Quake 2 WODX Clan — Nine Inch Nails: NIN Skins, Members, and Code of Conduct

"When playing, always wear the NIN tag (NIN skin is optional). Remember, this is only a game, have fun, improve, kick ass, and represent."

IROQ Clan: Immortal Rulers of Quake 2 Maps

Immortal Rulers of Quake [IROQ Clan] are not just an average Quake 2 clan. We are a group of close friends who have formed a very tight knit family, and Robin and I are very proud to say that we are part of such an excellent organization. IROQ originally began as a deathmatch only clan, but has since branched out into many other Quake 2 mods, including OSP Tourney Rail, Weapons Of Destruction, and recently into the Quake 3 world. The clan contains some very talented players, especially in the rail, WOD, and Quake 3 field, map and skin makers, as well as many members with a strong sense of computer knowledge.

The Quake II [DOG] Clan

Being [DOG] is a state of mind.  This is a game we play for fun.  [DOG]s play with honor, always, especially when getting their ass kicked (however rare that is for a [DOG]).  [DOG]s never cheat, even against cheaters.  If you wouldn't stop to change a flat tire for an old woman, you're not [DOG] material.  If this sounds like you, play where we play and let us get to know you on the BBS.  The rest will work itself out.