Quake II Biblia — Quake II SkinShop, by Haloween and Janeta, 1998

"Welcome to the Skin Gallery. You will find Quake 2 skins of various types — for grandmothers - comic heroes - private players skins - Polish Quake 2 clans, for example, Quassum, Shadow Warriors, STa, Dresiarza — and many more!"

UniCTF — Quake 2 CTF maps

"The assumption of the UniCTF project is to combine the original CTF and TDM games, in short it is the same CTF enriched with new TDM maps rebuilt (double, mirror reflection of the original maps q2dmX, q2duel8, fury, q2rdm2 ptrip etc., maps are larger and more dynamic than most maps that were in ctf) and the new mod... TDM enriched with CTF support. A significant difference is also the lack of grapple."

Redwood’s Photos of QuakeCon ’96 and ’97

Well, #quakecon seemed to be a success. Several people were impressed with the turnout including the id boys. I will have #quakecon pics in a few days and I'll have room to post them since I now have more web page space. Like a little good web page maintainer I took a fair amount of notes. I attended Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday afternoon.