PlanetQuake Report — Manhattan Memorial Day Marathon

"Well, here it is. It's hard to believe! At least 85 machines, all running Quake — every square inch of table and floorspace is covered by computers and cables and technology. No, not a square inch is unused. Is there space between those subwoofers and 17 inch monitors? Hell, I've got a laptop. Let's go!" Paul Steed’s QuakeCon ’99 Wrapup

Paul Steed shared his QuakeCon '99 photos and summarized, "Whoohoo! How 'bout them Booth Babes!  I think while they didn't exactly make the show, they didn't hurt it either. They had a great time and were genuinely fascinated by the scope of QuakeCon99. Thanks to that organization Fuh-Reak, Anna Kang and the support of all the diligent volunteers, no one can deny this was by far the best community event in a long time."