Marts Dirty Den Deathmatch Server — Quake 2 Maps, by Martin aka Grinder1

“Ok I first must stress that I don’t really bother to zip my maps and post them on this page any longer. There are a few reasons for this. Mainly, anyone that knows me will know that I make so many maps and of course..some just don’t become very popular and are dropped maybe after just a few hours of appearing on my server. It can sometimes be alot of hassle to zip up a map if the map requires new sounds/textures/a new sky etc..then there’s the hassle of posting them here and making sure everything works..only to drop the map and never bother with it again. I sometimes get complaints from people that they should be able to download the map from here…but for me, it works like this:-Only the maps that have succeeded at the Den are worthy of posting here. I ensure that all files are in the right place on my server and if you use the recommended r1q2.exe, you’ll dload everything in just a few minutes. So more e-mails asking me ‘where can I dload your new map’ cause the answer is always gonna be… ‘From my server of course’.”

High Altitude, by Martin aka Grinder1

Download the map: gr_high

Canal Street, by Martin aka Grinder1

Download the map: gr_st1

Slimy Place (Modified), by Grinder1 aka Martin


Hangar (Doom E1M1), by Grinder1 aka Martin


The rail arena, by Grinder1 aka Martin

Download the map: gr1_dm6

Electra, by Grinder1 aka Martin

Download the map: gr_elec

The Den, by Grinder1 aka Martin

Download the map: 1001dm1

Pac-man, by Grinder1 aka Martin

Download the map: Gr_pac03

Here’s a selection of maps that no longer run in my cycle… however they are sometimes run and can be voted for using vote gamemap MAPNAME.

Twilight Arena, by Grinder1 aka Martin

Download the map: Gr_dm1_1

Lava Control, by Grinder1 aka Martin

Download the map: Gr_dm2_1

Fightnight, by Grinder1 aka Martin

Download the map: Gr_ring

Marts Dirty Den

History of the Den

Well… here it is… a bit about me and the Den :-) Right… as you probably know, my name is Martin. I live in Wolverhampton / England. I’m 35 years old… (36 in November (2002) damn… dont time fly? I enjoy Quake 2 / motor racing / music and a whole lot more… in fact I always run out of hours… its 3:10am now, and I’m just starting work on this page… damn I must go to bed!!! Anyway… I first started playing Q2 (quake 2) in early February 2001. 2nd of February to be exact. I had never played an online game before. I was instantly hooked ;-) Even back then, I knew I wanted to run my own server so, when I got my cable connection (11 / Sept /2001)… yea that painful day… I set about getting things running.

Well… things got off to a slow start..I must thank Grandp@ here… because he was always ready to play my server, even though at the time, I was running WOD (Weapons of destruction).. which he didn’t like. Anyway.. a few joined.. we had a bit of fun.. but it was never gonna take off.. I knew I had to run a deathmatch server. So I setup the Den :-) Originally named by Grandp@… Marts mayhem (1001 ways to die)… I hated the mayhem bit so changed it to Dirty-Den The Dirty-Den bit derives from a combination of Eastenders.. and Grandp@’s name…

Well, I splashed my IP about in Gamespy Arcade and tried to give any clients (players), a good game,even if that meant letting them win. Thanks must go out again here to Killer1… While I was still trying to get peep interested.. he was sitting in the Den for up to an hour.. and sometimes beyond.. waiting for someone to join.. You know when you re looking to join a server, you don’t join an empty one… but you will join one with one player in.. often, because you think he’s a newbie ;-) So this worked great for me… and slowly but surely, a community was formed… Thx m8.

Round about this time.. Mingingarsewipe appeared on the Den, and helped me a lot with my security. Improving this, seemed to really help the Den. Think round about that time, I felt the server had become a GOOD one. Cheers man! Next came [DTA]Tartjagger…. and founder of this site… ta m8 :-) Not only did he setup this site and help me with it… but also brought the [DTA] lads with him… to whom I thank for keeping the Den alive. Marts Dirty-Den is by no means the best deathmatch server out there… and certainly not the most powerful (connection wise) but I do my best and it’s become very popular. :-) It is run purely from the interest of playing quake2… and having a laugh while I do. From a very early age, I was fascinated by radio (talking from your bedroom.. to someone on the other side of the world.) I never imagined I would be playing a game with them at the same time. ;-)

Big thanks to peep that have had the biggest influence in the Dirty-Den. :-) In order of appearance…

Quake 2 Cafe: 5th Mapping Contest — Competition Quake, by Mart [1001]

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