Quake 2 Maps, by Jay Dolan — QMass.net: Umass gaming network, 1999 – 2002

“There’s pretty much nothing I didn’t try to do with these games. Maps, statistics programs, utilities, modifications. Pathetic, really. The saddest part is that I was never very good at any of it. Fortunately I think I intentionally deleted most of it a few years ago (SimpleStats, QMass Mod, Planefix, QMass Sound Pak, QMass Masterpieces Pak..). I did, for whatever reason, hold onto my levels. Laugh with me, now..”

Why Does It Burn When I Pee? (2000)

The first level I chose to release. Not the most complex design (it’s a big square with an ‘X’ in the middle), but they can’t all be masterpieces, can they?

Testicles on Ice (2001)

A fun little 1v1 map I whipped out in one night. Stone texture set, dim lighting, a railgun and yellow armor. All under a star-lit sky. Hold me.

Prostate Paralysis (2001)

Initially designed for LoTTe Ohm’s Vertigo Mapping Contest (but never entered because it exceeded dimension constraints), this was one of my better efforts. It still sucks. 2-8 players FFA.

The Jizz Hutt (2005)

Released in November ’05, this is the first level of the QMass Resurrection series. Arena style deathmatch, id base textures, a quad, a pent, and a truly tasteless name.

Thundercock (2005)

The second level in the QMass Resurrection series. Strogg base textures, trick jumps, good connectivity. I’d been waiting to use this name for years..

Toxic Shock Syndrome (2006)

An extremely large industrial themed FFA and team deathmatch map. Textures compliments of Lunaran, Yogi, Rorshach, and others. Probably my best work to date.

Quetoo, by Jay Dolan, 2004

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