IROQ Clan: Immortal Rulers of Quake 2 Maps

IROQ Clan: Immortal Rulers of Quake 2 Maps

IROQ Clan was formed on September 19, 2000 by Terry and Robin Emerson (A.K.A IROQ_Venom and IROQ_Vixen_). 

IROQ was created based on the simple idea of bringing a group of people together online who shared the same love for the game as we did, and who were looking for that special ingredient that a lot of other Quake 2 clans fail to offer. 

IROQ plays almost exclusively on MSN Zone, but we also like to hang out on Game Spy from time to time. 

We are not just an average Quake 2 clan. We are a group of close friends who have formed a very tight knit family, and Robin and I are very proud to say that we are part of such an excellent organization. IROQ originally began as a deathmatch only clan, but has since branched out into many other Quake 2 mods, including OSP Tourney Rail, Weapons Of Destruction, and recently into the Quake 3 world. The clan contains some very talented players, especially in the rail, WOD, and Quake 3 field, map and skin makers, as well as many members with a strong sense of computer knowledge.

IROQ is not just about skills, but ATTITUDE as well. We feel that we have put together one of the best groups of players out there today and are proud to say that they are our teammates. 

We hope you enjoy our website as much as we enjoyed putting it together. IROQ_Maximus has done a tremendous job taking care of the website and we are very pleased with his job as webmaster.

Remember if you are not having fun playing this game, then you are definitely doing something wrong. Please feel free to sign the clan guest book while you are here to let us know what you think of the site or drop us a line in our Public Forum just to say hi.

Take care everyone and we will see you on The Zone.

Terry and Robin Emerson
Venom and Vixen


IROQ Clan Quake 2 maps by THRASH 

IROQ Headquarters by THRASH (iroqaa.bsp)

IROQ Madhouse by Thrash (thrash3.bsp)

IROQ Rail by Thrash (clr.bsp)

IROQ_VIXEN’S Quake 2 Maps

IROQb6 by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb6.bsp)

IROQ Railz by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb12.bsp)

IROQ Railz by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb13.bsp)

IROQ DM…The Lost Map by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb14.bsp)

Purple Haze by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb15.bsp)

OUCH!!!!! by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb18.bsp)

Cardiac Arrest by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb28.bsp)

[not pictured] Nowhere to Hide by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb29.bsp)

Riding the Storm Out by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb34.bsp)

Immortal Rulers of Quake 2 by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb36.bsp)

IROQ RULEZ RAILZ by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb_3.bsp)

Shakin Railin by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb_5.bsp)

Deep Space by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqb_6.bsp)

A New Beginning by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv1.bsp)

Whiplash by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv3.bsp)

IROQ DEATHMATCH ARENA by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv4.bsp)

Caught in the Crossfire by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv7.bsp)

[not pictured] IROQRAILZ 2 (Revised) by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv10.bsp)

Venom’s Rail Part 2 by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv11.bsp)

[not pictured] Twilight by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv14.bsp)

[not pictured] Outer Limits by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv16.bsp)

The Cauldron by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv17.bsp)

The Retreat by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv18.bsp)

IROQ CourtYard by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv33.bsp)

IROQ HyperSpace by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv34a.bsp)

In The Shadows by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv38.bsp)

IROQ Railin Q3 Style by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv39.bsp)

Stellar Journey by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv32.bsp)

In The Blink of an Eye by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv31.bsp)

Simplicity by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv23.bsp)

Watch your Step by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv22.bsp)

After Shock by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv26.bsp)

Serenity by IROQ_Vixen_ (iroqv5.bsp)

[not pictured] BLUE MOON by Vixen (iroqv43.bsp)


ARACHNID By Burrito (arachnid.bsp)

[not pictured] GREEN and GREY By Burrito (greengrey.bsp)

[not pictured] ENTANGLEMENT By Burrito (entanglement.bsp)

[not pictured] RAIL LIZARD By Burrito (raillizard.bsp)

