth captured a Strogg shuttle en-route for the asteroid and interrogated the crew.

This is what they learned; The shield is generated and controlled from a reactor on the rock itself. No one Strogg knows the deactivation code. There are three Strogg commanders who know 2 digits each of the six digit code. We do not expect them to volunteer to pass the code to us!

This is your mission soldier.

1) You will be taken to the calculated start position of the asteroid. There is a class m planet there, and we anticipate finding a Strogg colony.

2) Your captain will scan the surface and locate the best spot for a covert insertion.

3) You will lead a small team of 4 and attempt to obtain the deactivation code from the Strogg Commanders. Your battlefield computer has been adapted to read the Strogg cerebral implants and extract the code. This cannot be done while its owner is alive.

4) When you have the code, you must find a way to get onto the asteroid and deactivate the shield.

5) An Earth warship will then destroy the rock with thermonuclear charges. Good luck soldier!



“Plasma Gun — This weapon fires a torus of super-heated gas at a rapid rate. It has a small radius damage and is powerful when a concentrated burst of fire is laid down.”

“All the usual quake2 weapons are available to you on this mission. There have also been some new weapons developed since the original conflict. Some of these weapons were available in our previous mission ‘Window Of Retaliation’

Air Force Issue Blaster

This is a slightly more powerful weapon than the one issued to ground forces. It fires two blaster bolts in quick succession. Requires no ammo. Always available.

Proximity Grenades

These can be thrown to set a trap for an enemy. A prox grenade will detonate after 1 minute or when an enemy wanders too close. They cannot be used in the grenade launcher. This weapon is available on button 6 which it shares with the standard grenade launcher. Hand grenades without the proximity fuse are still available. Prox grenades are recognizable due to the yellow stripe around their top.

Feedback Laser

This weapon uses a modified railgun casing, to house a powerful laser whose pulse can be fed back into the excitation chamber to increase its power. This weapon is immensely powerful but tricky to aim and control. To charge the weapon, keep your finger on the fire button. You will see the charge state as a percentage figure on your HUD. When you release the fire button the laser will fire. BEWARE. Overcharge the weapon and it will explode. You have been warned soldier! This weapon is available on button 9 which it shares with the railgun.”

Roseville Computers Ltd

“Roseville Computers Ltd is my company. It is basically a one man computer services company specializing in Win32 programming. I am located in the UK. These Quake2 and 3 missions and other game related projects are just for fun although I have not ruled out doing a commercial project in the gaming industry at some point in the future.

Please treat these missions as what they are. Spare time activities by enthusiasts. If you like them, then consider how good they would be if we were doing them for real and could afford to spend enough time on them to bring them to a professional standard. If you dont like them, then at least they have not cost you anything. right?”

-Gareth “Nogbad” Evans-McClave

The Armageddon Device

Maps — Gareth Evans-McClave, Martin Norman

Programming — Gareth Evans-McClave

Artwork — Shona Brewster, Gareth Evans-McClave

Some textures sourced from the late Golgotha project.

Skeleton texture in On The Rock by my son Patrick (age 6).

Thanks to all at Loki’s Missions for permission to use their plasma gun model.

“25 May 1999 — More TAD work. I have added Q3 style player ID to the TAD game dll. See shot below. Works great. Martins new map is looking good and I have nearly finished the last in the Polar episode of the game. Next job is the industrial area. I should maybe update this site to include the TAD story etc so you know what I am talking about! But hell that takes time…”
“Work In Progress. Our new mission, ‘The Armageddon Device.'”


Ethereal Hell

“When this huge pack was released, I’d read some reviews and they were all pretty bad. Even by looking at the few screenshots, it looked quite ugly with some horrific lighting. Nevertheless, I craved for something to keep me amused for an hour or so. Eight levels should be able to do that as long as I don’t quit halfway through as I was expecting. Well, I did quit halfway through – but not because it was crap. As soon as I came home again I loaded it up to continue this very enjoyable adventure!

The damn thing kept me going for a few hours, despite the levels being quite small. The one thing which made this pack was the originality. You’ll find a number of new (or tweaked) enemies – improved soldiers, railgun shooting flyers, a new kind of Gladiator and Commander – both of which are very hard as they take alot of hits and to top that off a brand new enemy, the regular player models with chainguns! And almost all of them use a shield, which unfortunately will get you a little worried about your ammunition most of the way through. And that fact that all four of Q2’s bosses make an appearance, yet none are the final episode boss!

But to make you feel a little better with ammo, your given a few new weapons – Proximity mines, Laser and the Plasma gun. None I really used as I’m used to the standard weapons, but each were very good and for sure next time I will use them! “

There were a few other goodies thrown in – a couple deathmatch maps, sounds and textures, but it’s the levels that count! Unfortunately, the levels aren’t really that impressive. They’re certainly not ugly, and parts of them are quite attractive, but for the most of it they’re fairly plain. The good thing is that when you have so much fun and such a challenge from these new enemies, it still makes the episode a success. Eight levels of high-andrenaline fun and a very big fight throughout the last few levels in this highly recommended episode!

Score: 80″

3D Map Realms

Random Roseville Screen Shots

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