IROQ Clan: Immortal Rulers of Quake 2 Maps

Immortal Rulers of Quake [IROQ Clan] are not just an average Quake 2 clan. We are a group of close friends who have formed a very tight knit family, and Robin and I are very proud to say that we are part of such an excellent organization. IROQ originally began as a deathmatch only clan, but has since branched out into many other Quake 2 mods, including OSP Tourney Rail, Weapons Of Destruction, and recently into the Quake 3 world. The clan contains some very talented players, especially in the rail, WOD, and Quake 3 field, map and skin makers, as well as many members with a strong sense of computer knowledge.

Clan Argentino de Quake II: K.E.P.D. Power Overwhelming

Clan Argentino de Quake II: K.E.P.D. POWER OVERWHELMING Introducción Este Clan (Formado aproximadamente hace 2 años) esta en pleno crecimiento. No seremos los mejores pero tenemos un muy buen nivel. En este Web Site, encontrarán toda la información de nuestro clan y, por supuesto, la de otros clanes argentinos. Espero que les sea interesante. Saludos...... …

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