DECIMATION By Burrito (decimation.bsp)

[not pictured] IROQ Space Maps by Burrito (

IROQ CAGE By Burrito (iroqcage.bsp)

[not pictured] Retail Madness Maps by Burrito (

DM Small By Burrito (dmsmall.bsp)

[not pictured] Nuke23 By Burrito (nuke23.bsp)

Mecca By Burrito (mecca.bsp)

Kali Relics By Burrito (cloverdm.bsp)

[not pictured] TR Clan By Burrito (trclanmap.bsp)

[not pictured] Crazy Cave By Burrito (crazycave.bsp)

[not pictured] TRAP By Burrito (trap22.bsp)

Dark Dm By Burrito (darkdm.bsp)

DIRT DM By Burrito (dirtdm.bsp)

BLACK DM By Burrito (black_dm.bsp)

BUG HUNT By Burrito (bughunt.bsp)

CHEST PAIN By Burrito (chestpain.bsp)

DARKNESS By Burrito (darkness.bsp)

DM NUT HOUSE By Burrito (dmnuthouse.bsp)

[not pictured] DOG RAIL By Burrito (dograil.bsp)

[not pictured] DR PEPPER By Burrito (drpepper.bsp)

JACK the RIPPER By Burrito (bloodscream.bsp)

[not pictured] RAIL-O-MATIC By Burrito (railomatic.bsp)

SICK ALIEN By Burrito (sickalien.bsp)

[not pictured] FORCE20 By Burrito (force20.bsp)

[not pictured] FORCE TEN By Burrito (forceten.bsp)

MEDINA By Burrito (medina.bsp)

EL MAPA da RAIL By Burrito (mrrailmap.bsp)

[not pictured] RUSSIAN TENTICLE By Burrito (pig.bsp)

ACQA By Burrito (acqa.bsp)

[not pictured] RAIL HIVE By Burrito (railhive.bsp)

[not pictured] RED BLOCK By Burrito (redblock.bsp)

SPACE FUNK By Burrito (spacefunk.bsp)

[not pictured] SEA DOG By Burrito (seadog.bsp)

[not pictured] Shopping Hell By Burrito (shoppinghell.bsp)

WWF By Burrito (wwf.bsp)

[not pictured] BEAN JUMP by Burrito A jump map (beanjump.bsp)

[not pictured] PIRATE JUMP By Burrito A jump map (piratejump.bsp)

[not pictured] SPIRAL JUMP By Burrito A jump map (spiraljump.bsp)

[not pictured] A HOLLOW BENEATH THE EARTH by Burrito (hollowbeneathearth.bsp)

[not pictured] COPTER by Burrito (copter.bsp)

[not pictured] COPYCAT by IROQ_Burrito (copycat.bsp)

[not pictured] DARK AREAS by Burrito (darkareas.bsp)

[not pictured] Illness Rail by Burrito (illnessrail.bsp)

[not pictured] MESSO DM By IROQ_Burrito (mesodm.bsp)

[not pictured] OLD WEST SHOOT OUT by Burrito (oldwest.bsp)

[not picture] NO HOPE by Burrito (nohope.bsp)

[not pictured] Red Sector A by Burrito (redsectora.bsp

[not pictured] SPANISH SPACE RAIL By Burrito (spanishrail.bsp)

IROQ_D13H4RD Quake 2 Maps

[not pictured] Jack in the Box by IROQ_D13H4RD (grindr3.bsp)

[not pictured] The Pit by IROQ_D13H4RD (grindr4.bsp)

[not pictured] Rush Hour by IROQ_D13H4RD (grindr5.bsp)

[not pictured] IROQ RaiLz by IROQ_D13H4RD (grindr6a.bsp)

[not pictured] Digital Pain by IROQ_D13H4RD (grindr7b.bsp)

[not pictured] The Quickening by IROQ_D13H4RD (grindr8.bsp)

