Gods of Mortality Pow-Wow: LAN Party in Monroe, Michigan

“The first annual =Gods of Mortality= Pow-wow took place in Monroe, Michigan at Venividivici’s home the weekend of August 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th, 2002.

Those that made it to the first pow-wow …(M)urderous-1 aka M1, DeathAngel, Furback, ZiggyZ, Big Johnson, Venividivici, Duro and Prowler.

Some of the best people I have ever met are in =Gods of Mortality= and lifelong friendships have been established. Even if =GoM= dies as a clan, the experience and friendships it has brought me can never be replaced. I will forever be grateful to all the members in this fine group for riding this crazy train with me, past and present and looking forward to bigger and better things in the future. Give Gods of Mortality an almighty HAIL!! next time you see us on the battle field.

And you might just get a hardy =GoM= IS IN THE HOUSE!!! salute right back!

Rock on!! DeathAngel=GoM=”

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Big thank you patrons for supporting this gaming history project video series at http://patreon.com/dondeq2

Thank you Ray “Quake God”, Nick “beaver”, Alan W “unknown at this time”, Leslie “LLL”, Eliot and Christina “Els and Big C”, Kristina “games industry professional”, and Kate and Peter “my sister and her husband.”

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Thank you and shoutout to (M)urderous-1 aka M1, DeathAngel, Furback, ZiggyZ, Big Johnson, Venividivici, Duro and Prowler for preserving the awesome archival material from the heyday of their badass Lithium II clan.

I hope this video tribute honors the Gods of Mortality.

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