Redwood’s Photos of QuakeCon ’96 and ’97

Well, #quakecon seemed to be a success. Several people were impressed with the turnout including the id boys. I will have #quakecon pics in a few days and I'll have room to post them since I now have more web page space. Like a little good web page maintainer I took a fair amount of notes. I attended Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday afternoon.


Multiplayer United: Photos from MPU LANs, Sydney, Australia

Multiplayer United (MPU) is a Local Area Network (LAN) gaming group located in the Sydney Australia area. Typically MPU runs from 11:00am until 11:00pm on a monthly basis. For details of the next MPU event check the next event page. Currently any number of the latest games are supported on a fast 10/100 m/s network. The benefit of network gaming is that you can play against your friends, enemies and total strangers alike, in a friendly, fast and exciting environment. You can meet your online pals and discuss strategies or just go hard and game for the whole 12 hours ignoring all. The atmosphere we strive for at MPU is one of friendliness with a touch of competitiveness.

Clan Xtreme Detriment Invades ID Software! August 30th, 2000

Clan Xtreme Detriment Invades ID Software! August 30th, 2000 August 30th, 2000 X-D invades ID... Welcome to ID Software! [note from DondeQ2: I took some creative liberty with the photo captions transcript to make it a more readable story and for the sake of (hopefully) good humor!] Would you like something to drink? ID accolades …

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