[not pictured] Ugly as Sin by IROQ_D13H4RD (grindr2.bsp)

[not pictured] The Blackest Day by IROQ_D13H4RD (grindr8b.bsp)

[not pictured] The Roundhouse by IROQ_D13H4RD (grindr9.bsp)

Quake 2 Maps By IROQ_Skunk 

[not pictured] COME TO BED By IROQ_Skunk (cometobed.bsp)

[not pictured] ONE SUMMER DAY By IROQ_Skunk (onesummerday.bsp)

WITCHES by IROQ_Skunk (witches.bsp)

[not pictured] RUN FOR THE BORDER By IROQ_Skunk (runfortheborder.bsp)

[not pictured] PLAT TECHONICS By IROQ_Skunk (platechonics.bsp)

[not pictured] OPERATION NIGHT STORM B By IROQ_Skunk (operationnightstormb.bsp)

[not pictured] Boiler Room by IROQ_Skunk (filename unknown)

[not pictured] Dark Ferris by IROQ_Skunk (filename unknown)

Waterworks the Ride by IROQ_Skunk (waterworks.bsp)*/

IROQ_Mike’s Quake 2 Maps

[not pictured] IROQM! By Mike (iroqm1.bsp)

[not pictured] IROQ Rail by Mike (filename unknown)*/

Quake 2 Maps by IROQ_BlakMajic

[not pictured] TREMBLE IN FEAR MAP By IROQ_BlakMajic (tremble.bsp)

[not pictured] TRIBUTE TO DIRT DEMON MAP By IROQ_BlakMajic (aow.bsp)

Quake 2 Maps by IROQ_Fury

[not pictured] Sweets’ Rail Palace by IROQ_Fury (iroqsweets1.bsp)

IROQ_Taipan Quake 2 Maps

[not pictured] Thrust by IROQ_Taipan (thrust.bsp)

[not pictured] Banged by IROQ_Taipan (banged.bsp)

[not pictured] Dominance by IROQ_Taipan (dominance.bsp)

IROQ Clan Code of Conduct

The following rules make up the IROQ Code of Conduct and should be followed by clan members at all times:

(1) No flooding, foul language, impersonating another zone player, or getting involved in a dispute that does not directly involve IROQ.

(2) No IROQ member is to conduct or schedule any formal challenges without first consulting Venom or Vixen. When a clan member participates in a formal challenge, they are not leave the match for any reason, not to chat excessively in the match, and to exercise good sportsmanship.

(3) IROQ observes the freedom of expression and does not require its members to wear any one particular clan skin. There are many IROQ skins available for download if one chooses to wear one, or they can wear any skin of their choice as long as it is not a skin that another clan has made for their own.

(4) All IROQ members are asked to treat each other with the proper respect at all times, whether it be in a game, main chat, voice chat, etc.

(5) No IROQ member is allowed to be in another Quake 2 clan while he/she is an active member of IROQ.

(6) All members are asked to check the clan web site on a regular basis for updates and vital information.

(7) IROQ will never allie with a clan that they don’t know or has a reputation for causing trouble.

(8) No IROQ member is allowed to change their clan name without first contacting Venom or Vixen. New members are asked to please choose their clan name carefully.

(9) All IROQ members are asked to please keep thier personal opinons about Zone Sysops out of the main chat area.

(10) All IROQ members are asked to inform Venom or Vixen if they are planning to be away from the Zone due to vacation, school, computer problems, etc.

(11) IROQ members should try to refrain from using phrases such as “I Owned You” as it shows disrespect for other players.

(12) No IROQ member is to EVER play with any type of program that would give them an unfair advantage over others.

(13) IROQ members should also follow the MSN Zone Code of Conduct,

(14) IROQ members should always remember that this is a game, and is to be played with the intention of having fun and spending time with friends online.

This Code of Conduct may be periodically updated in order to maintain the high standards of the IROQ Quake clan.

IROQ_Venom & IROQ_Vixen_

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