Multiplayer United: Photos from MPU LANs, Sydney, Australia

Multiplayer United: Photos from MPU LANs, Sydney, Australia

MPU – December 1999 – Parramatta Masonic Club

[Note from Donde: This MPU held at the Parramatta Masonic Club was on December 4, 1999, also happens to be legendary hip hop artist Jay-Z birthday. Please click on Dillons report to visit the archive of his page of LAN reports.]

MPU – September 1999 – Parramatta Masonic Club

MPU – August 1999 – Parramatta Masonic Club

MPU – May 1999 – Parramatta Masonic Club

A well deserved smile.
And the crowd gathers to watch the final of the q2 ffa.

MPU – April 1999 – Parramatta Masonic Club

MPU – December 1998 – Australian Technology Park

MPU – November 1998 – Venue Balmain Leagues Club

Vern doing a great job as compare for the Wireplay Finals.
The Wireplay Invades Brisbane competition final.

MPU – October 1998 – Souths Leagues Club

MPU – Miscellaneous Photos


Current Freak of the Week

MPU: The Black Hand

The lads at I98. Thanks to Strober.

Multiplayer United Competitions

MPU: The Next Event

Multiplayer United Rules

Multiplayer United FAQ

Multiplayer United Sponsorship

Jolt Cola: The best drink for computer gaming is our latest sponsor. “Caffeine x2” Now that has got to be good for gaming.

About Multiplayer United

Multiplayer United (MPU) is a Local Area Network (LAN) gaming group located in the Sydney Australia area. Typically MPU runs from 11:00am until 11:00pm on a monthly basis. For details of the next MPU event check the next event page. Currently any number of the latest games are supported on a fast 10/100 m/s network.

The benefit of network gaming is that you can play against your friends, enemies and total strangers alike, in a friendly, fast and exciting environment. You can meet your online pals and discuss strategies or just go hard and game for the whole 12 hours ignoring all. The atmosphere we strive for at MPU is one of friendliness with a touch of competitiveness. Competitions are held often for the more popular games. Prizes are provided for all competitions and also provided for lucky door prizes. For details of who sponsors MPU days have a look at the Sponsors page.

For details on what is required check out our FAQ section, if you have any concerns or queries please feel free to drop me an e-mail.


Bonus Material: Bitchy Interviews Paul Steed

Paul Steed, one of id Software’s Artists, recently released three shots from a test model for id Softwares future game “Trinity”. The model is awesome, and It prompted us to get a few questions answered from the man himself.

Paul was kind enough to answer these questions from Bitchy and Malby…

Bitchy: What was the inspiration for the creation of trina*.jpg.. was it based on any person, you know? Or is she based on a variety of women you admire?

Steed: Since I made her I felt she should have the attributes I find most attractive in women. She’s not very tall (maybe 5’6″ max) and voluptuous to say the least. She’s tough and not frail. She’s got a strong jaw line because she’s got attitude and she’s got nice full lips. Hair is always a challenge to do for models but in her case I took the easy route and gave her a central mass and some wayward locks to hopefully make her look less cg. If I met her I’d want her. That pretty much sums up the influence I used while creating her.

Bitchy: How do you see the artwork in trinity… is Trina what we should expect as a player model?

Steed: Trinity will feature not only hi-rez models, but detailed environments and effects as well. It’s too early to say anything for sure other than that at this point.

Bitchy: Are you looking forward to working on Trinity, and do you think you will be able to take your artwork to a whole new level ?

Steed: Yes and most definitely. I plan on using a combination of motion capture and keyframes for the animations in Trinity. The anims will be more realistic but still have Steed panache.

Bitchy: Do you work interactively with the guys in level design, and the programmers, finding out how they plan to turn trinity into the living world it will be, and how you are going to make their world look its best?

Steed: Right now Trinity is in John’s head and he’s working out solutions to problems he currently feels constrains us in our current technology. Once the problem solving phase is over we’ll start thinking about content. In addition to a hi-rez model, John will more than likely get a hi-rez, hi detailed map from Tim to aid in the research.

Bitchy: The model is awesome, how many hours of work are we looking at in those pics?

