Paul Steed’s QuakeCon ’99 Wrapup Paul Steed’s QuakeCon ’99 Wrapup

“Whoohoo! How ’bout them Booth Babes!  I think while they didn’t exactly make the show, they didn’t hurt it either. They had a great time and were genuinely fascinated by the scope of QuakeCon99. Thanks to that organization Fuh-Reak, Anna Kang and the support of all the diligent volunteers, no one can deny this was by far the best community event in a long time.

Hanging out with guys like Redwood, Blue, His Loonyness, the PQ pimps and the cool PMS Clan definitely was the highlight of the show for me.  I really look forward to the next event which will be MASSIVE to say the least. And I also look forward to those rats who squealed on me too (you know who you are…I know I do.)

Until next time!  PS- Paul kindly sent along some of the pictures that he took at the event.”

Photos from recovered using the Internet Archive.


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