Cult of Phoebus: E3 and QuakeCon ’97 Photos

Cult of Phoebus: E3 and QuakeCon ’97 Photos

E3 Pics by Phoebus, June 19-21, 1997

QuakeCon Gallery by Phoebus, July 16-20, 1997

It’s been a long, strange trip, and it’s good to be home. Texas is flat and hot, and way more pre-fab than any other place I’ve been to, including Florida, which is saying a lot. By now you’ve probably heard about Denny’s being the only restaurant within easy walking distance from the event, to which I can only add: <blech>. I was hoping to get to update at some point during my stay, but the opportunity to access the Internet never materialized. I was also hoping to play more Quake, but it turned out to be a bring your own computer fest, so I mostly watched a lot of Quake.

Features and Interviews

Brian Cozzens of 3D Realms


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