Steed: The pics are actually taken from a 200 frame spin around I did of her. It took me a day to do her hair, about a day to tweak her face, another day to optimize the mesh (she was originally around 10,000 faces) and I had to reduce her breasts since everyone thought they were too big at first. All in all I’ve been messing with her since ’94 so it’s hard to tell how many actual hours I’ve been working on her. The breasts and butt probably took the most time to do (I tend to focus a lot of attention on those areas :p)

Bitchy: Looking at the model, I can only think “OHMYGOD WHAT SORTA PC AM I GONNA NEED TO GET THIS THING MOVING AT A DECENT FRAMERATE?”, do you think that trinity will be using todays technology for graphics (voodoo/voodoo2), or do you think you won’t be able to get the detail, and fluid movement into your animations without something a little more superior?

Steed: Without a doubt Trinity will be hardware only on a p100 or above. Since we’re looking at a x-mas of 1999 release, that shouldn’t really be a prob.

Bitchy: Will we be seeing anymore female models? ;)

Steed: As long as I’m working at id :\

Bitchy: We know what your thoughts are on working with God (John Carmack).. however.. what is it like working with the other artists at id.. do you find yourself being bent to their will, or do you wear the pants? If you like something, and they don’t, do you get to say “It stays” or do you have to change your animations/models/anything to suit other peoples opinions?

Steed: Every day I come to work I feel fortunate to be here working with these guys. They are brilliant in their respective fields but more importantly they’re cool as hell. They value people period and strive to make sure we have what it takes to do our best work. I’m just the help though and I’m here for the owners. If I have any ideas they always try to accomodate them just like anyone else in the company.

Bitchy: With respect to the scandals surrounding President Clinton.. being a man, can you blame the guy? Do you think HONESTLY, that any 100% redblooded male american, is going to hold something like that against the President?

Steed: Shit. I can relate. If I were president I’d draft a new amendment or something which gave me (the prez) any and all diplomatic immunity when it came to fooling around. The only problem I have with Bill is his taste. Jeez. I mean at least JFK was doing Marilyn Monroe. Power is attractive. At least half the Politicians in Washington choose that particular career path so they can get laid. If I were prez, though, I’d make it a number one priority to get rid of any sexually-related diseases. AIDs sucks.

Bitchy: The Quake Mobile (Guzz’s car) has gone missing…yes, it was stolen 2 days ago…you wouldn’t have anything to do with that would you? :P And if not, what would you say to the thieves who obviously have no respect for Quake or idsoftware, if you found them?

Steed: Whoah! That sucks! First the windows and now the car. I guess a violent game like Quake brings the worst out of even the Ozzies. Hope he gets it back in one piece. :[

Bitchy: When are you going to get a haircut.. I mean c’mon, everyone knows the look for an artist these days, is shaved head, flared pants, and stylish hawaiian shirts.. when are you gonna get with the times Paul? ;)

Steed: You know chicks dig the hair, Bitchy. I’ve been told by one particular lass that all she thinks about is having it dangle in her face or sprawled out across her lap :P

Bitchy: Some people say smoking is bad for your health.. I disagree, I think that extinguishing cigarettes on ones tongue is bad for your health , and could possibly lead to tongue cancer. Are you at all worried about the fact you could lose your tongue to this horrible disease (and disappoint many women!)? :P~

Steed: Hey. That’s not fair. I’ve damaged my tongue much worse by doing the alphabet and back than by putting out or eating a Marlboro butt. It was fine the next day, even.

Bitchy: Does Australian booze kick American booze’s ass? :P

Steed: Fuck yeah.

Finally….Complete these sentences….

Bitchy: I drive a Porsche because….

Steed: Its like riding my YZF600 with four wheels and a stereo; chicks dig the car.

Bitchy: I don’t give my female models big breasts and firm butts because I like it and think all women should be like that, but because….

Steed: That’s what I prefer, not what I advocate to others.

Bitchy: Go to Australia if you….

Steed: Want to drink good beer, meet cool people, see lots of skirts, beautiful women and puts some frequent flyer miles on your mile high club membership (15 hour flight, ya know) :p

Bitchy: Women….

Steed: Consume way too much of my thoughts but rule nonetheless :P

Bitchy: The best place in Australia is….

Steed: In a sea plane viewing it from above since the whole friggin’ place is so cool!

Bitchy: Australian Quakers….

Steed: Tried to axe me when I let them kick me around in DM :P

Bitchy: H.R Geiger is….

Steed: Fuckin weird

Bitchy: Thanks for your time Paul :)

Even More Random Australian Quake Material – Why not?

Screen shot 2018-04-06 at 6.50.09 PM

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