The Engines of Creation: Stronghold Opposition for Q3A (V.2) — by Remco SithLord Mooijweer

“q3strongholdv2.bsp — Stronghold Opposition for Q3A, version 2.0, by Remco SithLord Mooijweer, April 12, 2001, for Quake III Team Arena. Stronghold Opposition for Q3A is a CTF map based on Quake 2 CTF’s q2ctf2.bsp — Stronghold Opposition, but built from scratch. Additional credits to id software for Quake III Arena & Quake III Team Arena — Kiltron for his texturepacks — Evil Lair for the crate textures — Dave ‘Zoid’ Kirsch for the original mapdesign — Eraser, Lynx, Mr SDI, Menno de Benno, Nerdshuntress, r3tina, Unrevocable History and WayWard for play-testing and design tips.”

“After the nasty hacked Q3Stronghold incident, in which an unauthorized TA conversion of this map suddenly appeared on the Internet, SithLord decided to speed up his own conversion of Stronghold Opposition for Q3A. This is the result. The map hasn’t changed much, but support for all 4 Team Arena gametypes has been added, as well as some TA specific items and weapons. Sithlord also made a real effort to make sure you, the unsuspecting player, doesn’t get lost inside the two bases, hence the overwhelming amount of locational arrows on the floors. Absent in this TA conversion are the Scout and the Nailgun. The lack of a scout is not very strange, since a flagcapture should at least take 5 seconds, shouldn’t it? In other words, the map is too small for this team powerup. What is present in this conversion is a genuine animated levelshot, as known from the official id Team Arena maps. SithLord did a fine job on this so called roq movie, and it adds a special touch to the quality level of this map (not to mention a 2MB increase in download size ;) If you liked Stronghold Opposition for Q3A and Team Arena, then this is a map for you.”

This map is included in the PureCTF map pack as a special tweaked version, tailored for the PureCTF mod. This map is also included in an AllianceCTF map pack, as ACTF33. Update: SithLord has fixed a few bugs, removed the Power Armors (due to them being far to powerful) and replaced the Quake II crate textures due to copyright issues. We have removed the old version, so please download version 2.

Stronghold Opposition is Sithlord’s debut map and I can honestly say it had a huge impact on us during a recent LAN-party.

The original Stronghold Opposition, which was included with the official Quake II CTF, is perhaps for Quake II CTF what The Edge was for Quake II DM. It’s truly a classic and because of this Sithlord took a pretty big risk when he decided to build a remake for Quake III Arena. Lucky for him it worked out great, both because of the great job he did in recreating the architecture but also because of the very good texturing.

Sithlord used a texturepack by Kiltron to give this remake a solid Q3A feeling while still retaining the original Quake II layout. Some areas are perhaps a bit empty but when compared to the original there isn’t much of a difference.

Quake III Arena CTF is still a lot different than Quake II CTF, mostly because of one factor: speed. I was at first a bit concerned that this would kill gameplay in this map, since it is definately designed with Quake II in mind (duh!). Well, I was proven wrong!

Gameplay was actually very nice. We had a couple of very fun matches using standard Q3A CTF. Every match was fast and furious, as expected, but the map was very cooperative to support this kind of play. At times I missed the grapple (especially when swimming in the bassin at the center of the map) but this is not a very big miss.

When we introduced Pure CTF things got even better. This mod brings back the original Quake II runes, and…a grapple (which looks pretty darn cool!) This really turned this map into a winner. Every match was great, no exceptions.

One nitpick could be the overdose of Armor present in the map, especially when combined with the double (!) powerarmors. They have been placed there to act as rebreathers (as those things don’t exist in Q3A), but they do give you a lot more for your money. It’s not very nice to have a bogey coming into your base loaded with 200 armor, a powerarmor, a quad and an autodoc while he’s shooting every rocket he has on the defenders…

If you were a fan of the original Stronghold Opposition than don’t wait another minute and download this map. If you just like good CTF maps than the same goes: download it too.


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