— Bastards Dallas Party Photos, March 9, 1997

" — Dallas Party Photos... Note: The photos of John Romero and the ferrari were taken the next day." QuakeCon99 Photos and Wrap-up — by Sean Redwood Martin

"I already mentioned some of my comments on the main page. Here are my final comments. In my opinion, this was not only the best Quakecon ever, but the best LAN party ever. As smoothly as everything ran, you'd think everybody running it were robots that planned for years in advance. Some people this took away from the soul of past Quakecons but I'll take this over soul anyday. I think the soul of Quakecon is getting together with friends you may see all the time and ones that you don't get to see often or just met for the first time and having fun."

Redwood’s Photos of QuakeCon ’96 and ’97

Well, #quakecon seemed to be a success. Several people were impressed with the turnout including the id boys. I will have #quakecon pics in a few days and I'll have room to post them since I now have more web page space. Like a little good web page maintainer I took a fair amount of notes. I attended Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday afternoon.

DC-Con 4: College Park, Maryland, January 16 – 18, 1998

DC-Con 4: College Park, Maryland, January 16 - 18, 1998 January 22, 1998: DC-Con IV - The Aftermath Well, well, well Fraggers!  Prepare for a MASSIVE update.  GNW has returned safely from yet another DC Con (Well except for Maniac.  Seems I pegged his back with one too many Railgun shots Saturday night, so he’s …

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