Gods of Mortality Pow-Wow: LAN Party in Monroe, Michigan

The first annual =Gods of Mortality= Pow-wow took place in Monroe, Michigan at Venividivici's home the weekend of August 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th, 2002.

OZQuake Challenge AU: The Art of Instagib

So you've discovered the Insta-Gib mod huh? You've got your rail gun slung and ready to go, you've got an IP or two where you can be assured of some low pings and little packet loss, but how do you get into this very different mod and not come out of it looking like a real newbie? "Insta-Gib is an art my friend, and an art that is worthy of your learning." Wiser words have never been spoken. But more than this you need to feel the rhythm of Insta-Gib, you need to be at one with the rail and the hook, find your inner railer and let the little fucker out, don't be afraid of what needs to be unleashed. Insta-Gib is a primal thing, medical research shows that brain activity of your superior Insta-Gibber is concentrated in the basal ganglea, the most animal like and instinctive center of the brain. So let the animal out, play on instinct, smell the fear of your opponents and hunt them down like terrified wilderbeast.

Los Mamones y El Campeonato de Quake II 1999

Campeonato de Quake II Lithium 1998 Lugar:  Internet y cybercafé de Computer Factory Organizador:  Clarín / Ciudad Internet / Computer Factory Fecha:  1998 Duración:  Un mes Participantes:  200 personas aprox. Campeón:  [VDM] ShotGun Premio:  PC Celeron 266 completa Subcampeón:  [LM] BandiT Premio:  Monitor 17" Segundo torneo de Ciudad Digital y primero de Quake II. Se …

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