Marts Dirty Den Deathmatch Server — Quake 2 Maps, by Martin aka Grinder1

"Marts Dirty-Den is by no means the best deathmatch server out there… and certainly not the most powerful (connection wise) but I do my best and it's become very popular. :-) It is run purely from the interest of playing quake2... and having a laugh while I do. From a very early age, I was fascinated by radio (talking from your bedroom.. to someone on the other side of the world.) I never imagined I would be playing a game with them at the same time. ;-)"

Peek’s Essential Gaming Goodness: Mapping History

Mapping History .Mapping History. | 8-4-99 | Well folks, you're about to embark upon one whacked out adventure. I'm your guide and the name is Ranger "Peek." I can't claim I'll be able to explain everything as it happened, but nonetheless, get ready, 'cause where going waaaay back! All right then, with this little editorial …

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