Quake II Biblia — Quake II SkinShop, by Haloween and Janeta, 1998

“Welcome to the Skin Gallery. You will find Quake 2 skins of various types — for grandmothers comic heroes private players skins – Polish Quake 2 clans, for example, Quassum, Shadow Warriors, STa, Dresiarza — and many more!”



Comic Heroes


Private Player Skins

Other Skins

Nazwa Quake2Arta

To be or not to be, by B[ast]yan

DarA Art no1, by DarA

Fury Quake 2 Logo, by Fury

Rack, by MaRTiN

KoKo$Z no1, by KoKo$Z

Lava, by Ziutass

Moda, by Ziutass

Pifko, by Ziutass


Quake II Biblia — Credits


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